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German Language

Written by Germany Simplified

March 12, 2019

Are you planning to move abroad to Germany in a short time? There is a lot to consider, one of which is getting a German Language training.  Thousands of people move to Germany every year either on vacation or as Expats. Depending on the length of your stay, you may learn the German Language. Even without relocating, you can learn German for fun. Why? It’s the second oldest language in Europe after English.

German Language Origins

The German Language is indeed beautiful. If you are an English speaker, it won’t take you a long time to understand the language. English and German have the same bases, although you can’t immediately spot their similarities at first glance.

You should know that the German language you will be learning may be slightly different in different countries. For instance, the German spoken in Austria and Germany are quite different, but it is a bit easy for both regions to understand each other.

There are also other variants that are so different that it is almost impossible to understand. A good example is the German Language spoken in Switzerland. This language is so different from the German spoken in Germany that Germans often find it challenging to converse fluently with the Swiss.  This is why the German language is called a pluricentric language which means a language with many formal or standard forms.

Why do you need a German Language training?

If you are planning to spend your vacation in Germany, you might be able to navigate through your vacation without learning the language. But when you plan on staying for a long time, learning the native language would make your life easier and enhance your experience. Also, many jobs in Germany require that you learn the language. It would also be an excellent choice to begin learning the language before moving to Germany because it would help you adapt better to the environment when you move there.

Top Fantastic ways to learn the German Language

There are many ways to learn the German Language either from your resident country or as soon as you move into Germany. However, your goals and ideal learning style would determine the method that best suits you. To help you make the right choice, here are the top six ways you can learn the German Language.

Learn German Online

There are many easy ways to learn German online before moving to the country. You can either learn through the use of apps, videos, podcasts or by enrolling with an online training institute. You can also use eBooks or even textbooks to learn the language. Many of these learning pathways are self-paced but will require some fee on your part.  there might be no certificate at the end of the lessons, and it is even possible your lessons will not be comprehensive enough. Either way, it is still an excellent way to get your feel of the language.


If you have already moved into the country, this is the cheapest way to learn German. It is a state-funded public institution and has a lot of offices where you can learn at very affordable prices. It is a popular choice, but if you need personal classes, this program would not be right for you. Each class may have more than twenty people, so the possibility of learning at your own pace is very slim.

Goethe Institute

If you want to find tailored German language courses especially when you are moving into the country as an expat, this option is better.  First and foremost, you will have a dedicated tutor. You will also receive a certificate at the end of this course, which is both internationally recognised and honoured by companies in Germany. It would equally be a nice addition to your resume giving you an edge over other expats. The only challenge with this option is that it is usually very costly, due to its high level of standard.


The European Commission funded this program, and it is a fun way to learn German. With this program, you will gain a basic understanding of the language. However, it will not be quite as fast as personal training classes, but you can pace yourself effectively.

Private Sprachschule

You can also learn German in private sprachuschule/language schools in Germany. There are a considerable number of language schools to make your choice. All you need do is register and get started. However, this option can be pretty expensive, but you will get your money’s worth in speed and quality. Here are a few popular language schools you can try:

    1. BSI Private Sprachenschule GMBH
    2. ALPADIA-Language Schools Berlin
    3. inlinguaBerlin
    4. F+U Academy of languages.


If you have a very tight budget, Duolingo will be perfect for you. This is a free learning app, and it provides access to learn over 11 completed language courses. This app will be perfect for you because you will learn a lot about language before moving to Germany. You can learn at your own pace, and the app is pretty strict about mistakes, so you can learn a lot about the basics before moving to Germany. Depending on where you wish to work, you might need to use some other methods to become more fluent.

Download:Android, iOS

Tandem-peer to peer learning app.

If you want to learn German through real-life interaction, you can meet other language learners inTandem. This messaging app will match you up to native German speakers who will ensure that your German is entirely fluent. When compared to Duolingo and Babbel, it is profoundly better because you will not be learning just the basics, but you will get a chance to practice having conversations the language.

Download: Android,  iOS

How quickly can you learn German?

There is no way you can learn German in a few weeks. That is only possible if you are just an expert in a foreign language and are already multilingual. No matter, your German training course of choice, you have to be realistic. You might be able to pick a few words or too enough in no time, but learning German in its true form can’t be mastered in just weeks.


No matter your choice of training, you will enjoy exploring the richness of the German language. All you have to do is pace yourself and learn with an open mind. In a short while, you will begin to pick conversations around you and feel at peace in your new home. Before long, you will speak the language with fluency and pride that you have indeed mastered the purest forms of the German Language.

Read also about how to speak the language like a native. Follow the steps that can help you, read here.

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