Top 10 Job Search Portals in Germany in 2021

Top 10 Job Search Portals in Germany in 2021

Germany is known all around the world for its low unemployment rates. Industries in Germany keeping producing a huge number of jobs year after year and there has been no slowing down over the years. Looking for a job in Germany is a tedious task though. You have to go through the long hiring process in order to get yourself a job in Germany. However, there are a few job portals that will help you get a job in Germany instantly, at a click off a button. Read this article to know about the top 10 job search portals in Germany.

There is a high number of jobs available in Germany to boost the professional sector of the country. Give this article a good read in order to know the top 10 job search portals in Germany.

Here is the list of the top 10 job search Portals in Germany: –


LinkedIn is a job searching site which is widely recognised even outside Germany. This particular job search site is a gold mine for all job seekers in Germany. All you have to do is upload your CV on to your LinkedIn profile and make connections with people belonging to your field.

There are many people in Germany who have got some great job opportunities via LinkedIn in Germany. It is a two way job searching platform. Either you could go searching for a suitable job or a recruiter could be looking for a suitable candidate.



Indeed has grown to a great extent in the past few years. It has earned itself the tag of being the most famous job searching portals in all of Germany. Whenever anybody is looking for a job in Germany, they usually surf through their indeed profile to know where there could be vacancies.

Indeed has a very strong crowdsourced database where employees can rate their new organisation as a point of proof. Indeed is a highly authenticated and discrete job searching platform which keeps all professional information private.



Arbeitsagentur is another portal that the Germans use to get a job instantly. This website is extremely good if you are looking for a job in Germany. They have made it to the top 3 job search portals of Germany because of its own database of vacant positions.

The Arbeitsagentur is a part of the Government job search department and therefore is highly accurate. Do try pushing in your CV on this portal and you shall surely get a job that matches your profile.


Step Stone

Step Stone has been one of the most famous job search portals of all times in Germany. They have been around since the time looking for a job online in Germany became a thing.

Most people who have used Step Stone to get a job in Germany have always ended up saying that the experience was pleasant. This portal gives its visitors a great customer experience along with solving the purpose of getting them a job.

Step Stone is one of the top jobs searching platforms in Germany according to the search engines in Germany.

The job searching portal receives extremely high traffic on the website every day. Thousands and thousands of job seekers flock to the in order to find themselves a job.

If you are looking for job opportunities that are area based and specific, can help you out with various unique opportunities. They also have a list of opportunities that are not available on other sites.



Kimeta is a job searching engine through which many people in Germany have gotten some great jobs that match their profile. All you have to do is upload your CV on your Kimeta profile and start applying to jobs that match your requirements.

Kimeta has a wide reach in Germany. It gives its users intimations about all job vacancies in Germany.

The highest traffic jobs search engine, Jobrapido is definitely worth a look because it’s not just a me-too version of the job marketplaces listed higher up in the rankings.

The difference between a jobs board or a jobs marketplace and a jobs search engine site is that jobs marketplaces are typically responsible for their own content. Hiring companies or agencies pay them to post jobs, or the different jobs marketplaces syndicate each other’s content.


Monster Deutschland

Back in the day, Monster Deutschland was one of the best job searching portals compared to any of the rest. However, in the recent times, there have been better players in the market which is why this portal has lost its spot. Monster Deutschland is working towards rebuilding their functioning process to regain its lost identity.


Xing Stellenmarkt

Xing Stellenmarkt is a direct competitor to LinkedIn. This portal was only available in Germany previously but now it has been picked up by other countries as well.

You can get a wide variety of English speaking jobs on the Xing Stellenmarkt website if you are looking to take up a job in Germany.

Another one worth a look, but again, unlikely to offer a hugely unique offering versus the major players. One cool feature with, however, is their option to filter by popular companies. Great if you’ve specifically got your eye on a particular company who you’d love to work for.



We have come up with a list of the top 10 job portals in Germany for you to find a job very easily in Germany. Get a job instantly!

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Top 10 Cities to Work in Germany in 2021

Top 10 Cities to Work in Germany in 2021

Germany is a country which has one of the powerful economies in the entire world. It is known as Europe’s powerhouse because it stands as the strongest economy in all of Europe. The country is not only doing well financially, it also has a very low unemployment rate. With only 5% of the total population being unemployed, Germany is the best place to start working in. Every year, Germany the big firms in Germany adopt the latest technology and create more and more jobs annually. It gives a massive boost to the economy every year. In this article you will read about the top 10 cities to work in Germany in 2021.

If you are someone who is looking for job opportunities, you must apply for jobs in these 10 German cities. Not only will you be assured a promising future in your career, you will also be polished by one of the best people in your field. Here are the top 10 cities to work in Germany in 2021: –


Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany and has an extremely great population rate. In terms of its geographic size, Frankfurt is the biggest city in the state of Hesse. The city is also a financial centre in al of Germany.

The city of Frankfurt has nearly all the big financial institutions that exist in Europe. Deutsche Bank, European Central Bank, German Federal bank and many other financial institutions are located in Frankfurt.

There has been a high rise of modern industries coming up in Frankfurt in the recent times which have brought about a wave of high paying jobs. Even the aviation sector in Frankfurt is doing very well since they have the busiest airports in the entire world.


The capital of Germany, Berlin, is home to some big companies which create the best employment opportunities in the entire world. Every year, Berlin creates a large pool of employment opportunities for job seekers in Germany. It is one of the best cities to work at in the entire world.

Aspirants can look forward to employment opportunities in Berlin because it has a promising and bright future. If you are someone who is all set for taking the right steps towards their career development, Berlin is the place for you! To add on to the massive benefits to work in Berlin, there is a large population of people who speak English which will make it more convenient for people coming from abroad to fit in.


Munich is the largest city in the state of Bavaria and offers a large part of Germany’s employment opportunities each year. This city has a great international profile in the field of industrialisation.

The cost of living in Munich is a little higher compared to the rest of Germany but the wages in Munich are also distributed accordingly. The city pays its employees well to maintain the high cost and standard of living. The city also offers unlimited job opportunities for job seekers which makes the city a great place to work in.


It is the second largest city in Germany. Hamburg is also doing extremely well in other sectors of business along with their business at the sea. Trade, education, health and tourism are the main sectors which are doing well in Hamburg. Agriculture is also paying well but the agricultural sector generates lesser revenue. Employees receive higher salaries compared to the rest of the country.


Bonn city in Germany has a great job variety and high paying jobs available in the city. Educated individuals have a great chance to make it big in Bonn due to its research-oriented environment. The city has made massive scientific improvements in the history of science and is known for its great advancements towards high-tech technology.



Cologne is home to a million residents and has a large portion of its economy running on manufacturing businesses. Traders and builders also have a high chance of getting somewhere in Cologne.

The automotive industry stands at the heart of the Colone economy. It is one of the highest paying economies around the world.

Tourism is also flourishing in the city of Cologne because it has such beautiful sights to look around. Cologne is culturally and naturally very beautiful and many tourists flock to Cologne to see its beauty each year.


Dusseldorf is the centre of business and science not only in Germany but also globally. There is a huge number of companies that are based out of Dusseldorf in Germany. The very fact that there are so many companies in Dusseldorf, there are a high number of employment opportunities that come along.

The health and innovation service sectors are doing extremely well in Dusseldorf.


The city of Leipzig is an industrial city situated in Germany. Industrialists make big money here. The biggest automobile companies in the world, Mercedes and Porsche, are based out of Leipzig. The city has a lot of scope for automobiles and people looking for a job in that field are sure to mint money in Leipzig.

In the recent year, Leipzig has also evolved their environmental technology. Due to all these reasons, the unemployment rates have fallen to a great extent in the recent years.


A majority of the population in Darmstadt is happily employed in the best companies of Germany.

People who are highly qualified and have an expertise in a particular field are always welcome to work in Darmstadt. They have an amazing quality of life and pay their employees really well.


Stuttgart has a great population but it has a greater employment rate in the city. This is why it is one of the best cities to work in Germany.

There are high tech and engineering industries that operate in the city of Stuttgart. If you are someone who is interested in these fields, do not miss out on a job opportunity from Stuttgart.


Considering Germany’s low employment rates, most job seekers wish to get a job in the German cities we have mentioned above. If you are an aspirant looking for job opportunities, apply to German companies located in these cities.

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Internships in Germany

Internships in Germany

Know about Internships in Germany. Germany is a great place to start working. It not only has great education options for students but the country also provides its students with vital internship opportunities. Students can take part in interning with firms and companies to get trained on the job. They give the student a taste of how it is going to be like when they take up a job in the near future.

Germany gives their students plenty and plenty of opportunities to intern under the companies of their desired fields. Recruiters in Germany prefer students with on the job training or internship certificates than students who are just a fresher. This is because, students who have worked before know exactly what to expect. The students who are a fresher might not be prepared for what is coming their way and therefore, internships are very important.

Internships have become a part o the German Education culture in the recent times. Even though it is not compulsory. It is very necessary to pursue an internship alongside your education as a student. An internship always helps in the longer run. It will significantly boost your employability and give you a better skill set regarding the career you would want to pursue.

Major German companies that are internationally recognised are willing to give young students an opportunity to start working under them. Germany is one of the best places to take up an internship in all of Europe because of their elaborated work culture. If you are a student, do not miss out on the life changing opportunity of getting an internship in Germany.

Why do an internship in Germany?

Long term Job opportunities

When you are interning with a company in Germany and they happen to like your work, they will offer you a permanent job. Once you have aced your work, the chances of getting a full time job in the German company are very high. Doing a great job at your workplace can earn you a lot of long term benefits in Germany.

Internationally Recognized Companies

The strongest economy in all of Europe has to be Germany. That is no it. The fourth largest economy in the world is also Germany. Companies in Germany are internationally recognized by the entire world making it a great place to start interning at. Big companies in Germany can give the best guidance and experience in your career field. You as a student will also get a chance to get hands on guidance by great specialists of your field.

This will give a powerful impact to your professional career and you will be somewhere with your work profile in no time.

Great Experience

The work culture in Germany is known and appreciated by the entire world. There are many around the world who are trying their best to be a part of the coveted German work force. Interning in Germany is a great experience since it is very culturally and economically rich.

The diversified people of different nationalities live in Germany with peace and harmony.

It is a great experience to intern in Germany also because it has such beautiful sights to see.


How to get an internship in Germany?

Getting an internship is not a difficult task at all. German companies love to give a chance to freshers who have a great will to work and excel in their respective fields. You can find great internship opportunities at: –


Your university is the first place where you can expect internship opportunities from. Whether you are an international student or a national student, you will get ample of internship opportunities from your university in your respective fields.

Universities I Germany also have strong professional links with recruitment agencies which get students internships in the leading companies of Germany.

Universities can et up a meeting with the recruiter for you and give you necessary tips about how you have to present yourself for the meeting.


Career Fairs

German students can always participate in career fairs to get the best internship opportunities. You can get in touch with potential recruiters at these career fairs and impress them during the ongoing fairs itself. This is a short and sweet method of getting an internship instantly in Germany. All you have to do is impress your potential employer to seal the deal.

Keep a check on Career fair dates on the internet and make sure you do not miss out on a single one of them. You will come in touch with one of the best people of your field at these career fairs.


Recruitment Agencies

You can always consult a recruitment agency in order to get an internship in Germany. Recruitment agencies have a pre-made list of companies that are looking for interns. You can get your phone numbers registered at these recruitment agencies and they will   get in touch with you whenever they have an internship opportunity available for you.


Contact Employers

Get connected with employers directly and check whether they have any internship opportunities available for you. This will cut down all the middle men and make the entire process a lot quicker and convenient. You can present your skill set directly to the employer and they can decide whether they want to hire you as an intern or not.


Do not miss out on a chance to intern in Germany. You can give your career a jump start by starting work as an intern in Germany.

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Hiring Procedure in Germany

Hiring Procedure in Germany

Know everything about hiring procedure in Germany. Getting a job in Germany is like a dream come true for many. People around the world want to be hired in Germany because of the amazing work culture and successful businesses. Germans pay their employees well too. Apart from all that, employees are also secured with a stable pension plan for retirement. Half of this pension is paid by the employer and the other half is deducted from the employee’s salary. We’ll help you with a few things you need to know about the hiring procedure in Germany.

If you are entering Germany without bringing in a job with you, you are going to have to know the hiring procedure in Germany. The hiring procedure in Germany is very simple but you need to know all about it. Getting hired in Germany is entirely merit based and does not depend on any other way to hire people.

Here are the steps of the hiring procedure in Germany:-


Putting in an application for work at your desired company is one of the most traditional ways to get a job. It still prevails in Germany in order to get hired. A written job application consists of a cover letter, information about where you have worked previously and what is your skillset. Written applications also consist of references and certificates.

Nowadays, online applications have come into play. Most people mail their application to the company they want to get hired to. Companies also have a hiring form on their website which an individual could fill to become a prospective applicant. Online applications are becoming very common and are almost replacing written applications in Germany.

The cover letter consists of information regarding the applicant’s education qualifications. It also has information about the applicant’s previous work. A cover letter is very important when you applying to a German company.



The second step in the hiring procedure of Germany is interviewing the applicant. Shortlisted applicants are interviewed by the recruiter to understand fully whether their fit for the job or not.

There are two ways recruiters take interviews of applicants in Germany. They are: –

  1. Asking questions in a face to face or over the phone interview.
  2. Making the applicant fill a questionnaire.

In the interview round, recruiters finally get to decide whether they are going to hire the applicant or not. In Germany, the interview round is the most important round of hiring an applicant because it gives a proper insight about the applicant.

However, there are a lot of things that a recruiter cannot ask an applicant in the interview process in Germany. There are a few restrictions that the recruiter needs to abide to while asking applicants the questions. These restrictions are: –

  1. The questions asked by the recruiter should not be inappropriate.
  2. Invasion of privacy in terms of asking interview questions is not acceptable.

The recruiter should ask only what is important for the job. Anything beyond that can be considered as invasion of privacy and the recruiter could be charged against fraudulent deception.


Like in any other country, a CV is very important for the hiring procedure in Germany too. It is the one document based on which the recruiter can decide whether the applicant fits the job well or not. The German professional CV consists of the applicant’s contact information, educational information and work portfolio.

As an applicant, you need to have a top notch German CV if you want to get selected. The key to a good German CV is to strike a balance of information. Do not mention every minute detail of your career in your CV because it will unnecessarily become too long. Put all your work in umbrella terms and keep your CV short and sweet.

Always remember, the Germans expect you to have your photograph on the CV. People coming from abroad to work in Germany do not often know that this is a thing. A CV with a photograph looks more legitimate and has a higher chance of getting selected.

German Employee Contract

In Germany, applicants are free to negotiate with their recruiter and come upon a salary that they would like to work for. If the offered salary does not work in favour of the applicant, they can reject the job offer and look for another job.

Once the price is decided upon between the applicant and recruiter, there should be written or oral communication to confirm the same. While fixing a salary, always prefer a written agreement in the form of confirmation to avoid confusion and cheating on both ends.

The employee contract should include important things related to an applicant’s employment. A few of them are: –

  • Joining date of the employee and term of employment if any.
  • Job description
  • Working hours
  • Holidays
  • Remuneration
  • The amount of time (in months) the employee has to serve as notice period while leaving.

All these pointers are very important and have to be included in your Employee Contract while looking for a job in Germany.



This article consists of a gist of how the hiring procedure in Germany works. If you are looking for a job in Germany, keep these pointers in mind.

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Jobs in Germany for Foreigners – The Top 10 Cities

Jobs in Germany for Foreigners – The Top 10 Cities

Though it may seem difficult to find a jobs in Germany for foreigners, it can be very easy if you know the right places to go. Germany is enjoying a booming economy and culture right now. There are jobs in Germany for foreigners popping up all over the place. It has a high standard of living and high wages, creating a perfect place for new workers to come and thrive. It is already filled with many expatriates from around the world, and many of them speak English already. Learn more about some of the best cities for jobs in Germany for foreigners.

1. Berlin

Germany’s capital, Berlin, is the home of large and global companies, making it perfect for finding jobs in Germany for foreigners. Many expats choose to come to Berlin to find work and settle down. Despite the fact that the cost of living in Berlin is somewhat high, there’s a wide range of salaries, and it’s possible to build a bright future there.

It’s the perfect place for someone who wants to build a career in a large company, such as information and communications technology, media, and innovative technologies. Berlin is also a leader in energy and environmental technology. The city boasts a highly attractive manufacturing sector, which combines traditional and modern industry practices. Berlin also has a booming tourism industry.

Berlin is home to many great companies to work for, including Zalando, Rocket Internet, a Google office, Volkswagen, Pfizer, and an Amazon office. Its Internet and information technology sectors are flourishing and the city is growing increasingly more creative. Its population is also steadily increasing, in contrast with other cities in eastern Germany. The city is also popular for its lush natural landscape.

Berlin is unique in that it has a many startup jobs available. It has a large number of young companies just starting out. It’s no wonder Berlin is home to such a large number of expats from such a wide variety of countries.

2. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth most populous city, and is a global leading financial center. Many nationally recognized banks are headquartered there, and the city boasts one of the busiest airports in the world, which is also one of the largest employers in the region. Frankfurt is home to many modern industries, and has an unemployment rate under Germany’s 5% national average. These factors make Frankfurt a great city for jobs in Germany for foreigners.

Frankfurt is home to an Amazon office, and is full of English speakers. The city enjoys a large expat community. It has an international feel to it, and you’ll often hear English being spoken. It’s also a real estate hotspot. It has very good odds for job opportunities: for every 106 trainee positions, there are around 100 applicants, so your odds of landing a job are rather high. The city has many varieties of food and has many bars and restaurants dotted around it.

Frankfurt is commonly considered a hub for commerce and education, so it’s no wonder its so popular for expats who are looking for jobs in banking and finance. It’s a great choice for people who would prefer a city with less than a million people. Some of its businesses headquartered here are the European Central Bank, German Federal Bank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and Deutsche Bank.

3. Munich

Munich’s industrial sector, most particularly engineering, innovative technologies, and health, enjoys a strong international profile. Munich is a very popular city for aspiring job seekers. The most common employees in Munich are trade, communication, science, transportation, government, entertainment, and manufacturing. Munich’s cost of living is much higher than other comparable German cities, though it has higher than national salary averages as well, owing to a large supply of highly qualified employees. It’s a great city for jobs in Germany for foreigners.

Munich is home to an Amazon office, a Google office, Linde, Allianz, Siemens, MunichRE, and BMW. Munich has very good infrastructure and a high standard of living. The city is popular with expats, ranking fourth for quality of life. It boasts stunning architecture and sophisticated culture. It has a fun Oktoberfest celebration every year, drawing tourists from around the globe.

About a third of Munich’s population is foreigners, so you’ll be in good company here. It calls itself ‘Europe’s Silicon Valley’, and is home to a growing number of research jobs. The industries keep expanding, and there is ever a need for foreign talent at these new and innovative companies. It also has many large American companies, meaning it’s somewhat common here for English to be used in company communication. There are also European companies who have bases here. BMW also has a large multinational workforce.

4. Stuttgart

One of the strongest commercial metropolitan areas in Germany, Stuttgart is one of the top ten most populous cities in Germany. The most widespread companies in this area are high tech and engineering industries, and the region is home to big companies like Daimler, Porsche, Mercedes, and Bosche. There’s a wide variety of job opportunities available, regardless of your expertise. You will most certainly find a job that will suit you. Stuttgart is a great place to find jobs in Germany for foreigners.

Stuttgart has an innovative spirit, with over 1,300 patents per 100,000 people. It’s easily called Germany’s most creative city, and the region doesn’t seem to be slowing its boom any time soon. Stuttgart may be most famous for its role in the automotive industry, but it enjoys many other businesses. It’s a relaxed city, with vibrant culture, interesting architecture, and historical buildings. Many foreigners are based here, and many of them speak English.

Despite being most closely associated with the automobile industry, it is situated amongst hills, valleys, and parks. Many of its citizens enjoy awesome views. It many attractive areas for living in. It is full of high-tech industry jobs, and has a high density of scientific, academic, and research organizations. With the city’s many opportunities, it should not be difficult at all for a professional to find work here.

5. Hamburg

The second largest city in Germany, Hamburg is a national center of commerce. Hamburg is most commonly associated with seaports, but the city does other economic sectors very well. It has a booming service sector, including trade, tourism, education, and health. Hamburg also boasts higher than national average salaries. Hamburg has a large concentration of jobs in Germany for foreigners.

Of its attractive businesses, Hamburg is home to a Google office. It boasts a large amount of living space per person, and enjoys a strong expat culture. English is widely understood here. It has many green spaces and its citizens enjoy more living space than most other cities.

The city is also a renowned research mecca, with several prestigious facilities such as the Academy of Science, Center for Molecular Neurobiology, and the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. Hamburg also is a center for climate research and has facilities dedicated to that field such as the German Climate Computing Center, Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability, and the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute. It’s a great city to find a job if you have a relevant qualifying degree.

6. Cologne

Cologne is home to many manufacturing and business industries. It boasts a highly developed economy, and is one of the best cities in Germany to find work. The city’s core economic powerhouse is the automotive industry, while the media and insurance sectors also hold their own. It’s probably you’ll find a fantastic job here.

Cologne is home to many of Germany’s national television stations, but also is home to corporations such as Ford Europe and Lufthansa. The city is full of historic landmarks, such as the Cologne Cathedral, a pinnacle of Gothic architecture. Over a third of Cologne’s inhabitants are expatriates, mostly from EU countries. It offers many career opportunities for foreigners who wish to settle there.

Cologne is home to Germany’s most famous carnival, and has one of Europe’s largest and oldest universities. Other industries strongly represented here are aerospace, automotive manufacturing, information and communications technology, media and broadcasting, air transport and food production, insurance, tourism, and research.

It is home to several large global companies like BP, 3M, LG Electronics, Ericsson, QVC, Vodafone, and Renault. Other major have operations there, such as Ford, Toyota, Central, DKV and AXA insurances, and REWE Group.

7. Düsseldorf

Business and science are at the core of Düsseldorf. About 85,000 companies are based in the city, which means it enjoys high employment rates, and excellent salaries. The primary industries in Düsseldorf are health services, and innovative and industrial technology. It also enjoys a highly valued fashion sector, which brings in a lot of revenue. All of these great industries means there are many jobs in Germany for foreigners available in Düsseldorf.

An Amazon office is situated in Düsseldorf, and several more large companies are settled there. It has a large international community of English speakers. The city is ranked sixth in the world for quality of life and level of infrastructure, which makes it popular with expats. It has a large number of multinational companies, making it perfect for someone seeking a new job. Düsseldorf is a gorgeous cosmopolitan city, home to banks, industry, media companies, multinational headquarters, and great museums restaurants, and markets. The city has a very diverse culture.

Düsseldorf has a booming fashion industry, earning it the nickname ‘Little Paris’. It holds many events and exhibitions here, solidifying its strong cultural and tourist image. It’s an important financial and business hub, and is home to branches of business such as Vodafone, E-Plus, Huawei, Ericsson, EON, Metro, Eurowings, Henkel, Rheinmetall, Esprit Holdings, and Peek & Cloppenberg. The city is rapidly developing into an important logistic center for Northern and Western Europe.

8. Bonn

The charming city of Bonn is among Germany’s best in terms of salaries and job variety. It boasts countless small and medium businesses. The city has a very low rate of unemployment, and higher than average salaries. If you’re an educated career person, Bonn will be a great city for you. The city has a research-oriented science-based environment, perfect for scientists and researchers. Bonn is a city that is home to many English speakers.

Several companies hire English speakers, like the UN offices, Deutsche Welle, and The Bonn International School, or you could try your hand at being an English tutor. It boats booming business, finance, and media economy sectors. Many companies have a presence in Bonn, including Haribo, Duetche Telecom, T-Mobile, Solar World, and the German Academic Exchange Service.

9. Leipzig

The industrial city of Leipzig has a rich job market, with a large variety of jobs and high wages. The companies of BMW, Porsche, and DHL have offices here, and are the biggest employers in the area. Environmental technology has also become a focus in Leipzig, and the city is enjoying its lowest unemployment rate in years. So many businesses call Leipzig home, you’ll be sure to find something that fits you.

Leipzig boasts low rent, vibrant culture, and great employment opportunities. Because of its recent boom in popularity, it has earned the nickname “Hypezig”. The city seems to be undergoing a transformation, and has an up and coming art and cultural scene. It has a rich history of classical music, and was home to such classical musicians like Bach, Wagner, and Mendelssohn. Leipzig boasts many jobs in Germany for foreigners.

10. Darmstadt

Darmstadt is one of the smaller towns on our list, but it no less of an economic powerhouse. It enjoys a low unemployment rate, owing to its extensive number of employers. It enjoys a large chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and is also a center for biotechnology, engineering technology, media, and communications. These high-paying, highly qualified jobs make this a great city for starting a new career. Of its many companies, Merck and Schenck RoTec call Darmstadt home.

It is a leading city in Germany for chemical engineering, chemical research, and the pharmaceutical industry. It is also strongly founded in research and development. Software and information technology are also strong sectors. It has a large American military presence, and it is a major employer. For English speakers, the European Space Operations Centre and Eumetsat primarily do business in English. Several software companies also hire English speakers.


If you know where to look, there are many opportunities for jobs in Germany for foreigners. There is a wide variety of jobs available, in booming sectors such as heath, research, academics, IT, and more. It enjoys a high standard of living and high salaries. There are several resources available to find a job, such as Xpatjobs and LinkedIn. So many cities are enjoying booming economies here, it is no wonder so many expatriates choose to make their homes here. The only thing you need to worry about is selecting exactly which city will be yours.

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How to ace a German Job Interview

How to ace a German Job Interview

Here is everything you should know about how to ace a Germany Job Interview. Germany does not only have free Education but Germany is also one of the few places in the world which has an employment rate of over 75%. It’s one of the few countries in the European Union to have a good availability of jobs and a high standard of living for all. You can get a great job in Germany if you manage to ace your German job interview.

The first stage is your application stage which solely depends on the weightage of your CV. A highly experienced person would always be preferred but this isn’t always the case. If the company is interested in your application and invited you for an interview, congratulations, you are a step closer to getting that dream job you’ve always wanted!

A heavy CV would only get you to the door, it’s the interview round which gets you through. Your interview generally would be taken by either a line manager or the general manager. He / She would ask you questions regarding your CV, your past working experiences, your expectations of the job and your salary. Knowing a few details of the company, its work ethic and the industry its working in always gives you an upper hand in the interview and what to expect on the job.

A key aspect which an interviewer may look for is fluency in languages. An interviewer will always check if you know how to speak German and are fluent in English. Being fluent in both wins you half the battle right there! There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for an interview. Prepare a couple of answers about your aptitude, skills, strengths and your weakness and how you can enhance them over a period of time. You can never be too prepared for an interview.

Here are a few tips to keep you interview ready for when the day comes:


1. Learning German:

No matter what the job is regarding, no matter which industry your working in, learning German is a must. Even though your job description may say it’s not necessary. Although it’s very likely that your colleagues may speak a different language than German. Your job prospectus may increase drastically

if you know German. Many English-speaking jobs have their interviews in German. Knowing German doesn’t only give you an upper hand to speak with your colleagues but also your client’s, so if you want to ace your German job interview, this the number one asset you can bring to the table.

Germans respect their native language a lot and if you are looking to get hired in Germany, they expect you to fluently speak the German language too. Learning German can earn you some brownie points n your German job interview.


2. Punctuality:

Germans are obsessed with punctuality. It’s one of the major aspects of their work culture. They are always ready 5 minutes prior the scheduled time and follow this to a ‘T’. Germans follow a work culture of reaching on time and leaving on time. They get their work completed within the day and then enjoy their evening dinner or a little game of football at a pub drinking their favourite German beer.

If you get late to your German job interview, your employer may consider it as highly offensive. Being late is considered as being disrespectful in Germany. We strongly advice you to manage your time correctly and reach on time for your German job interview.


3. Formality:

Germans are very respectful and polite people. They always address someone with respect with a “Sie” the formal version of German, or the equivalent of using Mr./ Mrs. with the last name in English. The only exception being if the work culture follows a first name basis. But keep in mind whenever in doubt you must always address the interviewer in a formal basis unless they prefer you speak informally.

Being formal with anyone in Germany is just a norm. To be on the safer side, try and be formal with anyone and everyone you come across during your German job interview.


4. Eye Contact:

Eye contact is one of the most important work cultures in Germany. It is taken as a sign of respect. Respect is a key attribute in the German work culture. Eye contact does not only show respect towards the interviewer but it also shows the interviewer how confident you are about yourself as well. The work you do, the skills you have, the way you function gets clearer and more uplifted in front of the interviewer if you maintain good eye contact.


5. Know the company background:

It is very important to know which company you are getting into fully. You need to know everything about the available information of your company. For a German job interview you need to be well aware about the mares. The German market is highly competitive, so as a candidate you need to cover all bases to stand out from other applicants. The best way out is to research about the company before your interview even if it is a phone interview.

What is the company about? What products they sale? Famous projects they have worked on? How many employees the company has? You should have the answers to all these questions before going for your German job interview. Research over the internet and check their website to know maximum about your company. All these practices are sure to make you ace your German job interview. Who knows, you might get the dream job you were looking for!


Now that you have read the article, we hope we have helped you enough to ace your German job interview. Good luck!

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