Everything you should know about airports in Germany

Everything you should know about airports in Germany

People living in Germany are very fond of travelling during the holidays. German airports and train stations in every city as fully packed during the holiday months because people are flying in and out of Germany for the holidays. Most people in Germany plan on going out of town at least once or more than once a year. They are ether travelling within the boundaries of Germany or are heading out for an international trip. In this article, we will talk to you about everything you should know about airports in Germany. Read further to get a detailed insight about airports in Germany.

When people travel to Germany from other countries, they are always sceptical about how the airports in Germany function. There is nothing peculiar about the German airport system but since every country has a personal touch to their air travel, Germany too has its degree of distinction.

International students, people who come to Germany for work purposes and other people who are tourists in the country, need to be well aware about how airports in Germany are. It is always advisable to know a country fully while going there to stay there for good and that stands true even with Germany.

The country is home to over thirty commercial passenger and cargo airports as well as a large number of smaller airfields and air strips that service business and general aviation. Airports in Germany are a huge deal in Germany because the Germans are always up and ready for a vacation at any time in the year. Especially the holiday season, one will see German airports packed with passengers wanting to reach their vacation destination as a great getaway.

Of the commercial airports over two dozen can be considered international airports. These international airports range in size from the mega complexes in Frankfurt and Munich servicing tens of millions of passengers a year to smaller airports in medium size cities that may fly anywhere from 220 thousand passengers (Zweibrücken Airport) to over 5.2 million passengers (Hannover Langenhagen Airport). The large airports can have up to 125 different airlines serving hundreds of destinations with hundreds or of take offs and landings each day.

Germany, as one of the Europe’s biggest and most powerful countries, has about 60 international airports within the country. Since it would be too much to enumerate and describe them all, we will be providing you with a list about the busiest ones among them. Keep in mind that not always the larger airports are also the most convenient as well, so make a routine check up prior to your journey.


International Airports in Germany

As we mentioned earlier, Germans love to travel. During the holiday season, German airports are packed with travellers wanting to go in and out of the country for a holiday. Germany in itself is a beautiful country which travellers from all across the world come to explore. This is why, Germany has 36 international airports all across the country. Tourists who arrive to Germany do not have to necessarily take connecting flights to the destination of their choice because the country has a good number of international airports spread across the country.

Germany has airports ranging from small airfields which ply to a few countries only to huge complexes which connect the German airways to the rest of the world. Airports like Frankfurt and Hamburg transports millions of passengers every year. These big airports have a huge number of airlines and connect many countries for air travel.

Here are a few major airports in Germany that your you should know about before heading to the country: –

Frankfurt Airport

The Frankfurt Airport in Germany is one of the busiest airports in Germany.  It serves almost 300 destinations worldwide, making it the airport with the most international destinations around the world. If you are planning to head to Germany for a vacation, you must take a flight to Frankfurt airport because it is very easy to get to the city centre from there. Just take a bus or train from Frankfurt airport and you will reach the city centre in no time. Frankfurt Airport is located around 12 kilometres southwest of the city and it also serves the cities Koblenz and Mainz for air travel.


Hamburg Airport

The Hamburg Airport is the airport serving the second-largest city in Germany, located only 8.5 km away from the city centre. Hamburg Airport is the city’s international passenger airport, and a hub for airline Eurowings. This airport features flights to about 120 destinations and is a famous hub for many German travellers. The Hamburg airport promotes convenience because it acts like a connecting layover for many destinations in Germany. Hamburg is a great city to stop over at too. Many travellers love taking stop over flights at Hamburg and admire the beauty of the city.


Stuttgart Airport

If you are looking for a long haul service to Atlanta, book your flights to the Stuttgart airport today. This particular airport in Germany has served nearly 10 million passengers. The airport is located 13 km south of the city centre and it is connected with the airport by suburban trains S2 and S3. The Stuttgart Airport in Germany is a busy hub amongst all airports in Germany since there are many travellers flying to and from this location. It has several connections to many European cities too.


Berlin Schonelefd Airport

The Berlin Schonelefd Airport in the secondary airport of the German capital city, Berlin. It is the smaller one of the city’s two airports and a base for Condor, easyJet and Ryanair. This airport is situated nearly 18kms away from Berlin. In 2020, the Berlin Schonelefd has been replaced by the new airport, Berlin Brandenburg Airport that has recently been added to the list of airports in Germany. However, the Berlin Schonelefd Airport is going to be kept operational until 2023 for keeping the costs low until the new airport in Berlin is made. The airport is also made to serve convenience until the year 2023 so that people in Berlin continue to have two functional airports.


Munich Airport

The major airport in Munich is situated very close to the capital of Bavaria. Germany is a country with a lot of travellers travelling in and out of Germany every day. The Munich airport is known to be the second busiest airport in all of Germany with a huge number of travellers. It is also the seventh busiest airport in Germany. The Munich airport has great connections with the centre of the country which is why it has so many travellers going to and from every day. The Munich airport is a great way of reaching anywhere in the country because it has great connectivity throughout the country and is one of the best made airports in Germany.


German Airport Connectivity

The German Airways has a great connectivity in itself. Airports in Germany are made extremely well keeping in mind the convenience of passengers that are travelling by flight. Connectivity of any and every airport is calculated by the number of destinations it connects to. German airports have a great connectivity because they have been planned really well Every city in Germany is very well connected to he rest of the country and the frequency of flights at every airport is also pretty high. However, out of all airports in Germany, the Frankfurt airport is one which has a very high connectivity than the rest of the airports in Germany.


Germany is a developed country with many airports spread well across the country for great air travel. We hope this article gave you a great insight on the same.

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New Career Lines in Germany

New Career Lines in Germany

Germany is an absolutely amazing country if you are wanting to go there in order to work. Everything about their working culture is one notch up compared to most of the countries in the world. Germany has a huge German work force and is known for having a very low unemployment rate in the country. The big automobile industries and tech giants have made Germany a class apart in terms of the job market. There is something to do in Germany for everyone. It has a high generation for jobs and if you are going to Germany in terms of getting a job, you will have a job in no time. With the new upcoming career lines in Germany, the German job market is thriving and taking more and more people as a part of the work force. In this article we will talk about the new career lines in Germany. Read further to know more.

After the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, the job situation in the entire world collapsed. Most countries around the world were going into constant lockdowns which affected the working class miserably. That was the case with Germany too. The country went into strict lockdowns fir a couple of months making the markets fall heavily. Currently, Germany is back to its feet and has overcome the coronavirus pandemic challenge beautifully. Employers have come up with new career lines in Germany which creates more job opportunities for people in Germany.

The good news is that Germany has a lot of job opportunities and is also facing a skills shortage as per recent reports. This article will help you know about the new career lines that are coming up in Germany.

Fortunately, the number of jobs available in Germany has seen an increase by over 1.2 million since 2012. This trend is expected to continue in 2021 and beyond. This means better job opportunities for overseas workers as well. Germany has a great scope for international students in terms of jobs and careers in Germany.

There are many new careers in demand in Germany. Jobs for foreigners in Germany are getting easier by the day and more foreigners are coming to the German grounds in the lookout for jobs. International students have a great chance to get a good job in Germany because the German workforce treat their employees really well. Employees in Germany are paid well too. There has been a massive in flow of new careers for international students.

Documents Required to Get a Job in Germany

Before we get started with the new career lines that are in high demand in Germany, you first need to know what is required to get a job in Germany. There are a few documents that every international student needs to get a job in Germany. A few of them are: –

Getting a job in Germany is a long and elaborate procedure. Every step needs to get fully completed and approved for a job in Germany. The usual steps when accepting a position is to be given a job offer, negotiate if necessary, then sign a work contract. It is common for there to a 6-month probation period with a two week notice period so either party can terminate the contract. Once an employee is given an unlimited contract, it is very difficult to be fired in Germany.

Steueridentifikationsnummer (Tax ID)

Mitgliedsbescheinigung (German health insurance certificate)

Sozialversicherungsausweis (German social insurance certificate)

Work visa for Germany if you are not a citizen of an EU/EEA member state

German bank details

Rote Karte (Red Card) – only needed if handling food in a restaurant, bar, cafe, etc.

Führungszeugnis (Certificate of Conduct or Police check) – usually needed if working as a teacher or with children.

Here are a few career lines that are high in demand in Germany: –


People belonging to the engineering field are high in demand in Germany. It has the highest careers demand in demands in Germany. With new technology taking over the world every year, Germany is always at the top of the game. Jobs in software development of any kind are plentiful right now and regardless of the language you code in, or whether you’re in frontend, backend, or mobile app development, talented engineers are being snapped up. This is a part of the new careers for international students.  If you’re an engineer right now, you shouldn’t have any problem finding available jobs. The struggle is in deciding exactly which one is right for you.


Healthcare services in Germany are at a high in Germany all round the year. This year exceptionally, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a high demand in the healthcare profession in Germany. Jobs for foreigners in Germany is easy to get if you belong to the healthcare field. Doctors and nurses are needed everywhere in Germany because of the high pressure on the healthcare sector of Germany in the current times.

Healthcare services are a t an all time high in Germany and with the surging coronavirus cases, they are more in need. If you are a doctor, nurse or anybody related to the healthcare sector, getting a job in Germany will be quick and easy.

Catering Service

Catering services in Germany is a great market. With professionals in the catering sector, Germans love eating food from out and do not have the time in their hectic lives to cook every meal at home. This is why the catering sector in Germany is constantly flourishing. Catering services in Germany is one of the high rated and most in demand jobs for foreigners in Germany.

Retail Sales

With the growth in the retail sector, there are plenty of job opportunities for foreigners in Germany. There is a demand for trained retail sales professionals and sales assistants. The prime qualification for these jobs is to understand what the customer wants and improve sales. Foreigners can opt for a two to a three-year apprenticeship after which they can be offered a contract for permanent work. Retail sales is one of the most common careers in demand in the country. Most international students coming to Germany to study always look for newer opportunities and retail sales is a career line which is drastically growing.

Human Resources

Start-ups are famous for their focus on hiring the best people and for fomenting the kind of office culture that makes people want to stay at the company long-term. Human resources is one of the high careers in demand in Germany. That’s where recruiting and HR comes in. If you care about helping companies find great people and helping people find jobs that stretch their skills and make them feel fulfilled, then this is where you should direct your search. Germany is in a constant lookout for people to handle the human resources sector in every other company.

Scrum Master

Scrum masters are a kind of team supervisor, whose job is to make sure teams run smoothly and efficiently by getting rid of obstacles, monitoring the different stages and processes of a particular project and coordinating the cooperation of different teams. Scrum masters are hired to supervise whether all the work is happening properly and in line with the deliverables.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Every company in Germany feels a constant need to be a part of the corporate social responsibility which they need to compulsorily fulfil. This is why, every company needs an individual who can handle to Corporate Social Responsibility department completely. This is a new and trending career line which a student can opt for. If you are an international student studying in Germany and you are well versed with how corporate social responsibility works, you can always take up the job at a large firm. This job pays extremely well too. It is one of the new careers for international students which most international students want to take up. It is not a heavy job and a student can continue studying simultaneously.

Social Media Handling

Social media handling is a task which most young international students are opting to do. Students are well aware with how social media works and how brands can make a name using social media as a vital tool. International students in Germany get into social media handling for big brands and earn big bucks. It is always important for brands to have a strong social media game and therefore, this career line is flourishing like no other. If you are an international student studying in Germany, you can learn how social media works and help brands create an online presence on social media.


Working in Germany is a dream come true for many. We hope this list of new and upcoming career lines helps you with getting a job in Germany.

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Insurance in Germany- A complete guide

Insurance in Germany- A complete guide

People in Germany take insurance very seriously. Whenever someone is moving to Germany, the first thing they must think of is probably getting their insurance sorted. Germans have an insurance for almost any thing and everything. They make sure insurance is taken up with utmost care and responsibility because they are one of the most developed nations in the world. Insurance in Germany is a wide aspect and covers a lot of insurances that we will talk about in this article.

Moving to Germany is a great decision to make. The one thing you must focus on before heading to Germany is that you need to consider what insurances you want to opt for in Germany. At the end of it, you might either be over insured or absolutely under insured. This is why, be alert while you are looking for insurance options in Germany.

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) regulates the German insurance market. Most companies belong to the German Insurance Association (Die Deutschen Versicherer – GDV), which has around 460 members. Keep an eye on the media, insurance-related websites, as well as consumer guides. Check consumer comparison tools to make sure you are getting the best deal.

There are several insurances you might have to take before heading to Germany. You have to be on your toes while shopping for insurances in Germany because it is too much of a task. You might have a lot of questions in your head before applying for German insurances. Right? Questions like, is healthcare in Germany free? Which insurance companies in Germany are good? Is private insurance in Germany available? In this article, we have tried to answer a lot of these questions. Read further to know more.

Compulsory Insurance

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a compulsory insurance in Germany whether you are someone who is living or working there. You need to have a health insurance in Germany in order to get entry in Germany. The German health insurance is a very useful thing as well. They cover most of the health ailments under it and help expats as well as German citizens to get their health treatment done at much cheaper prices than what have actually been asked for.
If you are wondering, is healthcare in Germany free? We would like to tell you that yes, healthcare in Germany is free but only to a certain extent.

The health insurance system works in a dual manner. The minute you enter Germany, you are automatically covered under the state health insurance which is the gesetzliche krankenversicherung – GKV. You are only eligible for this insurance if you work in Germany and get paid €4,950 and €59,400 a year before tax.

You can opt for a private insurance in Germany too. The private health insurance option is a little more expensive than the state insurance but comes with a lot of perks as well. People who are entitled and can afford the private insurance usually go in for a private health insurance plan.

Vehicle Insurance

A vehicle insurance in Germany is another compulsory insurance you need to have if you own a vehicle in Germany. You cannot have a vehicle without an insurance and you are not even advised to have one if there is a need. An insurance s the ideal way of getting saved from maximum number of damages that could happen to your car. Vehicle insurances in Germany cover most car related issues that could probably happen. There are three kinds of vehicle insurances that your car can fall under. They are: –

  • Third Party Liability (haftpflicht)- The third party liability vehicle insurance covers damages that are caused by accident to your car. In case the accident was your fault and the car was damaged because you were rash driving, the insurance does not cover the damages. This is the basic legal requirement insurance that your vehicle needs to have in Germany.
  • Partial Coverage (teilkasko) – Partial coverage vehicle insurance includes third party liability insurance plus damages that have been caused by theft, fire, or any natural calamities.
  • Comprehensive Coverage (vollkasko)- The comprehensive coverage insurance is one insurance that most Germans opt for. This insurance incudes any kind of damages to your vehicle. Whether it happened by accident or it was your fault. All kinds of damages are covered in the Comprehensive coverage insurance.


Work Insurance

Working in Germany requires you to have a work insurance in Germany. There are many insurance companies in Germany that offer work insurance.

 When you are working in Germany, you automatically pay towards a few additional forms of insurance besides health insurance through social security contributions (sozialversicherungsbeiträge). These consist of:

  • Unemployment insurance (arbeitslosenversicherung) – In this kind of an insurance, payments split between employer and employee. This entitles you to unemployment benefits if you are out of work and meet certain criteria. The unemployment insurance helps you in the days when you are unemployed.
  • Statutory pension insurance (rentenversicherung) – German state pension. The German state pension is an insurance which expects you to pay money for your pension during the years you are working in the German work force. You can redeem it when you are retired and live on the pension you earned.
  • Statutory accident insurance (gesetzliche unfallversicherung) – This is completely paid by the employer and covers treatment costs after work-related accidents or illnesses. If you hurt yourself on the job, this insurance makes sure your employer pays for your treatment entirely.


Optional Insurance

Accident Insurance

The state pays accident insurance to the workers in Germany. It is a compulsion for the state to pay this insurance and it covers most of the accidents. This insurance is however only limited to that accidents that occur during or from work. If people want accident insurance beyond this, they can always opt for a private accident insurance in Germany.

This ensures that, in the event of a personal accident that limits your abilities long-term, all costs caused by the accident are covered. Whatever the hospital bill and medical cost may be, it is entirely covered in the accident insurance.

Life Insurance

You can get access to the best life insurances in Germany. Life insurance in Germany covers all your family members after your death. They get a huge chunk of your insurance money once you are gone. If you do not want your life insurance money to go to your family, you can make a few changes and have the name of the person written down to whom you want your life insurance money to go after you are gone. The money is usually paid out in a lump sum and will take care of those financially dependent on you as well as cover outstanding payments such as loans and house mortgage.

Property Insurance

Buying or owning a home in Germany requires you to have a property insurance for the space you own. It is advisable to have a property insurance for your house in Germany if you are shifting in Germany for good. It will cover all house damages which will normally cost you a bomb for the repairs. The property insurance covers property against damage from occurrences such as fire, water, storms or vandalism. If you are renting property, this insurance should be taken out by the landlord.

Taking out building insurance involves providing the insurer with a lot of information on things such as building measurements, the date your home was built and what building materials were used.

Personal Liability Insurance

The Personal liability insurance is an important insurance to have in Germany. It takes care of a lot of things such as injury or damage to other people or their property. You have a choice to make while opting for the personal liability insurance. You can either get a single person coverage or choose to cover additional members of your family.

This insurance does not cover damages caused by your car. You are expected to take out a separate vehicle insurance for this.

The German law states that there is no limit on the sum of money someone can claim against you if the insurance norms as hampered. Personal liability insurance helps you avoid the risk of getting into a bad incident causing great financial harm.


The insurance system in Germany is extensive. We hope this German insurance guide can help you with choosing your insurances in Germany.

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German Tax System for International Students

German Tax System for International Students

Know everything about German Tax System. Tax is an important aspect to focus on if you are planning to settle down in Germany any time soon. Whether you are planning to go there as a student, an employee or a spouse, it is important to acknowledge how the tax system in Germany works.

Everybody living in Germany is liable to pay tax in some or the other way. This is applicable only for people who have entered the coveted German workforce and earn money on account of the work they offer. German tax system for international students also comes with its own share of tax payment. International students in Germany are liable to pay tax to the government too.

Germans are a little generous with in house and international students when it comes to paying income tax in Germany. Tax slabs in Germany are relatively less harsh on students compared to other working personnel in Germany the state understands that it is difficult for students to work alongside studying and making big bucks is not possible. This is why, the German Government allows students a relaxed amount of taxes to be paid. In this article, we will talk about the various things to know about banking in Germany. Read the article further to know more.

How German Tax System for International Students works in Germany?

Students either have to pay a small amount of money as tax or do not have to pay anything at all. It is very important for every student to file for a tax return so that they can claim for a refund that they are eligible for. This is an important step for all German international students to take or else they will be forced to pay heavy taxes.

The German financial year runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December every year. The deadline for filing taxes for the year is technically during the month of May of the next year. The dates may var so every student needs to be alert when it is time to file taxes.

A student can ask for an extension if they are unable to file a tax return on time but the student is liable to pay a charge as penalty. This is how the tax system for international students works in Germany.

Important things to Know About Filing Income Tax in Germany

  1. Always make sure to file your tax returns at the local tax office near your area. It is very important to file income tax in Germany at a place which is close to your residence in Germany.
  2. Another important thing to remember about the tax system in Germany is that the financial year begins on the 1st of January and lasts up to the 31st of December. This is one of the most important things to know about banking in Germany.
  3. International and national students always have to be up to date with the changing tax policies in Germany. Moreover, they need to be certain about what date they file their tax returns so that they can get exempted from paying income tax.

How Much Tax do International Students have to Pay in Germany?

The amount of tax every international student has to pay to the German Government entirely depends upon their income. If they earn a huge amount f money, they are liable to pay a high amount of income tax whereas if they do not earn too much money, they are allowed to not pay a high income tax. However, this entirely depends on how much the international student earns.

  • If you are someone who earns less than or up to 450 Euros each month, you are not liable to pay any income tax.
  • Earnings in Germany are subject to basic tax allowance and your income would not be taxed up to that allowance. Tax slabs in Germany work this way.
  • The allowance is roughly about 18,336 Euros for couples who are in a civil partnership or married by law.
  • The rate of taxes that an international student is liable to pay in Germany varies from 14 % to 45%. This depends on how much the international student earns.
  • The higher the rate of income that is taxable the higher the rate of taxation there would be. An international student in Germany is going to be judged on the rate of income for paying income tax in Germany.

The Process of Filing Income Tax Returns for International Students in Germany

The basic norm for international students who earn an income in Germany is that they need to file a tax return at the end of a financial year. Normally, employers deduct the tax amount from the wages given to the employee and transfer it to the tax office. This is how the tax system in Germany works. This is a norm for an average employee in Germany.

The process of filing income tax returns for international students in Germany goes as follows: –


  • Every international student needs to collect the forms for tax declaration at the tax office.
  • They can download the tax declaration form from the website of the tax office too. It is a very easy and convenient way to complete the procedure.
  • Next, fill in all the required details and submit the income tax declaration at the tax office. Make sure to not make any mistakes.
  • Clearly mention the details of your income and all the charges you’ve paid to the government. This will help in choosing the bracket you fall in.



Knowing the tax system in Germany is very crucial for someone who is planning to pursue further education in Germany.

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Hostels in Germany for International Students

Hostels in Germany for International Students

Germany is a great place to go for a holiday if you are a young, solo traveller. The accommodation and hostel arrangements are really pocket friendly and comfortable. This is because student hostels in Germany offer some great staying options at really low prices. In this article, we will talk about hotels and budget accommodations in Germany. If you are planning an international solo trip, you must consider Germany for the great deals you will get there!

The first hostel ever was first started in Germany. The country is home to hostels because the hostel culture started in Germany. The first hostel in the world opened in the Altenia Castle in 1912 after a German schoolteacher complained there was no adequate or suitable lodging for young people travelling on their own. Germans call the hostel with a different name in their language. In Germany a Youth Hostel is a Jugendherberge. Every city that has youth hostels in Germany has signs and symbols directing you towards them. A tourist will always find their way to a youth hostel in Germany because there are elaborated direction symbols showing the way.

Until a few years ago, tourists always chose hotel rooms over hostel rooms. That has changed to a great extent now. Most people today choose to stay at hostels because that is a better and a more affordable option compared to hotel rooms. Whether it is a solo travel, on budget family holiday or couples on a romantic city break, most people opt for hostel accommodations today. Students coming from all over the world also stay at student hostels in Germany. In this article we will talk about hostels and budget accommodations in Germany.


A good thing about staying in hostels on your trip to Germany is that you will always get a room even if you turn up at the last minute. However, it is always essential to book in advance. Plan your vacation to Germany fully before reaching Germany and make all your bookings prior to arriving.

Booking in advance has a lot of perks. You will get your accommodation sorted at cheaper and more affordable prices when you book in advance since prices tend to increase last minute.

By booking student hostels in Germany online, you can check availability and the hostel facilities, look at photos of the room, and get cheaper room rates – making the whole experience far less stressful if it’s your first time in a hostel.

Types of hostels in Germany: –


Backpacker’s Hostels

Backpacker’s hostels are very similar to student’s hostels. However, they have a much diverse clientele since they do not get students only. Their clientele also includes families, couples, solo travellers and any and everybody who wants to visit Germany for a holiday. These hostels have extensive facilities as well. There are locker rooms where guests can keep their luggage safely. Kitchen, bars and cafes are also a part of the backpacker’s hostel facilities to keep the guests entertained.

Many backpacker or ‘party’ hostels are “extra social” and geared towards a wild city break – with no curfews, an extensive events calendar, and mixers so you can meet like-minded travellers.

Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are the original type of hostels. They allow students and young people to stay there at really affordable rates. It was to meet this target audience that hostels actually came into existence.

Youth hostels have huge dorms where people stay together and share bathrooms. Every individual living in the youth hostel is given a separate locker to keep their belongings in.

Youth hostels are a fun and absolutely affordable accommodation option for students and young people looking to visit Germany.

Boutique Hostels

Boutique hostels are meant for people who have a higher travel budget. Even though these hostels are a little expensive, they are worth every penny.

Boutique hostels in Germany are way cheaper than staying in a hotel room. They have stylish bars and gardens for the high prices they charge. If you get too lucky, you might come across boutique hotels which have a Jacuzzi in it too!

Rooms at the boutique hostels are private and very different from the student hostels in Germany. These kinds of hostels almost stand rivals to big hotels in Germany at a much lower rate.

Cheap Hotel

Going to Germany and living at cheap hotels is no problem at all. The cheap hotels in Germany might not cost you a lot of money but still give you a very comforting and satisfactory stay. If you are someone who does not feel the need to socialize and meet other travellers in Germany, you can always stay at a cheap hotel and stick to a room setting.



There are many guesthouses and lodges that are available in Germany. Accommodations at these guesthouses come along with a touch of homeliness. The entire vibe is very homely especially in the rural areas of Germany. These are usually converted family homes, so you get an authentic taste of German life and can take advantage of home comforts such as sitting rooms and gardens. Often the owners will treat you like one of their family complete with home-cooked meals.


With these hotel and budget accommodation options in Germany, you can have a wonderful trip in the beautiful country on a budget.

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Top 10 High Demand Jobs in Germany in 2021

Top 10 High Demand Jobs in Germany in 2021

Germany is a country where unemployment rates are nearly negligible. There are many in demand jobs in Germany for which huge industries are hiring and paying hefty sums as salary. We had previously written an article about the top 10 job search portals in Germany in 2021 with which you can get a great job in Germany. In this article we will talk about the top 10 high demand jobs in Germany in 2021.

Healthcare Professionals

The healthcare industry is very important for each and every country. Healthcare professionals are in high demand all over the world. Likewise, in Germany, healthcare professionals are in high demand all round the year. There are so many people who need medical help everyday which makes it extremely important for Germany to hire more and more healthcare professionals. It is one of the most in demand jobs in Germany because a high number of Germans are seeking medical help day after day.


Data Science and IT Experts

The internet has become an important part of the life of most Germans today. This is why Germany has a high demand of Data science and IT experts. The booming use of the internet has created avenues for the data science and IT professions to grow. People in this profession are paid extremely well and are given one of the best working environments. People who have an educational background in this field are always in demand because the German work force is ever ready to hire them.

Finance Professionals

Finance professionals are always in high demand in Germany. Managing accounts and finances is a very tedious task and not every company or owner can do it for themselves. This is why, finance is an in high demand profession in Germany. Skilled Finance officials are needed in every sector in Germany. Be it big or small, each and every company needs Finance professionals to manage their taxes and money flow in Germany.


Lecturers and Tutors

Teaching is a never-ending job. Germany is a country where education is given high regard and this creates massive job opportunities for lecturers and tutors. There are children year after year who get into schools and expand the education sector. Lecturers and tutors are an essential part of this sector too. The more the students, the more are lecturers and tutors in demand In Germany. They are paid very well and their working hours are flexible as well.


Tourism Professionals

Germany is pretty country. The rich culture, the beautiful forests and the calming landscapes, everything in Germany is worth a watch. Most tourists realise the need of visiting Germany and therefore, there is a high number of tourists that flock to Germany each year. This creates a high demand to hire tourism professionals to manage the incoming tourist in Germany. Tourism professionals charge a great sum of money to help the tourists look around the country.


Neuroscience Researchers

Neuroscience research is a great field to choose if you are looking for a job in Germany. The course of study is long and tedious but if you make it till the end, you will reap massive benefits as a neuroscience researcher in Germany. There is a great demand of neuroscience researchers in Germany and they take home big chunks of money to support a lavish living in Germany. With the kind of precautionary research neuroscience researchers do, it is one of the high demand jobs in Germany.


Electric Engineers

With electric vehicles taking the motoring industry by storm there is are growing demand for electrical engineers. Just last year Tesla announced plans to set up a new “Gigafactory” in Brandenburg and Volkswagen is also utilising the technology in its Audi cars. Electrical engineers earn an average wage of 60.500 euros.

Engineers are in extremely high demand in Germany at all times of the year. The country has such a rich outlook towards the automobile industry that they need a high number of electrical engineers in the country.


Marketing Professionals

The Marketing profession in Germany is one of the most in demand jobs in all of Germany. It is not very easy to market a product or service and It is not something that everyone can do. This is why, there is a high demand of marketing professionals in Germany. Maintaining a company’s wealth and reputation in the market is the job of a marketing professional which they have to ace in the German market.

Sales Experts

Selling a product or service is the prime and the most important stage of a business. Everybody is selling something or the other in order to make money. In Germany, it is difficult to convince people to buy a products or service because the German markets are too rigid. Here is where sales experts come in. They have the right tact to convince Germans to buy a product or a service in a single interaction, helping the product owner earn some money. Sales experts are in high demand in Germany.

Corporate Social Responsibility Professionals

People working in a business’ corporate social responsibility sector aim to unite a company’s ecological, social and economic impact while propagating sustainable strategies that also help to improve the company’s reputation. Corporate social responsibility is very important to run a business well in Germany. Businesses manage giving back to society in order to balance the system. Managers earn around 45.100 euros and work closely with PR, marketing and management.


If you have ever wished to work in Germany and belong to the professions mentioned above, you are all set and good to go!

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