How to get a German Driving Licence


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November 8, 2020

Germany has the best cars and one of the best roads in the world. Who would not love to drive a car in such a country? As we know, the favourite pastime of all Germans is to go for long drives on the smooth highway roads. The derestricted Autobahns offer amazing driving opportunities to everyone who wishes to drive their car in Germany.

Travelling without a driving licence in Germany is a punishable offense and you can be fined for the same. If you are new to Germany and wish to drive a car, we advise you to get it sorted out right in the beginning.

A driving licence in Germany is one of the many important documents one requires to live there. It is also considered as a valid identity proof of a licence holder. Make sure you get yourself a licence if you intend on driving once you have shifted to Germany.

If you are someone who has recently moved to Germany, you might want to know how to get your licence right? Sitting behind the wheel involves some legalities that you have to get done but do not worry at all, we will take you through it.


Swapping Licence

If you have shifted to Germany very recently, you might have a licence from where whichever country you lived previously. This document is very important for your German licence process. You will be required to go to your local vehicle licence office where you can submit your documents and get the job done.

The local licence office is usually located in in your local Rauthas, your local city hall, or in the Bürgeramt that is the municipal citizens’ office. You will have to look up for the exact location of these offices for further information of how to get there.

Before you go to the office to get your German driving licence sorted, we advise you to carry a few other important documents along with you.

Documents you require to swap licences (from foreign to German)
  • A recent passport size photograph.
  • A valid licence from your country of origin.
  • A valid passport or a German id if you are a German citizen.
  • A German translation of your previous licence.
  • Eye test results or any recent roof of having your eyes tested.
  • The amount of time you have held your previous licence.
  • Fir aid course completion proof is required.
  • Residence permit- to confirm you are a registered resident of Germany.
  • A fee of 40 Euros.

Note that once you make your German driving licence, you have to give up on your foreign driving licence, that is the licence made in your country of origin. You will have to surrender it and it ill be sent back to the authorities of origin. Germans are very strict when it comes to documentation. While you make your German licence, make sure to follow all the rules and regulations thoroughly.

Once your application will be successfully accepted, you will get a new German licence. Licences usually get made in Berlin and you will be notified as soon as your German licence is ready to pick up.


How long does the process take?

Once all the material and important documentation is gathered at your end, you will have to submit it in a systematic format. Post that, you can wait for around three to six weeks before your passport arrives.

However, as is often the case with bureaucracy in Germany – things may not be quite that simple.

Depending on which country you belong to, the time in which your German driving licence reaches you will differ.

EU and EEA Licences

If you belong to the EU and EEA countries, we have some good news for you! You will not have to go through a tedious and long process of getting yourself a German driving licence. You can use your original licence in Germany for as long as it does not expire.

However, health related stipulations will have to be obeyed and adhered to. You will have to take necessary health related precautions while driving in Germany. Always remember to keep your driving licence with you while driving. If you are stopped and asked to show your driving licence to the cops, do not fret. Any fine that is charged upon you will be done by sending a prior notice and will give you enough time to prepare yourself to make an appeal otherwise.

Other Countries

People holding driving licences from most other countries around the world will have to go by the procedure mentioned above. They will require the necessary documents in order to get a German driving licence. The amount of time their German driving licences will take to arrive will also differ from country to country.

Renewing your Licence

A German driving licence is valid for 15 years from the date of getting issued. To renew your licence, you will have to take an appointment with your local licence office and provide documents and details before your driving licence expires. You will require a passport photo too and the fee of renewing your German driving licence will be up to 24 Euros. You can receive you renewed driving licence in about four weeks from the day you have put in an application of renewal.

Other Cases

In case you happen to lode your driving licence, you do not have to worry. There is a procedure in order to get yourself a new German driving licence. You will have to produce a few documents at the licence office to get your licence replaced. If you have lost your licence or it has got stolen, you will have to write a detailed statement explaining how the event to the German Police.



Getting yourself a German driving licence requires some documentation but is not a very tedious task. We hope we have helped you out with all that you need in order to make your German driving licence.

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