Best Christmas Markets in Germany


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November 4, 2020

Here is all you need to know about Christmas Markets in Germany. It’s the most exciting time of the year, Christmas is just around the corner! The air is filled with the fragrance of some sweet mulled wine and gingerbread. There’s happiness and snow all around. To top it all up, there are cosy shoppers and some good music filling up the streets.

In Europe, Christmas markets are a big of a deal. The main spots get transformed into huge Christmas markets with pretty little stalls and booths. Christmas trees and winter décor add on to the aesthetic of these beautiful markets. Everything in Europe looks a lot better during the month of December, desperately awaiting the festivities to begin.

If there’s anywhere you should be travelling to experience amazing Christmas markets, it has to be Germany. The markets in Germany were one of the first ones to happen at such a big scale during Christmas.

They Germans truly embrace the festive season and have markets lit up in every city and town. If you are planning a trip to Europe this December, we highly recommend Germany as your go to destination. Their entire set up for the festivities is unimaginably beautiful.

Get ready to see some massive Christmas trees, have some delicious wine and shop at the best Christmas markets in all of Europe, only in Germany!

What to do at a Christmas Markets?

For the people who love Christmas celebrations, Christmas markets are like letting a child loose at a candy store. There is so much to do. Everything is magical and grand. From the cute aesthetics of the market, to tiny displays, to the nativity and giant pyramids, everything is very pretty.

The German Christmas markets don’t stop at great shopping. You can also try some traditional German food in these places. When you are in there, grab yourself some bratwurst(grilled sausages) and wash it down with some glühwein (mulled wine). For dessert do not forget to try the traditional Lebkuchen Christmas cookies. These delicacies are absolutely lip smacking and we assure you a hearty meal.

In these pretty markets, you also get the best travel gifts. Traditional and classic pieces of handcrafted wooden incense diffusers and nut crackers are sure to amuse you. Another thing that will remind you of your trip to Germany is the traditional mug in which glühwein is served in. Buy it just as your favourite German souvenir and enjoy the traditional wine in it!

Which Christmas Market to visit when in Germany?



This market is half an hour away from Dresden and is considered to be one of the best, lesser-known, old-town Christmas Markets. Nearly 300 exhibitors or more exhibit their products at the Leipzig Christmas market. With the main square and streets filled with shops and pretty things, this market looks spectacular at all times of the day

On the weekends, the scene here is a must visit. Trumpeters play their trumpets from the Old Town Hall from 1pm-5pm making the atmosphere super fun and festive. Kids can explore the oh-so-pretty fairy tale forest. They also have the elves’ workshop to attend to enjoy themselves to the fullest. The main feature of this market is that it has a gigantic Christmas Pyramid set up which is certainly an impressive masterpiece all together.


Munich is one the favourite tourist spots Germany has. The footfall in Munich Christmas Market is pretty high each year. The market is characterised by strong Bavarian culture and tradition. Everything in this place is so culturally rich that it does justice in defining the Bavarian culture. If you are in a mood to experience Germany traditionally, this place is the place to be.

This famous market is held at Marienplatz. Christmas here is celebrated very historically bringing out the contemporary way of how the festival was celebrated.

The market is surrounded by Old and New Town halls giving the touch of traditional and modern times in one place. Handmade stalls with people dressed in the olden day costumes and soft music is what the Munich Christmas Market is all about.


The Am Dom Markt is one of the most famous Christmas markets in Germany. It receives around 4.5 million people every year. It is situated right at the foot of the UNESCO World Heritage Cologne Cathedral with a grand set up.

People come from all around the world to see and experience this beautiful marketplace during the Christmas months. The market has a massive Christmas tree set up right in the middle surrounded by 150 shops and stalls

You can shop for some classic handmade gifts and also devour over some authentic German food in here.



Heidelberg is known to be the most beautiful city in all of Germany. The Old town and the castle are illuminated with fairy lights during Christmas, making the Heidelberg Christmas Market a treat to watch and visit.

This market is huge. It is spread out across seven landmarks in the old quarter and in a couple of other locations in the pedestrian area.

In the inner courtyard of the castle you will get to experience a magnificent Christmas market which you will not want to leave. Outside the castle there are activities like ice skating with lovely music going on in the background.


The Dresden Market during Christmas is the most visited Christmas market in all of Germany. They say, if Christmas is celebrated well, it is only celebrated in Dresden. It is one of the old Christmas markets in Germany.

It showcased the largest pyramid in the year 1999 and since then has become the favourite Christmas market for tourists.The most famous thing about this market are their authentic German cakes which you must surely try when you pay this place a visit.



Germany is the first place in all of Europe which ever held Christmas Markets. After these markets have been a big hit in all these years, Germany continues to hold one of the best Christmas markets to this day. If you are visiting Germany during Christmas, do not miss out on these beautiful Christmas Markets.Click here to know more about Top 5 Shopping Destinations in Germany.

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