German Business Meeting Etiquette


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January 2, 2021

Read about the German business meeting etiquette. Meetings are a common way to make business communication in today’s world. There are so versatile that you can find different ways to conduct a meeting. Especially in Germany, meetings are given great importance. The official way to conduct business communication in Germany is to conduct a business meeting. Since Germany is such a culturally rich country, it has an elaborated business meeting etiquette.

There are many ways to conduct a meeting in Germany. You could have a face-to-face meeting if you are in physical contact with the person you want to have a meeting with. If in case that person is not physically able to meet you, you can conduct a meeting on video call n Germany.

When you are having a meeting on Germany, you must consider the culture of the country and how basic negotiations are conducted. There must be a procedure where you must make an agenda for the meeting and the agenda must be circulated so that everyone coming for the meeting is prepared. This is the general business meeting etiquette that is followed in Germany.


Business meeting procedure In Germany

Here is how the business meeting procedure goes in Germany: –

It is necessary to take an appointment before setting up a meeting with someone in Germany. You cannot just call someone to attend a meeting out of the blue. Meetings should be scheduled well in advance in Germany.

We suggest, do not schedule businesses during the months of July and August because Germans are usually unavailable to attend meeting during this time. Try and avoid setting up a meeting on public holidays as well since the Germans take their holidays very seriously.

Make sure you address your meeting letter to the right employee. Mention their name and rank correctly since the Germans give a lot of importance to the rank they hold. It is not nice to address the business meeting letter to the wrong employee since the Germans take a lot of offence for it.

Write your business meeting letter in the German language. This is a very essential part of the German business meeting etiquette.

Responding to business meeting fax or telephone calls is compulsory in Germany. You cannot ignore business meeting calls and fax since it is considered to be extremely disregardful.

Remember to always be punctual. If you land up late for a meeting, Germans find it very rude. It could probably end up spoiling your business relations too.

Do not try and cancel a business meeting at the last minute in Germany since it is not at all acceptable. Even if you are late for a meeting, put in a call prior to the meeting and give a meaningful explanation as to why you are getting late for the meeting. This is very important for the German business meeting etiquette.

Negotiation Process

The Germans are people of their word. Once they have given you their word or they have shaken hands with you on an agreement, consider it as certain.

Business negotiations in Germany are done very technically. There are plenty of graphs and diagrams that go into negotiations for both.

Germans believe in a hierarchy when it comes to business. Any decision that is to be made regarding the business is usually made by the higher authorities. Breaking the hierarchy for a solution for negotiations is highly unacceptable. The German business meeting etiquette states that the hierarchy must be followed and respected for all decisions regarding negotiations.

The decision-making process while undertaking negotiations is a slow process in Germany. Since negotiations are analytical and take time to study thoroughly, the entire process takes a lot of time to be conducted.

Germans are highly competitive and love to bargain and negotiate unless the deal is not in their court. They will continue negotiating the agreement until the end if they feel that they are not satisfied with the agreement.


German Business Meeting Etiquette Protocol

A business meeting in Germany is very formal and everyone is expected to go by the set hierarchy system that prevails in the German Business set-up.

Business Meeting Etiquette in Germany states that men have to be addressed with Herr. (Mr.) and women have to be addressed as Frau (Mrs.). With this, every individual must be regarded with their rank.

A handshake in Germany is a way people greet each other at meetings in Germany. Always remember to shake hands with everyone at the meeting or else people might think that you are very rude.

If you are meeting somebody for the first time at a meeting in Germany, always remember to give them your business card so that they can get in touch with you and know your business better. This is a relationship building practice in the German business world and is highly appreciated as a German Business Meeting Etiquette.



The culturally rich country, Germany gives high regard to the business meeting etiquettes followed in the country. We hope you have got a deep insight on the same after reading this article.

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