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Decided on immigration or already living in Germany but still have questions. Confused about whom to ask or seeking consultants’ advice is an expensive affair.
Worry not, we have you covered.


Got your questions answered and now looking to proceed further or if you are already living in Germany and need more expert services. Look no further as we have the right sources to help you through your journey.


A new land can be overwhelming especially with the German language and bureaucracy you can get quickly lost here. We have our representatives here to help you through this initial phase of settling down.

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Our blogs regarding various topics would provide information in all aspects. You can always go through our posts and share your experiences with us too, that in turn, can help others in need.

Question & Answers

Have questions and not sure whom to ask or where to look for answers? Question our experts and get answers to your queries without any hassles at fraction of the regular costs.

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Got your answers and looking more towards immigration process or help you settle well with further services. We have the right set off providers for all such tasks. Do not feel lost in the maze.

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Finally through all the hassles and now it is time to land in Germany, but overwhelmed by the thought of a new land and language. Our experienced experts will help through thefirst steps towards settling in Germany.

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We have the right set of experts in each of the categories to support you. If you do not see a category for your needs, contact us and we would be happy to find you a service provider in that category.










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Germany Simplified is an online single-window service solution for Immigrants & Expats. We are a platform which connects the customers to the right set of service providers to help our customers make an informed decision while immigrating to Germany.


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Provide immigrants and expats with trustworthy services through a dedicated team of experts and professionals to help make an informed and correct decision.


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Improve the quality of life of immigrants and expats by making the world a more interconnected and diverse place through a committed support network.

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Premium Blog

German House Rentals

German House Rentals

Finding a house in Germany could sound like a task, isn’t it? What if we tell you, it is not that difficult? What if we tell you, you can get a wonderful rented home in Germany which is absolutely budget friendly and ticks every box of your expectation list? Read on the article to know exactly what to do if you are finding a house in Germany.

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Student Emergency Loans

Student Emergency Loans

While the world is horribly hit by the coronavirus pandemic, Germany is bearing the brunt too. With the constant lockdown, the economy
of the country has been shaken to the core. Students at the German universities have been worse hit financially and are opting to take Student Emergency Loans mounting to 1 billion Euros. Read the article to know more!

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