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November 1, 2020

Know all about Internet Services in Germany. An internet connection has now become a need more than a want for every household. That is the case in Germany too. Every other household has an internet connection provided by the local internet providers in their vicinity. If you are planning to live in Germany, you will have to read up about the few internet providers that are there in Germany in order to get yourself an internet connection.

The German internet market is like any other internet market in the world. It is currently a market wherein oligopoly prevails. This means that in this internet market there are only a few players who share a huge number of users.

They get a thick share of maximised profits since the entire population of Germany uses internet connections from the very few established players. Germany being a strong power in the world however needs to up their game when it comes to a good internet service provider.

If you are wondering how much your internet connection would cost each month, expect a bill of 30 Euros. A broad brand connection of about 16 Mbits/s is the ideal plan most of the Germans go for. The prices of all the internet service providers is more or less the same when you try to compare it.

But the only thing that matters in such a scenario is customer service. You can always choose an internet service provider who gives a better customer service because the prices of each of them are the same.

Subscribing for an internet connection in Germany is no rocket science. It is pretty easy. If you are buying a new house you will probably have to start a new internet connection for which you will have to wait for 2 weeks until your internet connection starts. If you plan on renting a flat, you may be able to take over your previous tenant’s contract.

The process of subscribing to an Internet connection goes this way: –
  • Choose the offer that you feel fits best within your needs.
  • Put in your address on your favourite service provider’s website and check if their connection is available in your vicinity.
  • Put in your personal details.
  • Apply for your router and get it installed in your flat at a suitable spot.
  • Wait for a technician to start your connection. This may take up to 2 weeks.


Service Providers in Germany

Telekom (Duetsche Telekom)

This historic yet conventional service provider is operating under the name of T-home in Germany. The customer service they offer is considered to be the best amongst the lot while they have good quality internet too. They are a tab bit expensive compared to the other service providers.


The company of the Brits has left a mark even in Germany. Vodafone is an internet provider in Germany which offers packages of internet and other digital services at the cheapest rates possible. However, their service is not one of the best in Germany but they have some exclusive mobile plan packages too which go well with their internet connection.


This service provider is currently the best internet service in Germany. A reasonable range for 1&1’s internet connection clubbed with some amazing packages is making it Germany’s favourite internet service provider. The basic offer they have is as low as 15 Euros for an internet speed of 16Mbits/secs for an entire month!


The O2 internet services in German has to be one of the cheapest internet services available in Germany. It does not have one of the best customer services though. Nevertheless, you can get a great deal for your services if you are an o2 service user. The cheapest options which are offering long term internet services.

Changing Internet Provider

If in case you are not happy with the services provided by your current service provider, you can switch your internet services to another provider. German internet contracts are made in such a way that they usually renew automatically upon their expiry.

If you want to switch to another service provider, you will have to inform you current provider three months in advance.

The best and the easiest way to change your service provider is to let your new company handle it. Once you get on to a contract with your new internet company, they will deal with terminating your internet services from the previous one.

What is the minimum contract period?

You can be one of those who has come to Germany to study or work but not permanently live there. In such cases, you cannot opt for an internet connection which is long term. There is still a way to get your internet connection from your provider sorted only for a short period of time.

One thing you need to be aware regarding your internet services is that your internet service providers offer services on minimum contract period. If you are someone who is looking to stay in Germany for a very short period of time, you should look for something which is “Ohne Mindestlaufzeit”.

This means “no minimum duration”. You are not looking for an entire year’s package, you are only looking for an internet connection for a short period of time. If you look for something under this German keyword, you basically mean you are looking for a connection to which you cannot commit to or the entire year. You can disconnect it any time.

Here’s the thing though, the German internet service providers need it know at least 3 months in advance before you terminate your internet connection. It would be great if you inform your service provider before hand about you not needing their services for very long.


Figuring out an internet connection in Germany is not a very difficult task. All you need to do is choose the service provider you want services from and wait for 2 weeks until they start your services after confirming your documentation. Read the article to understand how it works!

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