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Migrating to a new land is an exciting event filled with opportunities and eagerness. You are ready to take on an entirely new chapter in your life, changing everything in its way. Though it might sound very adventurous, the truth is it involves an entire process of legally moving to another country and finally settling there with a reason. Your aim of moving to Germany might be due to work, study, or leisure. Germany-Simplified aims to make it simpler for people to work or study anywhere in the world. We believe that the world is a happier and more efficient place when people can live wherever they see a better opportunity.  

Who are we?

The Company comprises a team of dedicated professionals who focus on addressing all issues of immigrants, prospective immigrants, and expats. We understand the challenges in your way of settling abroad. So, we partner with people migrating or have migrated to Germany to apply, move, and live in Germany by providing our expertise in the field.

What do we do?

Germany-Simplified provides a range of services that begin with providing you the right guidance about the migration process and does not end without you settling comfortably in Germany. We assist you in every step towards a life full of opportunities in Germany. It comprises a process of consultations, tutoring, helping, and providing services to immigrants and expats.

At Germany-Simplified, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop resource center for everything related to Germany. We provide all updated information and first-hand experiences for living in Germany.

Why Choose Us?

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No need to book entire packages for services which you do not need. Pick what you need.


Safety First

We are GDPR compliant and thus your data is complete secured with us.


Only The Best

We carefully choose our providers to assure you of the best quality.

Best Prices

We strive to give you the best services at the most reasonable costs.

Seamless Communication

We are there online through social media, email and even chat support.

Online Payments

We use Stripe and Paypal for complete safe and online payment solutions.

Our Focus


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All countries impose specific laws to stop illegal or unlawful migration to their country. Such laws should not become obstacles in the way of genuine immigrants with foreign dreams. With the principles of integrity, honesty, and embracing global diversity, our Company seeks to create a knowledge and support pool for all would be or already immigrants so that nothing comes in the way of their aim of settling in Germany.

You could join the Germany-Simplified Community through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to become a part of a broader community to help expats in need. If you find our posts and services useful, share it with others in need of immigration assistance. A simple share on social media could give direction to a floundering immigrant or expat. You could also leave a message on our social media handles.

Any suggestions from you will be highly valued. It could help us to provide exciting posts on new topics or extend our services further. Together we can achieve a smooth journey for all immigrants and expats.

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Let's Uncomplicate Life!

Germany-Simplified believes in making life uncomplicated for all people who come to us for assistance. All our services are directed towards simplifying the entire migration process by removing all hindrances in the path of your foreign dream. 

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Before you leave...

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