Top 10 things to see in Germany in 2021

Top 10 things to see in Germany in 2021

Know about Top 10 things to see in Germany in 2021. Germany is a beautiful country situated on the Western side of the European continent. It has an array of mystic forests, beautiful landscapes and calming sceneries. The country is also known for its rich culture and history that has been highlighted at most places in Germany. The country is full of places tourists would like to visit. Germany’s divine beauty is absolutely mesmerizing and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. The culture is lovely, the sights are marvellous, and tourists simply love Germany! In this article, we will highlight the Top 10 things to see in Germany in 2021.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest of Germany is as mystic as it can get. The forest has got its name because of the rich, dark and dense woods that dominate the forest. It is situated in the south west of the country and is known to be an absolute treat to the eyes. The long border that Germany shares with France is covered by the Black Forest. If you are a fan of hiking, this forest has the perfect trails for you. Trot along the dense woods for an experience of a lifetime.


City of Cologne marks to be a city that spans to be around 2000 years old. It is situated by the Rhine river in the west of Germany. The city is known to be the most visited city in all of Germany because it is home to the Cologne Cathedral which gets a high number of tourists visits each year.

Cologne is also the place where the Hohenzollern bridge is situated. This bridge was built back in the 20th century and is one of the most famous spots in Cologne. Tourists cannot walk or create traffic near the bridge as an after-effect of the world war II.


Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It is a famous tourist spot since it highly commercial and industrial. Apart from the financial and business aspect of Berlin, it has a massive touch of beauty to the city too. There are many things a tourist can do in when they are holidaying in Germany.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was built in the 18th century by King Frederick William II. The gate is known for its impressive structure and artsy passages which is difficult to recreate in today’s time. Berlin is a great place to visit in Germany if you have a thing for art and culture.


Bamberg defines the medieval times to the fullest. Experience a touch of the ancient medieval times with the beautiful structures that were built in Bamberg back in the day. Bamberg is situated in the north of Bavaria and is known for the beautiful architecture that dominates the city.

The King of Germany, King Henry II, made Bamberg the “seat of bishopric”. He was previously the Duke of Bavaria and once he became the King in 1007, Bamberg became a spot of rich culturally heritage. The city gets a massive bunch of tourists each year to this day.


Munich is a city which is famous for its culture and beauty all over Germany. The city is situated in the southern region of German and is a great tourist spot visited by a massive number of tourists year after year. Munich is also home to the largest beer festival in Germany, the Oktoberfest. This festival takes place annually and is one place that every tourist wishes to visit. The city turns into a party spot for 16 long days when the Oktoberfest is on.


Nuremberg is an ancient city of Germany and marks to be one of the most historic places to visit in the country. It was the epicentre of the Roman Empire when the Romans rules the country. Today, Nuremberg is a famous tourist spot since it has many castles, palaces, zoos and city walls for tourists to visit.

The city of Nuremberg is a city one must visit at least once in their lifetime. The architecture in the place is just phenomenal!

Insel Mainau: The Flower Island

Insel Mainau which is also known as the Flower Island is an extremely pretty place which you must visit on your trip to Germany. It is located on the banks of Lake Constance in Germany. During the spring season, millions and millions of flowers bloom in Insel Mainau making the place a treat to watch.

The Insel Mainau is also home to a variety of exotic plants and trees which makes it a marvellous place to visit. Tourists get amazed by the beauty of Insel Mainau and try and visit the place every year during spring.


Dresden was called the “Florence on the Elbe” before the world war II struck Germany. The city is the place to be if you are in love with art and architecture because this place is going to offer you the best of it.

The city of Dresden has partially been destroyed because of the World Wars but the beauty of the city has not been hampered. The perks of having it reconstructed to what it used to be has attracted a large number of tourists.


The beautiful architecture and calming landscapes in the town of Oberwesel are truly a sight to see. If you are planning a trip to Germany, do not miss out on Oberwesel town.

A famous thing about this town has to be its wine. In Oberwesel, you can go wine tasting and get wine directly from the winery which adds an oomph to the touristy outlook of this place.


Neuschwanstein Castle

Ludwig II, the great king of Bavaria built a castle atop rugged hills above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. Many called the most breath-taking castle on the planet. Neuschwanstein Castle, with the beautiful exterior and interior, is said to have inspired Walt Disney as well as J.K. Rowling.


Conclusion –

Germany is a country you must visit at least once in your lifetime. You will fall in love with how pretty the place is and the cultural history that is a part of it. Refer to the list above to know about the Top 10 things to see in Germany in 2021.

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German Festivals in January

German Festivals in January

After the long and lovely Christmas break, it is time to bring in the new year with joy and merriment in Germany. There are smiles and happiness all around because it is the best time if the year in Germany. Germans bring in the new year with some amazing traditional customs and some fun events. Post December, when the month of January has begun, the Germans cannot let go of their holiday mood and have some fun things planned even for the first month of the new year. In this article, we are going to tell you about a few German festivals that take place in the month of January.

A holiday trip to Germany might sound like a great idea in January. There is snow all around and it is the most peaceful and calm time of the year. People are continuing to be in the holiday mood even in the first month of the year since it is too hard to get over the wonderful Christmas vibe in Germany. However, it is too chilly so do not forget to bundle up a few winter clothes for yourself.

Travel and tourism in the month of January in Germany is at a low. That is mainly because the Christmas time has just passed and the markets are shutting down. Although, most people think January is an off season in Germany, they are highly mistaken. German festivals in January are keeping the country’s spirits up high and are equally fun. To top that up, even hotel rooms and flight tickets can be bought at cheaper rates during January.

These are one of the best German Festivals in January that you must pay a visit to: –

Three Kings Day

The three Kings day in Germany is usually a holiday in some places of Germany. It is characterised by giving to one and all. Little children dress up like the three kings and go door to door asking for money or charity. They sing beautiful carols and songs on their way to collect some money.

The Germans also believe in cleansing their homes and stables by burning Frankincense on this day. They put the mark, C+M+B with the dates written on either side to state that the house has been blessed.

The Three Kings Day celebrations start on the 5th of January at the Church where children enact that Christmas story each year.

New Years Run

The New Year’s Run is one of the first festivals of the year that take place in Berlin. If you have a new year resolution to take working out seriously, the New Year’s Run at Berlin is something you can start with. The iconic run is known for the beautiful Berlin sights you will be seeing on the way. Kids are also allowed for the run and together they make the entire event fun and wholesome. New Year’s Run takes place every year to keep the New Year spirits alive and do not need any kind of reservations. You can also do some charity here as well.

Berlin Fashion Week

When we talk about Berlin, we have to talk about their fashion events. Berlin and fashion go hand in hand. The Berlin Fashion Week takes place twice a year. The biggest German and International designers showcase their designs at Berlin Fashion Week. In the past few years, sustainable designs have been in the trend and are being highly appreciated. The Berlin Fashion Week is known for cutting the edge in the fashion world with one of the best designs of the year. Most designers excitedly await this event of the year which happens in the month of January. The after-parties that follow after the event are great and worthwhile too.


Sylt Gourmet Festival

Foodies, this festival is absolutely for you! Many foodies flock to the Sylt Gourmet Festival to try the most delicious gourmet food in all of Germany. The best gourmet chefs cook gourmet dishes during the Sylt Gourmet Festival. Thousands and thousands of gourmet food lovers flock to the 4 day long Sylt Gourmet Festival to try the scrumptious gourmet food. You will find everything gourmet at this festival. From the best French wines to fresh crab and lobsters, everything is in here. However, the festival is four days long and takes place only in the month of January.

Cologne Music Festival

Music is the foundation of Cologne. The Music Festival at Cologne is the most awaited event that takes place in the month of January. Germans welcome the year with a classic music festival which is loved by all. Music lovers from all over Germany flock to Cologne to be a part of the rocking music festival that happens only once a year. Cologne lights up with the party season from mid January. This festival lasts for about 7 days where almost everyone in Cologne is swaying to the beats of the Cologne Music Festival.


International Green Week

International Green Week is the largest exhibit of sustainable food and agriculture. This festival is all about the conservation of our environment. You get natural produce of fruits and vegetables. You will also get a variety of beer, sausages, wine and salamis as a part of the groceries. Everything is fresh and natural without any preservative at the international Green Week. This also takes place in the month of January.



January certainly is a great time to visit Germany since you will get to visit all these festivals. Book your tickets to Germany today!

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German businesses during Covid19

German businesses during Covid19

Know about German businesses during Covid19. The coronavirus pandemic has caused too much damage around the world. Most nations are under strict lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus. Germany too, went under a strict lockdown. These lockdowns meant, putting a country’s economy to a solid standstill since none of the businesses were allowed to operate. Most countries have gone under heavy debts but Germany is beginning to recuperate. In this article we will tell you how German businesses are operating during the Covid19 times.

German businesses had stopped operating fully during the lockdown. A strong wave of economic crisis hit the Germans really hard. As soon as covid19 cases started to fall in Germany, they started work with a bang. The Germans are now working towards coming back to stability. They are working very hard towards getting their economy back to its feet and eventually make it grow.

Businesses in most countries are being told to operate under strict lockdown conditions. It is very difficult to make ends meet for a business in such circumstances. This is making prominent economies fall to their knees. Germany however, has been able to prevent the economic downfall due to some strong and powerful policies. We have listed down a few ways how German businesses are operating during the Covid19 times.

Innovative Measures Germany is taking to keep the economy going

Germany is known to never give up. They have taken the coronavirus pandemic challenges with a great spirit. So, what if you cannot visit stores to get your groceries or visit restaurants to have a nice dinner? Germany has started drive-through services to let you do all of it without violating social distancing rules. By allowing drive through services, businesses get customers and customers get to fulfil all their needs. This is how German businesses are operating in Germany during the covid19. During Covid19, most businesses have now adapted to this new way of selling their goods and keeping the economy going.

Fast Food

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people used to live. Previously, going to a restaurant and eating a hearty meal was no big deal. That is no more the case in Germany at the moment. Restaurant joints are allowing people to take takeaways by allowing drive through services. This way, all restaurants are being given the liberty to operate since they are well within the boundaries of covid19 norms.

People can place orders via an app or a phone call. They will then receive an intimation of their food being prepared well in advance. They can then go in their car and collect their meal instantly. Dining at restaurants in Germany is currently unavailable but that does not stop the Germans from eating scrumptious meals.

Christmas Markets

How could Germany let Santa down? The Christmas spirits in Germany are still up and high during the coronavirus pandemic. People are not allowed to move as freely as they used to previously at these German markets. Drive-through services have saved the day for Christmas markets in Germany during the coronavirus pandemic.

Movie Theatres

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way Germans watch movies too. In Germany, people no more go to the movie theatres to watch a movie. That is highly unsafe during such times. Instead, Germany has started a drive through movie watching carnival where you can watch movies in your respective cars. There is a big screen put in an open space for the movie to play on. You can drive in the space and park your car from where you would like to watch the movie. There you have it, watching a movie during a pandemic keeping social distancing norms under control. You can buy popcorn, candies, snacks and cola and enjoy your movie in your comfortable car.

Carnivals and Festivals

There are a lot of carnivals and festivals that have adapted to being fully drive-through. From circuses to strip clubs in Germany, every festival and carnival is opting for people to drive in cars and enjoy the show. The year has been tough for the entire world but Germany is doing its best to bounce back. Social distancing rules are being abided to in the best possible way. Big carnivals and festivals that take place in Germany just once a year are also trying to look for ways where they can make a customer’s experience fun without defying the covid19 norms.

All these upcoming events that were scheduled after the virus hit Germany were asked to strictly operate only on drive-through basis by the German Government. This helps keeping the virus in control and keeps the economic cycle running. Most carnivals and festivals that have happened in Germany in the year 2020 have


The covid19 pandemic hit the world hard and only a few nations have been able to recuperate economically since. Germany is allowing businesses to operate keeping all guidelines in mind. This is how German businesses are operating during Covid19.

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Best German Winter Drinks

Best German Winter Drinks

German winters can be absolutely brutal a it is advancing. It starts with the end of fall and keeps getting more and more unbearable towards the end of it. Surviving the German winters without something keeping you warm can definitely be a big deal. However, there are many German drinks that can keep you extremely warm during the harsh winters in Germany. I this article we have mentioned one of the Best German Winter drinks you will find in Germany. Keep reading to know more!

Every year, the German winters come to a point when it is just cannot be tolerated any further. The Christmas markets shut down, people prefer staying in with their heaters switched on and the roads are white and gloomy. During this time, you will need something to defrost your freezing body. Germany is known for their incredibly smooth and heaty winter rinks which keep Germans warm in the winters. The best German winter drinks are: –

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is an absolutely comforting drink which is a go-to for most of the Germans during the winter months. It is a non-alcoholic beverage which can be consumed by children too. In fact, a cup of hot chocolate is every child’s favourite in Germany. Usually, this drink is made with real chocolate melted in a glass of milk. If you are lucky, you will get it topped with marshmallows. It is like an entire dessert in a cup!

Hot chocolate can be customized into a perfectly adult beverage by adding some rum to it too! You must give the versatile hot chocolate a try when you are in Germany.


Beer is consumed all round the year in Germany. However, the Germans prefer a mug of beer especially during the winter months. Germans drinking a chilled mug of beer during the winter months but sound a little off to you but it is ideal for the Germans! Chugging beer with high alcohol content keeps the insides warm and hearty. It might be difficult to gulp it down but once the beer is inside, you will feel a rush of heat to combat the German winters This is why most Germans love to have a glass of beer during the winters!


If you are in Germany during the Christmas months, you have to try the Glühwein. It is as good as synonymous to Christmas itself! Every Christmas market in Germany sells their kind of Glühwein which is a warm mixture of mulled wine, berries, plums and spices. It is hard to escape the Glühwein during winters in Germany but the question is, why would you want? You get a cup of this beverage for approximately 3 Euros and it keeps you warm in the biting cold for the longest time. If you are in the mood for some strong alcohol which can give you a buzz, you can try having a shot of Glühwein too!



A warm, soothing and healthy drink for the winters has to be Germany’s favourite, Grog. Most people in Germany choose this drink over all other beverages. Grog has an apple-cider base which is absolutely belly warming. A tinge of alcohol gives this beverage a fierce finish. Apart from being super tasty, it has throat soothing elements such as lemon, cloves and cinnamon which are very good for health and keep you warm during the winters. The grog is a drink from the medieval times and is widely found in the medieval markets in Germany. A single glass of grog can make you a feel a cosy warmth on a cold winter day in Germany.



Are you looking for some fire in your winter drink? Look no further, Feuerzangenbowle has your back! This particular winter drink is loved by most of the Germans. It is a bowle of Glühwein brewed with cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peels and start anise to add a spicy and warm flavour. To add the heat to this beauty, Germans top it up with a cube of sugar which is set ablaze. As it gets caramelised, it begins to drop bit by bit into the wine making it sweeter. This alcoholic beverage is usually prepared during the Christmas and the New Year time and is happily consumed by all.



The Eierlikör tastes a lot like eggnog. You can either e a fan of it or hate it to death. You possibly cannot be somewhere in the middle with this drink. The Germans heavily consume this drink during the winters because it is absolutely heaty. It is made of milk, cream, sugar, beaten eggs, rum brandy and whiskey. All of these ingredients devoured in one glass. Not everybody loves the Eierlikör but the few who do can definitely not get over it!



A warm cup of coffee can be a cure for a cold winter night! Germans love a warm cup of coffee on a chilly winter night too. The traditional Kaffee is a go-to option for a winter mid-day break. Germans love to enjoy it with a slice of cake. Imagine the joy of having a piping hot cup of coffee on a freezing winter day. The Germans have adopted coffee as a part of their tradition because it is absolutely needed to combat the winters. Gone are the days when Germany accepted weak filtered coffee as a beverage, now they are embracing a solid third-wave coffee culture!



Do give these winter drinks a try if you are ever visiting Germany in the winter season!

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New Year Celebrations in Germany

New Year Celebrations in Germany

New Year celebrations are grand in Germany. The country blasts into an explosion of fireworks and the vibrant festivities are up and started all around. The most awaited Christmas celebrations go on until New Years and Germans are seen celebrating for the entire week. The end of the year is an absolute party time for the Germans. If you love partying and consider yourself a party animal, Germany awaits you during the last week of December.

The best time to visit Germany has to be during end of December. However, you need to be prepared for the pricey accommodations and food prices. Since it is peak time in Germany, everything in and around Germany gets expensive for tourists. Prices for most things are higher or increased during December. That should not make you miss out on the most fun and beautiful time to visit Germany.

New Year’s all around the world is celebrated with grandeur and elegance. In Germany the New Year’s Eve bash is one of the most awaited events and is looked forward to by most Germans. Everything changes from a normal routine to the craziest party mode. The German traditions towards the end of the year are elaborately accustomed to bringing in the new year. Germany during the end of the year is a must visit. In this article, we will tell you about a few fun traditions Germany has during the New Year’s: –

Drink up Feuerzangenbowle for New Years

Is it even a New Year’s party without a celebratory drink? The Germans are known to welcome the coming year with beer, wine and sparkling wine. However, nothing beats the fun of bringing in the year with Feuerzangenbowle.

The classy drink itself translates to “tongs of fire” punch and is devoured over by majority of the Germans. It has a mulled wine base mixed with rum. It is brewed over a low flame with peaches, oranges ginger, sugar and a few fragrant spices.

This drink is a mark of the German culture and heritage. Every year, there are flocks of Germans trying to get their hands on a glass of Feuerzangenbowle.


“Dinner for one”, the New Year play

Nobody in Germany knows how this new year tradition in Germany came into play. The staged drama, “Dinner for One” is an English play which is played aired in Germany every year on New Year’s Day. The play has been played since the year 1963 and has now become a New Year ritual in Germany. It is a humorous play about a 90-year-old woman celebrating her birthday with his sloshed butler since all her friends a long dead.

The Germans love this play to an extent where there are millions and millions of German viewers watching it each year on repeat. Do not miss out on the opportunity to watch this play during New Years if you get a chance!

Fireworks to bring in the New Year

It is a delight to be in Germany during the New Years just to watch it bloom in the light of fireworks!

There are massive fireworks in Germany in order to bring in the new year with light and prosperity. Traditionally, people believed that the light and the blaring sounds from fireworks shoo away the evil spirits. Nowadays, fireworks are just an excuse to make the entire country look pretty and lit up. There are many places across Germany where there are grand parties and a grander let off of fireworks. The New Year party in berlin is known for the best fireworks however, you could alternatively use your rooftop also to experience the beauty of fireworks on the New Year’s Eve.

Predicting your luck for the coming New Year

The German culture is marvellous. During the New Years, Germans heat a small piece of lead and put it in cold water. The shape the lead transforms into has the ability to predict your future. Germans have religiously been following this practice since years and wholeheartedly believe in it.

Different shapes the lead may turn into, has different meanings related to your future. If you the lead transforms into a ball, you have good luck coming your way. If the lead gets transformed into a flower, you are going to be in the company of new friends that year. Beware of the cross, that signifies a brutal death!

Eat the scrumptious Pfannkuchen as a New Year delicacy

The New Year German delicacy, Pfannkuchen, is a fruit jam filled doughnut coated with sugar all over. These doughnuts were initially made only on special occasions in Germany but have now become a New Year staple.

Bakeries all around Germany start making these scrumptious doughnuts since early morning on New years to live up to the high demand.

The Germans have a tradition of playing a fun game with these doughnuts. However, majority of the doughnuts are filled with jam, there is this one doughnut filled with mustard and onions which comes into the hands of the unlucky one!

Avoid eating fish on New Year’s

Germans loved Pope Sylvester who dies on the 31st of December of choking on fish bones. This is why, Germans try and avoid eating fish on New Year’s Eve to avoid ill luck and death. Although, eating fish is unholy on the New Year night, carps are considered very lucky and are expected to bring in money to anybody who keeps carp scales in their wallets all-round the year.



If you are holidaying in Germany to bring the New Year, we hope this guide helped you through what you are in for. Hoping you have a great and memorable New Year night in beloved Germany!

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Things to Know About Banking in Germany

Things to Know About Banking in Germany

Know everything about Banking in Germany. Germany has a three-pillar banking system which consist of private banks, public banks and co-operative banks. Alongside all these banks, Germany also has international banks for foreigners to exchange money and to promote globalisation to the fullest. Germany is also doing very well in the internet banking field and has online banks too since technology has advanced so much. These are a gist of banks that the German banking system comprises of. In this article you will read about all the things to know about banking in Germany.

In Germany, there are a lot of small regional banks. This helps ease money transactions since everybody prefers a bank that is in their locality. However, Germany does not have many centralised banks. There are only a few centralised banks that Germany has a part of the coveted banking system of the country. The Deutsche Bundesbank is the central bank of Germany and handles cash flow centrally. The German bank regulatory authority is the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority which comes above the German central bank in the banking system hierarchy in Germany.

Currency in Germany

The German currency back until 2002 was the Deutsche Mark and since then it changed to Euros. Currently, the currency predominant in 19 EU states is the Euro. Euro is placed at 1. 21 against the American dollar and 0.91 against the British Pound in the year 2020.

Germany has notes of 5 Euros, 10 Euros, 50 Euros, 100 Euros, 200 Euros and 500 Euros. Whereas, they have coins for 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents. The Germans also have coins for 1 Euro and 2 Euros.

This is important information to know if you are planning to head to Germany any time soon. Knowing the currency of a country is very important for exchanging money and making payments in the country and banking in Germany.

ATMs and Cash Machines in Germany

When you are in Germany, you can find an ATM almost everywhere. The German banking system is universally appreciated for their ATM machine procedures. They are present at grocery stores, banks, shopping malls, train stations and on the streets. You can find an ATM in Germany whenever and where ever you feel the need to withdraw money.

Using an ATM machine in Germany is usually free but you will be charged a fee of about 5-10 Euros if you are using an ATM machine of a different bank. There are a few German banks which have tied up with each other for fee-free transactions. This means, you will not be charged a fee if you withdraw money from a certain bank ATM which has a tie up with your bank. You must check with your bank about the tie ups they have for saving money on your withdrawals.

Payment methods in Germany

The German banking system has a variety of payment methods it offers. These options have come into play to make transactions easier for the Germans. A few of these payments methods in Germany are: –


Germans love to use cash as a way to pay their bills. They use cash as a mode of payment most of the times at bars and cafes. For small transactions they are always up for paying by cash instead of using any other mode of payment. You can use other modes of payment as a foreigner since they will have card machines and other paying options at public places. However, Germans usually choose to pay by cash everywhere they go. A research by the Deutsche Federal bank states that around 75% of Germany’s total payments are made by cash only. Paying by cash makes up for most of Germany’s economic circle and therefore is a huge part of the banking in Germany.



Germans have two options when it comes to paying by cards in their elaborated German banking system. They can either pay by their debit card or their credit card. Although, debit card payments are way more popular than credit card payments in Germany. Germans can withdraw money at ATMs with their debit cards at any time as long as they have enough bank balance. Credit cards are more popular for online shopping, buying electronic gadgets and making huge payments. The fees for credit card payments vary from bank to bank and year to year. Credit card bills can also be paid at the end of the month or on quarter basis in Germany.



Germans do not always pay by checks. According to a recent study, Germans do not make a lot of payments by check. This is because the banks in Germany have stopped issuing checks in the recent times. There are many places where check payments are still gladly accepted but the mode of payment has become rare and obsolete. If you have opened an account in a German bank, it is very unlikely of you to make payments by check since it is a tedious task. Although, checks are still an important part of banking in Germany.


Online Payments

Online Payments in Germany have bloomed in the recent years. With the advancements in technology, most Germans find online payments a more convenient and quick option to conduct transactions. If you have a smartphone and a bank account in Germany, you are eligible to make online payments wherever and to whoever you want. All you have to do is link your debit or credit card to your app. That’s it! You will know how to conduct banking in Germany.



Banking in Germany stands strong on the three pillars. However, there is a lot more to the German Banking System. After reading this article, you will know exactly how to make your payments in Germany with ease.

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