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November 12, 2020

Germany has been quick in taking over the new technology in the financial spectrum. Banking in Germany is now available on mobile apps. The process is absolutely easy and convenient. Established banks and the new players in the German banking market are offering financial services on smartphones via an application. However, German people have been relatively slower in adopting new, online means of payment than the rest of Europe. The process is slow but it is ongoing.

Digitalization has been dominating the regular functioning of many industries in the wake of the modern times. The massive financial sector in Germany being one of them. The most prominent change is the way people are making payments using online tools. Most of the businesses in Germany are on the verge of accepting cashless payments for their products and services.

As the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world, cashless payments have become the need of the hour. Mobile banking in Germany is playing a vital role in accepting payments in the cashless form.

Considering cashless payments and mobile banking options, Germany has an array to choose from. The choices offered to them are: –

  • National German banks
  • International banks
  • Multinational Companies
  • Newer online banks

These are the options Germans have in order to boost online cashless transactions. The money is only paid and accepted in credit, leaving no room for foul activities.

Features of Mobile banking in Germany

Setting online banking options for yourself in Germany is very easy. All you have to do is download a banking app, set up your profile and submit some kind of identification proof according to what is asked to you through the app. That’s it, your mobile banking will immediately be set up once you are done. Every German bank has a different app with distinctive banking features. You can choose your favourite one and complete the process. Having a banking app will offer services like: –

  • Convenient money transferring which is super quick.
  • Huge number of payment options so that you can buy your groceries shop for clothes, purchase movies tickets and a lot more, only on one app.
  • Mobile banking apps in Germany immediately notify you as soon as a transaction has occurred keeping you fully informed.
  • Banking apps offer management tools which help you understand what money is coming in and what money is going out.
  • Low banking fees. Online banking apps in Germany charge you very low banking fees in order to complete transactions.
  • Out links to other apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

Benefits of Mobile Banking Apps in Germany

1. Availibility

Mobile banking in Germany is available round the clock. Unlike banks, which have a certain set of operating hours every day, mobile banking apps are functional every day, all the time. This makes online payment a much more efficient and convenient option. Customers can check their account, make payments, receive money and do a lot more 24/7 on the mobile banking apps in Germany.

2. Exercising Control

Mobile banking in Germany helps Germans to exercise entire control on their finances. Germans can check their account balance and move money between accounts to get saved from overdraft fee. Germans also get timely updates to pay regular payments in order to prevent the late fee. Every transaction that goes through needs a one-time password which the user needs to put in, therefore the user is well aware of their transactions.

3. Security

Mobile banking in Germany offers high level of security for your finances. Your identity and bank details are kept extremely safe because these systems are encrypted. Every transaction needs a one time password to get through without which, the transaction will get cancelled. There is also a lock system which the user has a password access to. Without the password, a user cannot access the mobile banking account.

4. Mobile Cheque Deposit

On your payday, you do not have to head to the bank to get your money. You can download your cheque online and redeem the cash. Most mobile banking apps in Germany offer cheque deposit features making the entire process a lot easier. With just one photo of your pay cheque, it will get deposited into your account instantly. It is extremely convenient when you need to deposit a cheque on the go.

5. Cashless

Mobile banking in Germany is cashless and does not involve any paper money. To buy products and services, one just needs to put in the amount on the app and make the payments via credit. No exchange of notes is involved. This is very beneficial for the environment since it cuts down the use of paper to a great extent. Cashless transactions are not only environment friendly, but a lot safer in nature too.

Mobile Banking in Germany – Safety

It is very safe to indulge in mobile banking activities in Germany. German residents along with many other people living in Europe have their issues with safety and security. That is not a problem anymore. The Mobile banking System in Germany is designed in such a way that it gives utmost importance to safety. There are many features that the German mobile banking System offers to promote safety. A few things you need to make sure are: –

  • Everything is password protected. There are biometric id verification password options too. If that is not the case with your banking app, you can keep a strong password and keep your finances thoroughly protected.
  • Do not use free public WiFi connections while using your banking apps for safety reasons.
  • Log out from your account after each time you are don using it.



The German mobile banking system is extremely modern and convenient. If you are in Germany and need financial services, feel free to use a German banking mobile app for the same.

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