Top 10 things to see in Germany in 2021

Top 10 things to see in Germany in 2021

Know about Top 10 things to see in Germany in 2021. Germany is a beautiful country situated on the Western side of the European continent. It has an array of mystic forests, beautiful landscapes and calming sceneries. The country is also known for its rich culture and history that has been highlighted at most places in Germany. The country is full of places tourists would like to visit. Germany’s divine beauty is absolutely mesmerizing and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. The culture is lovely, the sights are marvellous, and tourists simply love Germany! In this article, we will highlight the Top 10 things to see in Germany in 2021.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest of Germany is as mystic as it can get. The forest has got its name because of the rich, dark and dense woods that dominate the forest. It is situated in the south west of the country and is known to be an absolute treat to the eyes. The long border that Germany shares with France is covered by the Black Forest. If you are a fan of hiking, this forest has the perfect trails for you. Trot along the dense woods for an experience of a lifetime.


City of Cologne marks to be a city that spans to be around 2000 years old. It is situated by the Rhine river in the west of Germany. The city is known to be the most visited city in all of Germany because it is home to the Cologne Cathedral which gets a high number of tourists visits each year.

Cologne is also the place where the Hohenzollern bridge is situated. This bridge was built back in the 20th century and is one of the most famous spots in Cologne. Tourists cannot walk or create traffic near the bridge as an after-effect of the world war II.


Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It is a famous tourist spot since it highly commercial and industrial. Apart from the financial and business aspect of Berlin, it has a massive touch of beauty to the city too. There are many things a tourist can do in when they are holidaying in Germany.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was built in the 18th century by King Frederick William II. The gate is known for its impressive structure and artsy passages which is difficult to recreate in today’s time. Berlin is a great place to visit in Germany if you have a thing for art and culture.


Bamberg defines the medieval times to the fullest. Experience a touch of the ancient medieval times with the beautiful structures that were built in Bamberg back in the day. Bamberg is situated in the north of Bavaria and is known for the beautiful architecture that dominates the city.

The King of Germany, King Henry II, made Bamberg the “seat of bishopric”. He was previously the Duke of Bavaria and once he became the King in 1007, Bamberg became a spot of rich culturally heritage. The city gets a massive bunch of tourists each year to this day.


Munich is a city which is famous for its culture and beauty all over Germany. The city is situated in the southern region of German and is a great tourist spot visited by a massive number of tourists year after year. Munich is also home to the largest beer festival in Germany, the Oktoberfest. This festival takes place annually and is one place that every tourist wishes to visit. The city turns into a party spot for 16 long days when the Oktoberfest is on.


Nuremberg is an ancient city of Germany and marks to be one of the most historic places to visit in the country. It was the epicentre of the Roman Empire when the Romans rules the country. Today, Nuremberg is a famous tourist spot since it has many castles, palaces, zoos and city walls for tourists to visit.

The city of Nuremberg is a city one must visit at least once in their lifetime. The architecture in the place is just phenomenal!

Insel Mainau: The Flower Island

Insel Mainau which is also known as the Flower Island is an extremely pretty place which you must visit on your trip to Germany. It is located on the banks of Lake Constance in Germany. During the spring season, millions and millions of flowers bloom in Insel Mainau making the place a treat to watch.

The Insel Mainau is also home to a variety of exotic plants and trees which makes it a marvellous place to visit. Tourists get amazed by the beauty of Insel Mainau and try and visit the place every year during spring.


Dresden was called the “Florence on the Elbe” before the world war II struck Germany. The city is the place to be if you are in love with art and architecture because this place is going to offer you the best of it.

The city of Dresden has partially been destroyed because of the World Wars but the beauty of the city has not been hampered. The perks of having it reconstructed to what it used to be has attracted a large number of tourists.


The beautiful architecture and calming landscapes in the town of Oberwesel are truly a sight to see. If you are planning a trip to Germany, do not miss out on Oberwesel town.

A famous thing about this town has to be its wine. In Oberwesel, you can go wine tasting and get wine directly from the winery which adds an oomph to the touristy outlook of this place.


Neuschwanstein Castle

Ludwig II, the great king of Bavaria built a castle atop rugged hills above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. Many called the most breath-taking castle on the planet. Neuschwanstein Castle, with the beautiful exterior and interior, is said to have inspired Walt Disney as well as J.K. Rowling.


Conclusion –

Germany is a country you must visit at least once in your lifetime. You will fall in love with how pretty the place is and the cultural history that is a part of it. Refer to the list above to know about the Top 10 things to see in Germany in 2021.

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Top 10 Job Search Portals in Germany in 2021

Top 10 Job Search Portals in Germany in 2021

Germany is known all around the world for its low unemployment rates. Industries in Germany keeping producing a huge number of jobs year after year and there has been no slowing down over the years. Looking for a job in Germany is a tedious task though. You have to go through the long hiring process in order to get yourself a job in Germany. However, there are a few job portals that will help you get a job in Germany instantly, at a click off a button. Read this article to know about the top 10 job search portals in Germany.

There is a high number of jobs available in Germany to boost the professional sector of the country. Give this article a good read in order to know the top 10 job search portals in Germany.

Here is the list of the top 10 job search Portals in Germany: –


LinkedIn is a job searching site which is widely recognised even outside Germany. This particular job search site is a gold mine for all job seekers in Germany. All you have to do is upload your CV on to your LinkedIn profile and make connections with people belonging to your field.

There are many people in Germany who have got some great job opportunities via LinkedIn in Germany. It is a two way job searching platform. Either you could go searching for a suitable job or a recruiter could be looking for a suitable candidate.



Indeed has grown to a great extent in the past few years. It has earned itself the tag of being the most famous job searching portals in all of Germany. Whenever anybody is looking for a job in Germany, they usually surf through their indeed profile to know where there could be vacancies.

Indeed has a very strong crowdsourced database where employees can rate their new organisation as a point of proof. Indeed is a highly authenticated and discrete job searching platform which keeps all professional information private.



Arbeitsagentur is another portal that the Germans use to get a job instantly. This website is extremely good if you are looking for a job in Germany. They have made it to the top 3 job search portals of Germany because of its own database of vacant positions.

The Arbeitsagentur is a part of the Government job search department and therefore is highly accurate. Do try pushing in your CV on this portal and you shall surely get a job that matches your profile.


Step Stone

Step Stone has been one of the most famous job search portals of all times in Germany. They have been around since the time looking for a job online in Germany became a thing.

Most people who have used Step Stone to get a job in Germany have always ended up saying that the experience was pleasant. This portal gives its visitors a great customer experience along with solving the purpose of getting them a job.

Step Stone is one of the top jobs searching platforms in Germany according to the search engines in Germany.

The job searching portal receives extremely high traffic on the website every day. Thousands and thousands of job seekers flock to the in order to find themselves a job.

If you are looking for job opportunities that are area based and specific, can help you out with various unique opportunities. They also have a list of opportunities that are not available on other sites.



Kimeta is a job searching engine through which many people in Germany have gotten some great jobs that match their profile. All you have to do is upload your CV on your Kimeta profile and start applying to jobs that match your requirements.

Kimeta has a wide reach in Germany. It gives its users intimations about all job vacancies in Germany.

The highest traffic jobs search engine, Jobrapido is definitely worth a look because it’s not just a me-too version of the job marketplaces listed higher up in the rankings.

The difference between a jobs board or a jobs marketplace and a jobs search engine site is that jobs marketplaces are typically responsible for their own content. Hiring companies or agencies pay them to post jobs, or the different jobs marketplaces syndicate each other’s content.


Monster Deutschland

Back in the day, Monster Deutschland was one of the best job searching portals compared to any of the rest. However, in the recent times, there have been better players in the market which is why this portal has lost its spot. Monster Deutschland is working towards rebuilding their functioning process to regain its lost identity.


Xing Stellenmarkt

Xing Stellenmarkt is a direct competitor to LinkedIn. This portal was only available in Germany previously but now it has been picked up by other countries as well.

You can get a wide variety of English speaking jobs on the Xing Stellenmarkt website if you are looking to take up a job in Germany.

Another one worth a look, but again, unlikely to offer a hugely unique offering versus the major players. One cool feature with, however, is their option to filter by popular companies. Great if you’ve specifically got your eye on a particular company who you’d love to work for.



We have come up with a list of the top 10 job portals in Germany for you to find a job very easily in Germany. Get a job instantly!

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Top 10 best Language schools to learn German in Berlin in 2021

Top 10 best Language schools to learn German in Berlin in 2021

Know about Top 10 best Language schools to learn German in Berlin in 2021. It is very important to know the German language in Germany. Whether it is the professional field or you are headed to Germany for education, you need to know the German language to do anything in Germany.

Would you not want to go to Germany and speak like a native? In this article, we are going to talk about the Top 10 best Language schools to learn German in Berlin in 2021. Berlin being the capital of Germany brings in massive number of employment and education opportunities for people living abroad. The state of Berlin is extremely diverse and open to new people. However, knowing the German language is an unspoken mandate.

Here is the list of the top Top 10 best Language schools to learn German in Berlin in 2021: –

ALPADIA Language School

ALPADIA Language School is a great school for learning the German language. It offers an array of courses to learn the German language fluently. The courses start from the Standard level and then lead the student to the intensive level. You can also receive private lessons from ALPADIA Language school. This school is located in the Schöneberg area which is a great area to choose to live in.

ALPADIA Language School offers their students great career pathways in terms of internships and educational opportunities. If you live anywhere around there, you must take your German lessons from ALPADIA Language School.


Sprachsalon Berlin

If you are someone who grasps their knowledge better in a friendly and wholesome environment, Sprachsalon Berlin is the right institute for you! Learn the German language to the fullest with Sprachsalon Berlin.

The class strength at the Sprachsalon Berlin only ranges from 5-10 students per class. you can receive personal attention from your teachers and learn the language a lot better. This institute consists of the best teachers who are highly qualified and well-versed with the German language. There are many external and artsy events that take place at this institute as well. A great place to start your German language journey.


Humboldt Institut

Humboldt Institut is all about intensive learning when it comes to learning the German language. There are about 30 classes a week where a student learns so much that they reach higher level of the German learning process in no time. Humboldt Institut is well organised and managed. They have huge classrooms and classy cafeterias for students to take a quick break from studying the German language. There are fun after-class activities included in the German learning practice as well when you study from the Humboldt Institut.

Kapitel Zwei

Kapitel Zwei is another German language institute in Berlin with top notch German teaching services. They have courses from the beginner’s level right up to the advanced level of learning the German language. Most people who have a keen inclination towards learning the German language, either for professional, education or personal purposes, get themselves enrolled at the Kapitel Zwei institute for their amazing services.

German Language School, Berlin

German Language School in Berlin has been regarded as one of the best German schools in Germany. This school has been awarded the Star School Germany award nearly five times.

There are courses for every level of learning the German language. International students can stay in the campus hotel which was made with the idea of accommodating students while their German language course is on. All classes begin on a Monday every week and from there on pick up the course of direction for the study of the entire week.


Die Neue Schule

Die Neue Schule is the most famous and renowned German teaching schools in Berlin. They have a massive number of students waiting to get seats for the course every year. The Die Neue Schule started with a whooping 1000 students back in 1984 and has been soaring ever since.

Most students love the German language course at Die Neue Schule. The classic way of teaching and the internship and educational opportunities provided after that is something that tempts most foreigners to get enrolled for the course.

Anda Sparchschule

Anda Sparchschule offers an array of services to its students. They allow a 20 hour intensive learning program for their students every week. They also give personal lessons to the students who need personal attention.



Speakeasy is a great school to get enrolled at if you are looking to learn the German language from scratch. They provide physical as well as virtual classes which gives the students a sense of convenience to choose their preferred option.

Speakeasy school focusses on a lot of things other than the language. They aim at making students confident enough to ace the German job market skills with top notch German speaking skills.



At the DuetschAkademie, students get and interactive and friendly environment to learn the German language from scratch. Every class at the DuetschAkademie consists of a small group of students wherein each student gets a good amount of personal attention. This makes students learn the German language better.

Sprachenatelier Berlin

This language school in Berlin offers intensive German courses for learners of all levels. Learn German with world-class language teachers and international students.

Students from the Sprachenatelier Berlin institute are exposed to some great opportunities and offers in the professional field.


Checkout the list of the top 10 German language schools in Berlin in 2021.

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Top 10 Beautiful Castles and Palaces you must visit in Germany in 2021

Top 10 Beautiful Castles and Palaces you must visit in Germany in 2021

Know everything about Castles and Palaces in Germany. The beautiful country of Germany is home to about 2,00,000 of beautiful castles and palaces. The country receives many visitors each year in order to witness the magnificent beauty of these medieval structures. Today, those castles are gorgeous tourist spots which a high number of tourists visit each year. Palaces on the other hand, were structures where the Kings and Queens lived. The architecture and the interiors of these amazing structures is something that cannot be replicated. If you get a chance to visit Germany, do not miss out on the top 10 beautiful castles and palaces you must visit in Germany in 2021.

There are many beautiful places to visit in Germany. However, if you are someone who loves culture and has an inclination towards knowing about a country’s history, you have to visit these top 10 castles and palaces in Germany. Read further to know more!

Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle was built in the 12th century. The castle has seen many masters and wars which had left the structure in ruins. After King Maximilian’s son died, the Hohenzollern Castle has been a favourite tourist spot for most visitors. They come to this beautiful place and wonder how the kings and queens lived back in the day. This castle is widely known for its medieval touch.


Lichtenstein Castle

The castle looks absolutely marvellous because it took 2 whole years to construct it fully. The castle of Lichtenstein was inspired by the novel ‘Lichtenstein’ by William Hauff. It has been designed in a gothic revival style and is a must watch if you are visiting Germany. The beauty of the Lichtenstein Castle is so divine, you are bound to fall in love with it!


Altena Castle

Atop a hill, looking over the beautiful city of Altena, lies a wonderful castle known as the Altena Castle. The counts of Berg made this castle back in the 12th century to establish their strong hold. This castle is currently used for a lot many things. It is a place to keep the sick, it has jal to keep the prisoners and a part of it is also an orphanage.

Schwerin Castle

Schwerin Castle is situated right in the middle of the Schwerin Lake. This castle was built keeping in mind the beauty of French castles. Georg Adolf Demmler took inspiration from beautiful French castles and built this beauty in Germany at such a great location. This castle had been used for many things in the past. Currently, it is being used as a seat for the Government where the German Government holds their meetings from time to time.

 Eltz Castle

Eltz Castle amidst the Eltz forest is a sight you have to see once in your lifetime. The numerous castles in Germany have been harmed by wars and uncalled natural events but the Eltz Castle remains untouched. It is situated in Rhineland, Palatinate. This castle is still owned by the owners who owned it 855 years ago. Adding on to which, the Eltz Castle has such beautiful and original furniture that many tourists flock to this place only to get a glimpse of it.

Charlottenburg Palace

The Charlottenburg Palace is the largest complex in all of Berlin. The Palace is so pretty that it attracts massive crowds of tourists year after year. Charlottenburg palace has been one of the famous getaways for people in the medieval times. During the second world war, this palace was almost into shambles. In the recent times, it was rebuilt and became one of the most famous tourist spots of all times.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein castle is known to be an inspiration for the coveted castle in the Disney movie, The Sleeping Beauty. This castle is so magically beautiful that it entertains the maximum amount of tourist every year. The King of Bavaria contrasted this castle with all his heart but could barely stay in it for 11 days. He died before the construction was completed. Post that, the Neuschwanstein castle has been opened for the public to visit.

 Braunfels Castle

Braunfels Castle is the definition of gorgeous in every way. It has been built about 750 years back and looks like a place coming out of a fairy tale. Everything about the Braunfels Castle is pure perfection. This castle belongs to the Soms- Braunfels and has been with them ever since. The family continues to live in the castle but a few parts of the beautiful castle are still at public display.

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle has a rich history in itself. The castle was first built in the year 1225. Ever since it has been destroyed, rebuilt and ruined back into shambles. It has seen some horrible wars but still stands strong as one of the most beautiful and culturally rich castles in Germany.

The castle is just in ruins but manages to attract millions and millions of tourists who are interested in its history.

Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle was built back in the 12th century in the Hohenschwangau village in Bavaria. There have been multiple wars that have taken place at this palace and left it in ruins. It has seen a lot of Kings and masters back in the day.

This castle attracts many tourists everyday and is one of the most tourist visited places in Germany. Do not miss checking out this beauty during your trip to Germany!


Germany is known for its beautiful and magnificent structures all around the world. If you are a fan of these magical Castles and Palaces, do visit the top 10 castles and palaces of Germany in the year 2021.

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Top 10 Universities for International Students in Germany in 2021

Top 10 Universities for International Students in Germany in 2021

Germany is one of the best places to study in the world. It has made its mark in the list of the top 10 best countries to study in the world. Every year, a high number of students’ flock to Germany in order to be a part of their coveted education system. The education system in Germany is extremely efficient and cheap compared to the rest of the world. This is why universities for international students in Germany is number one in the world and students want to go there for pursuing their higher education. Know about Top 10 Universities for International Students in Germany in 2021.

Globally recognised degrees are an additional perk that international students get when they are studying in Germany. Every student’s qualifications will be recognized globally which makes it easier for German students to get jobs abroad. If you are an aspirant who is wanting to pursue higher educations, we have made you a list of the top 10 universities for international students in Germany in 2021.

Humboldt University of Berlin

The Humboldt university in Berlin is widely recognised for its teaching and research and has nearly 420 professors teaching in the university. This university accommodates a huge number of international students every year. The courses conducted at the Humboldt universities are taught extremely well. It is a coveted university where students desperately wait to get seats. Students that graduate from this university have the confidence and skillset to enter the job market with pride and they also have the ability to ace the tasks given to them.

Free University of Berlin

Free University that is situated in Berlin is famous for the science and technology courses that are available in their university. Every year, there are many students aspiring to get their seats secured at this marvellous university. Free University of Berlin was regarded as one of the best universities in Germany in the year 2007. This university grants an average of 13% of their total seats to international students to promote diversity and make it a mixed crowd. They offer regular programmes and extra-curricular activities to their students too. It makes the students at Free University skilled in many aspects.

Technical University of Munich

Technical University in Munich is known to be one of the best universities for students in all of Europe. The quality of education at the Technical University is regarded to be a class apart from the rest of the German universities. 32% of the total seats are given to students coming from different parts of the world. The selection is entirely merit based and a student can secure a seat at the Technical University only if they have got good results. The university proudly says that they invest entirely in talent and reward students with their education.

Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg

Ruprecht Karl University students are expected to follow extreme discipline which is why it is considered to be a great university in Germany. In this university, there are equal chances given to both, men and women. The Ruprecht Karl University aims at broadening spectrums for al their students by helping them build a bright future. Students from this university are known to excel at most skills because they are taught so well. If you are a student looking for the best universities to pursue higher education, you must give Ruprecht Karl University a shot!

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Ludwig Maximilian is one of the leading universities of research in Europe. It is also situated right in the heart of Europe. This university is nearly 500 years old and has one of the best faculties in all of Germany. Every year, the university of Ludwig Maximilian takes about 7000 students out of which 15% of the students are international. They have a diverse selection of students as well as educational methods which make it one of the best universities to pursue higher education in.

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is universally known for the degree programmes they offer to their students. Students learn a lot from these degree programmes and earn themselves degrees for immediate and small courses. This university is also widely known for their research and teaching. They incorporate a high number of international students each year along with a higher number of German students. The RWTH Aachen University ensure that each student that graduates from the university has the ability to take on the challenges in the real world with pride and do a great job at work.

Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen

Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen is a university which conducts international courses and degrees in Germany. This university is characterised by modern facilities and technology. Students from the Eberhard Karls University are always up to date and excel in every possible field. The qualifications from the university are highly regarded in the job market.

Berlin Institute of Technology

Berlin Institute of technology is famous for their quality programmes that are held at the university. Students learn immensely from these programmes and apply their learnings in the real world as a part of their skillset. As the name suggests, the Berlin Institute of Technology has exceled in the field of technology. Many students who have a great interest in technology wish to get a seat at this university.

Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg

Courses at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg are taught under the best expertise in the fields. Syllabus in this university is very up-to date and relevant in today’s day and age. There is a massive number of students every year who want to get enrolled in the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg. The courses and the programmes held at this university are commendable and universally appreciated.

KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Through research and education Karlsruhe Institute of Technology aims to contribute towards solving some of the biggest challenges faced by the society, industry, as well as the environment today. What defines the work of this university is the worldwide exchange of knowledge it offers in addition to the numerous international research projects and its cultural diversity. Students at this university are a lot more than just educated and earn a lot more than just a degree. If you are someone who is extremely passionate about your course of study, you must try and get enrolled at the KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.




If you are a student who wants to pursue higher education in Germany, refer to this list in order to make the best choice!

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Top 10 Cities to Work in Germany in 2021

Top 10 Cities to Work in Germany in 2021

Germany is a country which has one of the powerful economies in the entire world. It is known as Europe’s powerhouse because it stands as the strongest economy in all of Europe. The country is not only doing well financially, it also has a very low unemployment rate. With only 5% of the total population being unemployed, Germany is the best place to start working in. Every year, Germany the big firms in Germany adopt the latest technology and create more and more jobs annually. It gives a massive boost to the economy every year. In this article you will read about the top 10 cities to work in Germany in 2021.

If you are someone who is looking for job opportunities, you must apply for jobs in these 10 German cities. Not only will you be assured a promising future in your career, you will also be polished by one of the best people in your field. Here are the top 10 cities to work in Germany in 2021: –


Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany and has an extremely great population rate. In terms of its geographic size, Frankfurt is the biggest city in the state of Hesse. The city is also a financial centre in al of Germany.

The city of Frankfurt has nearly all the big financial institutions that exist in Europe. Deutsche Bank, European Central Bank, German Federal bank and many other financial institutions are located in Frankfurt.

There has been a high rise of modern industries coming up in Frankfurt in the recent times which have brought about a wave of high paying jobs. Even the aviation sector in Frankfurt is doing very well since they have the busiest airports in the entire world.


The capital of Germany, Berlin, is home to some big companies which create the best employment opportunities in the entire world. Every year, Berlin creates a large pool of employment opportunities for job seekers in Germany. It is one of the best cities to work at in the entire world.

Aspirants can look forward to employment opportunities in Berlin because it has a promising and bright future. If you are someone who is all set for taking the right steps towards their career development, Berlin is the place for you! To add on to the massive benefits to work in Berlin, there is a large population of people who speak English which will make it more convenient for people coming from abroad to fit in.


Munich is the largest city in the state of Bavaria and offers a large part of Germany’s employment opportunities each year. This city has a great international profile in the field of industrialisation.

The cost of living in Munich is a little higher compared to the rest of Germany but the wages in Munich are also distributed accordingly. The city pays its employees well to maintain the high cost and standard of living. The city also offers unlimited job opportunities for job seekers which makes the city a great place to work in.


It is the second largest city in Germany. Hamburg is also doing extremely well in other sectors of business along with their business at the sea. Trade, education, health and tourism are the main sectors which are doing well in Hamburg. Agriculture is also paying well but the agricultural sector generates lesser revenue. Employees receive higher salaries compared to the rest of the country.


Bonn city in Germany has a great job variety and high paying jobs available in the city. Educated individuals have a great chance to make it big in Bonn due to its research-oriented environment. The city has made massive scientific improvements in the history of science and is known for its great advancements towards high-tech technology.



Cologne is home to a million residents and has a large portion of its economy running on manufacturing businesses. Traders and builders also have a high chance of getting somewhere in Cologne.

The automotive industry stands at the heart of the Colone economy. It is one of the highest paying economies around the world.

Tourism is also flourishing in the city of Cologne because it has such beautiful sights to look around. Cologne is culturally and naturally very beautiful and many tourists flock to Cologne to see its beauty each year.


Dusseldorf is the centre of business and science not only in Germany but also globally. There is a huge number of companies that are based out of Dusseldorf in Germany. The very fact that there are so many companies in Dusseldorf, there are a high number of employment opportunities that come along.

The health and innovation service sectors are doing extremely well in Dusseldorf.


The city of Leipzig is an industrial city situated in Germany. Industrialists make big money here. The biggest automobile companies in the world, Mercedes and Porsche, are based out of Leipzig. The city has a lot of scope for automobiles and people looking for a job in that field are sure to mint money in Leipzig.

In the recent year, Leipzig has also evolved their environmental technology. Due to all these reasons, the unemployment rates have fallen to a great extent in the recent years.


A majority of the population in Darmstadt is happily employed in the best companies of Germany.

People who are highly qualified and have an expertise in a particular field are always welcome to work in Darmstadt. They have an amazing quality of life and pay their employees really well.


Stuttgart has a great population but it has a greater employment rate in the city. This is why it is one of the best cities to work in Germany.

There are high tech and engineering industries that operate in the city of Stuttgart. If you are someone who is interested in these fields, do not miss out on a job opportunity from Stuttgart.


Considering Germany’s low employment rates, most job seekers wish to get a job in the German cities we have mentioned above. If you are an aspirant looking for job opportunities, apply to German companies located in these cities.

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