What to do after arriving and how to get German Residence Permit?

German Residence Permit

Written by Germany Simplified

April 18, 2019


Germany is a beautiful city with versatile aspects of nature embedded in it.  People from distinctive parts of the world visit Germany for different aspects. Those aspects may include tourism, job seeking, studying, family reunion and much more. But, with no doubt when you leave your own homeland and enter a new area, then there is a lot to take into consideration. There is confusion among individuals about what to do when they reach Germany and how to get the  German residence permit?

Well, if you are planning to visit Germany, then this article can give you the sequential brief details of the procedures and sound knowledge of German residence permit. So, the first question is that what you have got to do when you reach Germany? Let’s see stepwise:

File the application for Visa:

In case if you are from any other country than European country and have not applied for the Germany visa, then this is the first thing you have got to do. Basically, Germany does not allow you to enter its premises from certain countries. But it has loose policies for European countries from where you can enter Germany without a visa. The point here is that whether you enter Germany without a visa or with a visa, you have got to own a visa. So, all in all, if you are new in Germany the first thing is to apply for the Germany visa. In order to file the application, there are certain customs and traditions that one has to consider. Make sure that when you enter the process of Germany you have your complete documents. As your visa application do not process to completion with incomplete documentation.

When you have got your visa, what to do next?

Indeed, you need a shelter to stay in. What are the steps for the residence registration and permit? Well, they are as follows:

Get your Germany registration of residence done:

The laws of Germany require every individual living in Germany to have a valid city registration. No matter who you are and where you belong from, city registration is a must have. Anmeldung is the name used for registration process in Germany. Now, the first point is that why is important and when should you go for it.

Significant aspects of city registration:

If you are planning to stay in Germany for more than 3 months, then you must own city registration. It is illegal to live in Germany without owning this legal document. In case of violation, it may result in a fine for not registering in Germany. Everyone has to own this document except for the individuals belonging to European countries and certain other areas. Even if you have shifted your city within the premises of Germany, you have got to go to the registration office (of that city) in order to shift registration from that city to the new one.

Where can you get your city registration done?

Now, the question is that where you have got to go for the city registration because distinctive search engines might not be able to help you in this aspect as the name of most of the offices is in German. Einwohnermeldeamt (registration office) is for the people living in Germany, already or who are opting for the city shift while Ausländeramt is the registration office set up for foreigners. So, you have to head towards the Ausländeramt for your city registration.

One thing is to be kept in mind that the names of registration offices of the respective region are different. So, you have to make sure that you have sound knowledge of the name of the registration office you have to head for like at times they may be names like Bürgeramt, KVR, Kundenzentrum, Bürgerbüro and many more.

Note: There are specific timings within which these offices are open. So, make sure that before you leave your home for these offices, it’s their open time. Else, it may lead to discomfort and hectic routine for you.

Next comes, what are the procedures and requirements for filling the Germany residence registration form?

Well, the requirements are very simple. You need to be in the possession of basic and mandatory documents that include:

  • Your visa should be with you as well as the passport (if you have one).
  • Completely filled application of city registration. (The application demands your personal information plus details of the residence).
  • The confirmation letter from the landlord or the papers of the rental agreement. (In case of buying a property or renting it respectively).
  • Marriage or childbirth certificate should be along with you. They can work if you are making registration based on someone already living in Germany. (1)

German Tax Id:

Once you have done with your city registration and residence registration in Germany respectively, time for German tax ID.  They will post this identity card at the address you have registered. It’s a general requirement for every person and does not depend on the professional and personal condition of one. An individual has to handover this card to his/her employer which is needed for deductions of income and security taxes.

What is a German residence permit?

It is kind of an official document which allows you to stay in the territory of Germany. One has to complete certain legal aspects in order to achieve this document. Most of the time this permission is for a restricted period. But, at times if the circumstances and situations demand it may be for the permanent basis. Holding a residence permit of Germany is mandatory for all the outsiders. Although individuals belonging from the European countries do not come under the shade of this mandatory holding. Germany allows people from European countries to stay within the premises of Germany for more than 90 days without permission. Other than that, one cannot stay within Germany for more than 90 days without having this permit. (2)

What are the types of German residence permit?

Generally, there are two types of this permit (Temporary and Permanent) though, they hold certain sub and side categories.

German temporary residence permit:

This sort of permission allows you to stay in Germany within a restricted time.  While filing the application for this type of permit, you have to mention the specific reason for your stay. At times, one can make the extension of the allotted time span. The time span for which the permit was valid varies according to the conditions.


Germany permanent permit:

Such permits are only allotted to you once you have satisfied certain conditions. Even if one of them is missing, you are not getting it. The conditions may include the 21 to 33 months stay in Germany on the temporary residence permit. Also, this permission requires you to have a proficient level of understanding regarding Germany, its traditions and language.

Germany European Union blue card:

Specifically, this permission is for those who have been working in Germany for at least 5 years. As well as, one should hold a good understanding of Germany. The Germany blue card can help you gain the permanent residence permit after 33 months.

Germany ICT card:

This permission is valid for the workers of any country who shift to Germany for certain span of time. It is also a kind of temporary permit and this cannot be of more than 1 year.

Germany mobile ICT card:

The mobile ICT card is only issued if you are having the residence permit of any other country. Though, you want to stay in Germany with the purpose of shifting the country from your previous one to Germany.

So, now you have of residence permits, you know better which one you should file the applications for?! (3)

Eligibility criteria for the German residence permit:

Indeed, Germany comes up with certain conditions that are mandatory in order to stand eligible for the residence permit. Those conditions are quite simple and natural as well. Some of them are briefly coined below:

  • You must be in possession of your visa.
  • Complete documents needed for German residence permit must be with you in order to give the legit proofs for information.
  • You should hold a good hold on the German language as well as the German customs and traditions.
  • Health insurance and bank account are must-haves as you cannot process your application without them. The bank account is a practical proof of your financial stability to bear the expenses. While health insurance for German residence permit forms the basis of the fact that you can withstand your responsibilities.
  • All the job call letter and documents or university enrolment letters should be with you. (In case of job or study purposes). (4)

So, now you know what should be in your bag before leaving for Germany. Don’t you?

Next is how to apply for a German residence permit?

For sure, an individual has to follow certain procedures in order to file the application for the residence permit. The procedures are as follows:

  • First, the Germany visa should be with you as without it you cannot file the application for residence.
  • Make sure that you have complete documentation with you. (may include your identity card, Visa and, passport and all the other ones).
  • Make a clear idea of the residence where you are going to stay and get it registered.
  • You have to satisfy two conditions before filing the applications which include having good health insurance + a bank account. Both stand as the proof that you can withstand your own responsibilities and expenses respectively.
  • Fill the application form with the legit information. An individual should keep in mind that the application form of every type of German residence permit is different. All the information demanded from each one of them is the general, personal and professional information.
  • After the filing of the application, you have got to make the appointment for a small interview. Don’t forget to bring your documents along with you on the interview day. There is no formal interview, but just a meet up for the verification of documents and cross-checking questioning. (5)

If you have followed all the procedures accurately and sequentially, you will get your residence permit soon.

Now, what you have got to do once you have got your visa done as well as your residence permit?

Get yourself the German SIM card:


In order to ensure effective communication with family members and others, get yourself Germany’s SIM card as soon as possible. Make sure that you opt for the right network. There is roaming network available, but the matter of fact is that it gets too costly. So, the best choice for you is to go for the purchase of prepaid SIM from any of the well-known serving networking company for example Vodafone Germany SIM card etc. (6)

All in all, you have got to make sure that you make sequential progress after reaching Germany. Identification of correct residence permit type is significant and then the procedures are to be followed accordingly. If you are heading for Germany well, now you know what and how you have got to do the procedures!

Learn how to speak German language like a native. Read through the tips here.

Go through this video to easily understand the process. This was created by one of our readers.


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