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February 8, 2021

Germany has a rich culture of Turkish Food which is extremely famous and loved by all in Germany. A long time ago, around 60 years back, people from Turkey entered Western German and started living there. They inculcated the Turkish style of cooking along with German cooking and made Turkish food famous in Germany. Germany continues to live up to the Turkish heritage and has an array of Turkish must-try snacks in Germany.

The Turkish cuisine in Germany is very famous. There is a hint of Istanbul in most of the street food available in Germany. Germans also have accepted the Turkish cuisine with all their heart since they love every bit of it. German food is highly influenced by Turkish food and that remains to be a fact even in the current times.

If you are planning to visit Germany this holiday season, do not forget to try the irresistibly yummy Turkish cuisine available there. It is as authentic as the Turkish food you will get in Istanbul. IN this article, we will talk about all the Turkish must try snacks in Germany. Read further to know about the delectable dishes you should not miss out on!


Lahmacun is the Turkish Pizza. It is very similar to the regular pizza that we all have but it has a twist to it. The round flat bread is topped with a minced meat, vegetables and lots of herbs which give It a distinctive flavour and taste. It is absolutely scrumptious and a go-to option for a lot of Germans to snack on when they are hungry. It is the ideal Turkish must try snack in Germany that you should surely try.

The Lahmacun is extremely versatile in taste so you can club it with roasted vegetable or raw salads to make it even more filling and delicious.



Döner is a Turkish dish that is extremely popular in Germany. You cannot find a single kebab shop in Germany which does not serve döner. This power-packed dish is very flavourful and is an absolute favourite in Germany. This is not an end-of-the-night fallback for partygoers but a delight to be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Small wonder, then, that the Germans consume a whopping two million per day.

It is a flat bread stuffed with vegetables and meat and topped with your favourite choice of sauces. It is a dish which you can pick up and eat on the go without the troubles of using any cutlery.


A Pide is sliced into pieces of pure, delicious bliss. This Turkish delight is known all over Gerany. It is a flatbread which is stuffed with lots of ground meat, vegetables and lots of cheese. This flatbread is then baked in the oven for the flavours to come out beautifully. The canoe shaped Pide is then cut into smaller slices for people to eat it conveniently.

The Turkish Pide is often found lurking in the font displays at the bakery store. They are so delicious that Germans consume a lot of Pides everyday in Germany. The Pide is also one of the most famous Turkish must try snacks in Germany.



Walk around the German streets with the tastiest Turkish bite, dolma. The snack is extremely handy and delectable at the same time. Sometimes also referred to as Sarma, Dolma are a favourite throughout the Mediterranean and are just about as delicious as it gets. The little rolls are made from vine leaves stuffed with rice, garlic and olive oil and topped with lashings of lemon juice. You can have it at any time of the day. Perfect as a snack, starter or accompaniment to a Turkish feast. You won’t be able to eat just one! This is a Turkish must try snacks in Germany.



Baklava is a sweet Turkish dessert which is extremely sugary and yummy. It is made by baking layers of pastry with melted butter and chopped nuts. It is then finally soaked thoroughly into sugar syrup to give it the sweet taste. Baklava is extremely sweet and can satisfy your sweet tooth to the Tee. If you are in Germany and you get a chance the try the Turkish Baklava, do not miss out on it! It is one of the tastiest Turkish Must try snacks in Germany.


Gözleme is a kind of hand-made stuffed pastry, very similar in taste to Greek Spanakopita. It is traditionally made by rolling an unleavened flatbread out very thin, stuffing it with vegetables, meat or cheese (or all three!) and then cooking it over a griddle. Although traditionally eaten as a breakfast item, Gözleme is growing in popularity as a snack. It is a great Turkish must try snack in Germany. It is light on the stomach and has the right number of flavours to fill you up with glee. Do not forget to try the scrumptious Gözleme when you are in Germany. It is genuinely worth a try.

Sigara Börek

Do you like the combination of cheese and pastry? If yes, this one is just for you! Vaguely reminiscent of brandy snaps but 20 times tastier, these dainty pastry cigars are stuffed with feta cheese before being deep-fried and sprinkled with sesame seeds. They are just irresistibly tasty with all that gooey cheese. You can also find different varieties of Börek stuffed with anything from spinach to minced meat. Get your hands on the Sigara Börek if you are in the mood for Turkish must try snacks in Germany.


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