Hostels in Germany for International Students

Germany is a great place to go for a holiday if you are a young, solo traveller. The accommodation and hostel arrangements are really pocket friendly and comfortable. This is because student hostels in Germany offer some great staying options at really low prices. In this article, we will talk about hotels and budget accommodations in Germany. If you are planning an international solo trip, you must consider Germany for the great deals you will get there!

The first hostel ever was first started in Germany. The country is home to hostels because the hostel culture started in Germany. The first hostel in the world opened in the Altenia Castle in 1912 after a German schoolteacher complained there was no adequate or suitable lodging for young people travelling on their own. Germans call the hostel with a different name in their language. In Germany a Youth Hostel is a Jugendherberge. Every city that has youth hostels in Germany has signs and symbols directing you towards them. A tourist will always find their way to a youth hostel in Germany because there are elaborated direction symbols showing the way.

Until a few years ago, tourists always chose hotel rooms over hostel rooms. That has changed to a great extent now. Most people today choose to stay at hostels because that is a better and a more affordable option compared to hotel rooms. Whether it is a solo travel, on budget family holiday or couples on a romantic city break, most people opt for hostel accommodations today. Students coming from all over the world also stay at student hostels in Germany. In this article we will talk about hostels and budget accommodations in Germany.


A good thing about staying in hostels on your trip to Germany is that you will always get a room even if you turn up at the last minute. However, it is always essential to book in advance. Plan your vacation to Germany fully before reaching Germany and make all your bookings prior to arriving.

Booking in advance has a lot of perks. You will get your accommodation sorted at cheaper and more affordable prices when you book in advance since prices tend to increase last minute.

By booking student hostels in Germany online, you can check availability and the hostel facilities, look at photos of the room, and get cheaper room rates – making the whole experience far less stressful if it’s your first time in a hostel.

Types of hostels in Germany: –


Backpacker’s Hostels

Backpacker’s hostels are very similar to student’s hostels. However, they have a much diverse clientele since they do not get students only. Their clientele also includes families, couples, solo travellers and any and everybody who wants to visit Germany for a holiday. These hostels have extensive facilities as well. There are locker rooms where guests can keep their luggage safely. Kitchen, bars and cafes are also a part of the backpacker’s hostel facilities to keep the guests entertained.

Many backpacker or ‘party’ hostels are “extra social” and geared towards a wild city break – with no curfews, an extensive events calendar, and mixers so you can meet like-minded travellers.

Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are the original type of hostels. They allow students and young people to stay there at really affordable rates. It was to meet this target audience that hostels actually came into existence.

Youth hostels have huge dorms where people stay together and share bathrooms. Every individual living in the youth hostel is given a separate locker to keep their belongings in.

Youth hostels are a fun and absolutely affordable accommodation option for students and young people looking to visit Germany.

Boutique Hostels

Boutique hostels are meant for people who have a higher travel budget. Even though these hostels are a little expensive, they are worth every penny.

Boutique hostels in Germany are way cheaper than staying in a hotel room. They have stylish bars and gardens for the high prices they charge. If you get too lucky, you might come across boutique hotels which have a Jacuzzi in it too!

Rooms at the boutique hostels are private and very different from the student hostels in Germany. These kinds of hostels almost stand rivals to big hotels in Germany at a much lower rate.

Cheap Hotel

Going to Germany and living at cheap hotels is no problem at all. The cheap hotels in Germany might not cost you a lot of money but still give you a very comforting and satisfactory stay. If you are someone who does not feel the need to socialize and meet other travellers in Germany, you can always stay at a cheap hotel and stick to a room setting.



There are many guesthouses and lodges that are available in Germany. Accommodations at these guesthouses come along with a touch of homeliness. The entire vibe is very homely especially in the rural areas of Germany. These are usually converted family homes, so you get an authentic taste of German life and can take advantage of home comforts such as sitting rooms and gardens. Often the owners will treat you like one of their family complete with home-cooked meals.


With these hotel and budget accommodation options in Germany, you can have a wonderful trip in the beautiful country on a budget.

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