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October 28, 2020

The Health care system in Germany is very reputed and well known around the world. They have a very elaborated and comprehensive Health Care system that is followed there. Despite these health insurance norms being strict, they are highly beneficial too. By law, every German needs to take cover for insurance. There are two kinds of health insurance available in Germany. They are: –

  1. Statutory Health Insurance
  2. Private Health Insurance

The kind of insurance you can opt for depends on the income you have. Germany classifies Health Insurances according to how much a person earns.

If you are someone who is going to Germany to work, there is a lot you have to think about. The Health Care bit definitely has to be sorted out completely before going. It might seem pretty difficult at first but here we are to make your work easy.

All the people who earn a salary in Germany are supposed to have an insurance. It is compulsory. The insurance is equivalent to their statutory health insurance. If your income falls under a certain income bracket, joining a state health care scheme is usually mandatory. If your income does not fall in this bracket and is above or below this range, you can take private health insurances which can offer financial and treatment related benefits. This is better than the state insurance because of its additional benefits.

Germany has a number of Health Insurance options available to the general public. The different types of Health Insurance are: –

Statutory Health Insurance

If your income is not very high you are still covered under the Statutory Health Insurance. If your annual income limit is below 59,400 Euros you are automatically insured on the Statutory Health Insurance scheme. If your income is anywhere above that bracket, you can choose whether you want to go in for a private scheme or stick to the statutory scheme.

The Statutory Health Insurance holds a lot of benefits in itself. If you have any medical or dental treatment to undergo, this insurance will cover the costs of it. From medicines to hospital treatment costs, everything is covered under the Statutory Health Insurance. The amount of leaves you take at work are also paid for under this particular insurance.

This health insurance payments work in such a way that the contributions are deducted at the source. You and your employer are supposed to split up the contributions. These deductions make up for most of your medical bill payments.

However, in case your Statutory Insurance costs keep increasing, patients over the age of 18 have to contribute for the additional expenses.

Private Insurance

If you are a person working in Germany with a salary anywhere above 59,400 Euros a year, you are entitled to get an option between getting yourself a Statutory Health Insurance or a Private Health Insurance. Usually people who are civil servants or self-employed people in Germany go for private insurances. They come with a whole lot of benefits but due to the lack of access only 11% of the German population opt for it.

If you get payed highly in Germany and can afford the Private Health Insurance, you end up saving more money than the basic Government offered insurance. In that insurance you need to pay money when your expenses exceed the budget of the insurance. That is not the case in Private Health Insurance.

In the Private Health Insurance option you also have access to private doctors too, not only the Government ones. When you get an array of doctors for your treatment, your treatment results are definitely a lot better. You can get access to specialists in this insurance too.

Even in terms of hospital rooms, the Private Health Insurance turns out to be a lot better. You have access to private and semi-private rooms which give a more personalised treatment. In the Government scheme you only end up getting access to public rooms as a part of your insurance.

Family Insurance

Although your entire family can get covered in the general Government insurance scheme, if you want them to have access to private insurance, it will have to purchased on an individual basis. Ideally your entire family can get insured at no extra cost considering the readily available Government Insurance, you still can try to get your family a private insurance for additional benefits. If you have a spouse or children, looking into their insurance matters in also very necessary. The choice depends upon you and your pocket as to which of the two insurances would you like to choose for them.

Student Health Insurance

If you are an aspiring student planning to go to Germany to study, you need to be prepared with your Health Insurance too. You will only get admitted into a German university only if you demonstrate that you are covered with a health insurance. If you fail to do so, you will not get admission in any German university. Health insurance is something the German Government is very strict about and everybody living in Germany are required to have it. You being a student from another country are supposed to get insured in your country of origin under a foreign policy. If you are insured under any other policy, your health insurance will not be recognised in Germany. Although, there are a few countries which have agreements with Germany under which their insurance is valid in Germany.


Anybody and everybody living in Germany is supposed to have health insurance, if you fail to have one because of whatever reason, you are committing a crime in Germany since it is illegal. If you get caught residing in Germany without a health insurance, you will be fined heavily for the same.

The German norms regarding Health Insurance are pretty strict. You need to be insured under either of the insurances mentioned above if you want to reside in the country. Health Insurance is very important and beneficial too. If you ever get sick, you know you have your health insurance to rely upon which will cover your costs and there is nothing for you to worry about.



To reside in Germany, having a health insurance is an absolute must. If you do not have one, you will probably have to face grave consequences for the same. If you are planning to move to Germany, this article has detailed information as to which insurance you can opt for.

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