How to ace a German Job Interview

Here is everything you should know about how to ace a Germany Job Interview. Germany does not only have free Education but Germany is also one of the few places in the world which has an employment rate of over 75%. It’s one of the few countries in the European Union to have a good availability of jobs and a high standard of living for all. You can get a great job in Germany if you manage to ace your German job interview.

The first stage is your application stage which solely depends on the weightage of your CV. A highly experienced person would always be preferred but this isn’t always the case. If the company is interested in your application and invited you for an interview, congratulations, you are a step closer to getting that dream job you’ve always wanted!

A heavy CV would only get you to the door, it’s the interview round which gets you through. Your interview generally would be taken by either a line manager or the general manager. He / She would ask you questions regarding your CV, your past working experiences, your expectations of the job and your salary. Knowing a few details of the company, its work ethic and the industry its working in always gives you an upper hand in the interview and what to expect on the job.

A key aspect which an interviewer may look for is fluency in languages. An interviewer will always check if you know how to speak German and are fluent in English. Being fluent in both wins you half the battle right there! There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for an interview. Prepare a couple of answers about your aptitude, skills, strengths and your weakness and how you can enhance them over a period of time. You can never be too prepared for an interview.

Here are a few tips to keep you interview ready for when the day comes:


1. Learning German:

No matter what the job is regarding, no matter which industry your working in, learning German is a must. Even though your job description may say it’s not necessary. Although it’s very likely that your colleagues may speak a different language than German. Your job prospectus may increase drastically

if you know German. Many English-speaking jobs have their interviews in German. Knowing German doesn’t only give you an upper hand to speak with your colleagues but also your client’s, so if you want to ace your German job interview, this the number one asset you can bring to the table.

Germans respect their native language a lot and if you are looking to get hired in Germany, they expect you to fluently speak the German language too. Learning German can earn you some brownie points n your German job interview.

2. Punctuality:

Germans are obsessed with punctuality. It’s one of the major aspects of their work culture. They are always ready 5 minutes prior the scheduled time and follow this to a ‘T’. Germans follow a work culture of reaching on time and leaving on time. They get their work completed within the day and then enjoy their evening dinner or a little game of football at a pub drinking their favourite German beer.

If you get late to your German job interview, your employer may consider it as highly offensive. Being late is considered as being disrespectful in Germany. We strongly advice you to manage your time correctly and reach on time for your German job interview.


3. Formality:

Germans are very respectful and polite people. They always address someone with respect with a “Sie” the formal version of German, or the equivalent of using Mr./ Mrs. with the last name in English. The only exception being if the work culture follows a first name basis. But keep in mind whenever in doubt you must always address the interviewer in a formal basis unless they prefer you speak informally.

Being formal with anyone in Germany is just a norm. To be on the safer side, try and be formal with anyone and everyone you come across during your German job interview.


4. Eye Contact:

Eye contact is one of the most important work cultures in Germany. It is taken as a sign of respect. Respect is a key attribute in the German work culture. Eye contact does not only show respect towards the interviewer but it also shows the interviewer how confident you are about yourself as well. The work you do, the skills you have, the way you function gets clearer and more uplifted in front of the interviewer if you maintain good eye contact.


5. Know the company background:

It is very important to know which company you are getting into fully. You need to know everything about the available information of your company. For a German job interview you need to be well aware about the mares. The German market is highly competitive, so as a candidate you need to cover all bases to stand out from other applicants. The best way out is to research about the company before your interview even if it is a phone interview.

What is the company about? What products they sale? Famous projects they have worked on? How many employees the company has? You should have the answers to all these questions before going for your German job interview. Research over the internet and check their website to know maximum about your company. All these practices are sure to make you ace your German job interview. Who knows, you might get the dream job you were looking for!


Now that you have read the article, we hope we have helped you enough to ace your German job interview. Good luck!

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