German Festivals in January


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December 31, 2020

After the long and lovely Christmas break, it is time to bring in the new year with joy and merriment in Germany. There are smiles and happiness all around because it is the best time if the year in Germany. Germans bring in the new year with some amazing traditional customs and some fun events. Post December, when the month of January has begun, the Germans cannot let go of their holiday mood and have some fun things planned even for the first month of the new year. In this article, we are going to tell you about a few German festivals that take place in the month of January.

A holiday trip to Germany might sound like a great idea in January. There is snow all around and it is the most peaceful and calm time of the year. People are continuing to be in the holiday mood even in the first month of the year since it is too hard to get over the wonderful Christmas vibe in Germany. However, it is too chilly so do not forget to bundle up a few winter clothes for yourself.

Travel and tourism in the month of January in Germany is at a low. That is mainly because the Christmas time has just passed and the markets are shutting down. Although, most people think January is an off season in Germany, they are highly mistaken. German festivals in January are keeping the country’s spirits up high and are equally fun. To top that up, even hotel rooms and flight tickets can be bought at cheaper rates during January.

These are one of the best German Festivals in January that you must pay a visit to: –

Three Kings Day

The three Kings day in Germany is usually a holiday in some places of Germany. It is characterised by giving to one and all. Little children dress up like the three kings and go door to door asking for money or charity. They sing beautiful carols and songs on their way to collect some money.

The Germans also believe in cleansing their homes and stables by burning Frankincense on this day. They put the mark, C+M+B with the dates written on either side to state that the house has been blessed.

The Three Kings Day celebrations start on the 5th of January at the Church where children enact that Christmas story each year.

New Years Run

The New Year’s Run is one of the first festivals of the year that take place in Berlin. If you have a new year resolution to take working out seriously, the New Year’s Run at Berlin is something you can start with. The iconic run is known for the beautiful Berlin sights you will be seeing on the way. Kids are also allowed for the run and together they make the entire event fun and wholesome. New Year’s Run takes place every year to keep the New Year spirits alive and do not need any kind of reservations. You can also do some charity here as well.

Berlin Fashion Week

When we talk about Berlin, we have to talk about their fashion events. Berlin and fashion go hand in hand. The Berlin Fashion Week takes place twice a year. The biggest German and International designers showcase their designs at Berlin Fashion Week. In the past few years, sustainable designs have been in the trend and are being highly appreciated. The Berlin Fashion Week is known for cutting the edge in the fashion world with one of the best designs of the year. Most designers excitedly await this event of the year which happens in the month of January. The after-parties that follow after the event are great and worthwhile too.


Sylt Gourmet Festival

Foodies, this festival is absolutely for you! Many foodies flock to the Sylt Gourmet Festival to try the most delicious gourmet food in all of Germany. The best gourmet chefs cook gourmet dishes during the Sylt Gourmet Festival. Thousands and thousands of gourmet food lovers flock to the 4 day long Sylt Gourmet Festival to try the scrumptious gourmet food. You will find everything gourmet at this festival. From the best French wines to fresh crab and lobsters, everything is in here. However, the festival is four days long and takes place only in the month of January.

Cologne Music Festival

Music is the foundation of Cologne. The Music Festival at Cologne is the most awaited event that takes place in the month of January. Germans welcome the year with a classic music festival which is loved by all. Music lovers from all over Germany flock to Cologne to be a part of the rocking music festival that happens only once a year. Cologne lights up with the party season from mid January. This festival lasts for about 7 days where almost everyone in Cologne is swaying to the beats of the Cologne Music Festival.


International Green Week

International Green Week is the largest exhibit of sustainable food and agriculture. This festival is all about the conservation of our environment. You get natural produce of fruits and vegetables. You will also get a variety of beer, sausages, wine and salamis as a part of the groceries. Everything is fresh and natural without any preservative at the international Green Week. This also takes place in the month of January.



January certainly is a great time to visit Germany since you will get to visit all these festivals. Book your tickets to Germany today!

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