New Career Lines in Germany

Germany is an absolutely amazing country if you are wanting to go there in order to work. Everything about their working culture is one notch up compared to most of the countries in the world. Germany has a huge German work force and is known for having a very low unemployment rate in the country. The big automobile industries and tech giants have made Germany a class apart in terms of the job market. There is something to do in Germany for everyone. It has a high generation for jobs and if you are going to Germany in terms of getting a job, you will have a job in no time. With the new upcoming career lines in Germany, the German job market is thriving and taking more and more people as a part of the work force. In this article we will talk about the new career lines in Germany. Read further to know more.

After the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, the job situation in the entire world collapsed. Most countries around the world were going into constant lockdowns which affected the working class miserably. That was the case with Germany too. The country went into strict lockdowns fir a couple of months making the markets fall heavily. Currently, Germany is back to its feet and has overcome the coronavirus pandemic challenge beautifully. Employers have come up with new career lines in Germany which creates more job opportunities for people in Germany.

The good news is that Germany has a lot of job opportunities and is also facing a skills shortage as per recent reports. This article will help you know about the new career lines that are coming up in Germany.

Fortunately, the number of jobs available in Germany has seen an increase by over 1.2 million since 2012. This trend is expected to continue in 2021 and beyond. This means better job opportunities for overseas workers as well. Germany has a great scope for international students in terms of jobs and careers in Germany.

There are many new careers in demand in Germany. Jobs for foreigners in Germany are getting easier by the day and more foreigners are coming to the German grounds in the lookout for jobs. International students have a great chance to get a good job in Germany because the German workforce treat their employees really well. Employees in Germany are paid well too. There has been a massive in flow of new careers for international students.

Documents Required to Get a Job in Germany

Before we get started with the new career lines that are in high demand in Germany, you first need to know what is required to get a job in Germany. There are a few documents that every international student needs to get a job in Germany. A few of them are: –

Getting a job in Germany is a long and elaborate procedure. Every step needs to get fully completed and approved for a job in Germany. The usual steps when accepting a position is to be given a job offer, negotiate if necessary, then sign a work contract. It is common for there to a 6-month probation period with a two week notice period so either party can terminate the contract. Once an employee is given an unlimited contract, it is very difficult to be fired in Germany.

Steueridentifikationsnummer (Tax ID)

Mitgliedsbescheinigung (German health insurance certificate)

Sozialversicherungsausweis (German social insurance certificate)

Work visa for Germany if you are not a citizen of an EU/EEA member state

German bank details

Rote Karte (Red Card) – only needed if handling food in a restaurant, bar, cafe, etc.

Führungszeugnis (Certificate of Conduct or Police check) – usually needed if working as a teacher or with children.

Here are a few career lines that are high in demand in Germany: –


People belonging to the engineering field are high in demand in Germany. It has the highest careers demand in demands in Germany. With new technology taking over the world every year, Germany is always at the top of the game. Jobs in software development of any kind are plentiful right now and regardless of the language you code in, or whether you’re in frontend, backend, or mobile app development, talented engineers are being snapped up. This is a part of the new careers for international students.  If you’re an engineer right now, you shouldn’t have any problem finding available jobs. The struggle is in deciding exactly which one is right for you.


Healthcare services in Germany are at a high in Germany all round the year. This year exceptionally, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a high demand in the healthcare profession in Germany. Jobs for foreigners in Germany is easy to get if you belong to the healthcare field. Doctors and nurses are needed everywhere in Germany because of the high pressure on the healthcare sector of Germany in the current times.

Healthcare services are a t an all time high in Germany and with the surging coronavirus cases, they are more in need. If you are a doctor, nurse or anybody related to the healthcare sector, getting a job in Germany will be quick and easy.

Catering Service

Catering services in Germany is a great market. With professionals in the catering sector, Germans love eating food from out and do not have the time in their hectic lives to cook every meal at home. This is why the catering sector in Germany is constantly flourishing. Catering services in Germany is one of the high rated and most in demand jobs for foreigners in Germany.

Retail Sales

With the growth in the retail sector, there are plenty of job opportunities for foreigners in Germany. There is a demand for trained retail sales professionals and sales assistants. The prime qualification for these jobs is to understand what the customer wants and improve sales. Foreigners can opt for a two to a three-year apprenticeship after which they can be offered a contract for permanent work. Retail sales is one of the most common careers in demand in the country. Most international students coming to Germany to study always look for newer opportunities and retail sales is a career line which is drastically growing.

Human Resources

Start-ups are famous for their focus on hiring the best people and for fomenting the kind of office culture that makes people want to stay at the company long-term. Human resources is one of the high careers in demand in Germany. That’s where recruiting and HR comes in. If you care about helping companies find great people and helping people find jobs that stretch their skills and make them feel fulfilled, then this is where you should direct your search. Germany is in a constant lookout for people to handle the human resources sector in every other company.

Scrum Master

Scrum masters are a kind of team supervisor, whose job is to make sure teams run smoothly and efficiently by getting rid of obstacles, monitoring the different stages and processes of a particular project and coordinating the cooperation of different teams. Scrum masters are hired to supervise whether all the work is happening properly and in line with the deliverables.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Every company in Germany feels a constant need to be a part of the corporate social responsibility which they need to compulsorily fulfil. This is why, every company needs an individual who can handle to Corporate Social Responsibility department completely. This is a new and trending career line which a student can opt for. If you are an international student studying in Germany and you are well versed with how corporate social responsibility works, you can always take up the job at a large firm. This job pays extremely well too. It is one of the new careers for international students which most international students want to take up. It is not a heavy job and a student can continue studying simultaneously.

Social Media Handling

Social media handling is a task which most young international students are opting to do. Students are well aware with how social media works and how brands can make a name using social media as a vital tool. International students in Germany get into social media handling for big brands and earn big bucks. It is always important for brands to have a strong social media game and therefore, this career line is flourishing like no other. If you are an international student studying in Germany, you can learn how social media works and help brands create an online presence on social media.


Working in Germany is a dream come true for many. We hope this list of new and upcoming career lines helps you with getting a job in Germany.

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