Germany’s new Quarantine travel rules


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October 26, 2020

 Due to the deadly Covid19 pandemic, a lot of countries around the world went under a strict lockdown and stopped air travel. These measures were taken to reduce the spread of the virus. Now, when things are relatively better in a few parts of the world, Governments are trying to ease restrictions on international travel. Germany is one of them and here are Germany’s new Quarantine travel rules.

While Germany is easing its travel restrictions, there still are a set of rules travellers need to follow before visiting Germany. Trying to avoid another Covid19 wave, the German Government has imposed strict rules and regulations every tourist needs to follow during their stay in Germany. Travel in Covid19 seems like a breeze of fresh air on a summer day after the long, boring days we have spent at home during the lockdown, doesn’t it? If you are planning a trip to Germany during Covid19, read this article further to know what you need to do.

Restrictions for people coming from outside Germany

Germany has a lot of travel restrictions in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. These restrictions are justified and need to be followed by every tourist who is headed to Germany during the pandemic. Germany has segmented the world into zones of people who can enter the German premises and who cannot.

Germany is not allowing entry to the travellers coming from outside the European Economic Area. These travellers do not include residents of Germany who have a valid German residence permit. These people can still enter the country provided they follow a 14-day quarantine schedule once they touchdown.

Germany has also removed entry restrictions for travellers coming from neighbouring countries. Previously, people from neighbouring countries were not allowed to enter the country because they had a very high count of covid19 patients. Now that the numbers in UK, Norway and Switzerland have taken a dip, people from these regions can also enter Germany without any problem.

Entry restrictions for Georgia, Thailand, Australia, Uruguay and New Zealand have also been lifted. Entry restrictions are also supposed to be lifted from countries like China, Japan and North Korea only if these countries are ready to reciprocate in the same way.

Another thing travellers need to keep in mind while travelling to Germany is that their entry will depend on where they are coming from and not their nationality. If someone is a British national trying to enter the German premises right after visiting the Indian territory, they might be denied entry in Germany. This is because travellers coming from India have yet not been allowed to travel to Germany because of the high number of covid19 cases that exist in the country at the moment.

Germany’s new Quarantine travel rules:

  • Exceptions

If you want to enter Germany for some urgent work but belong to one of the countries which are not in the German Entry List, you will still be allowed. All you have to do is demonstrate a valid, important reason to the German travel department and they shall decide whether to let you in or not. The person trying to enter Germany for important reasons must have a valid German Residency Permit. Skilled workers, healthcare workers, businessmen whose economic activity is necessary and cannot operated from abroad, diplomats, students who will not be able to pursue their educational courses from another country and many such people are allowed to enter Germany for the right reasons during the pandemic.

Once these people have entered the country, they can follow their respective state guidelines in order to go ahead with the quarantine period.

The travellers coming from high risk regions are supposed to self isolate themselves for a period of 14 days after their arrival in Germany. However, this is not required for travellers in transit through Germany who show no symptoms of the coronavirus infection. People coming from other countries may carry medical certificates stating they are not positive for coronavirus infection. These certificates must come from doctors belonging to the EU member state and the certificate must not be issued before 48 hours of arriving to Germany.

  • Quarantine Period

Once travellers reach Germany, they need to figure out a way of self isolating themselves for 14 days straight. They can either quarantine themselves in hotel rooms or if they have houses in Germany, they can quarantine themselves at home. Travellers will only be allowed to walk the streets only if they complete their 14 day period of isolation without showing symptoms of coronavirus. The coronavirus infection may take 1-14 days to show symptoms if someone is infected with it. People are kept under isolation only to ensure that they are not infected with covid19 in order to reduce the spread.

There are covid19 testing facilities available at German airports. If you are someone who wishes to skip the quarantine period on arrival, you can take a test at the airport. If your test is negative, you will not have to stay in isolation for 14 days.

  • Domestic Travel

Domestic travel in Germany does not have such harsh quarantine rules but there are some basic rules that people need to follow for public interest. People must keep a distance of 1.5-2 meters distance from each other. Wearing a mask in Germany has now become a mandate because that can somewhere reduce the coronavirus from spreading. Hygiene rules such as properly sanitizing and washing hands needs to be followed thoroughly. If these rules are followed well, there is absolutely nothing to worry about during domestic travel.

Conclusion: Germany’s new Quarantine travel rules

Since the coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world, things in Germany have started to get relatively better. With the restarting of air travel in Germany, travellers need to follow a set of rules and regulations in order to prevent another coronavirus wave in Germany. This article consists of everything you need to know while travelling to Germany during the pandemic.

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