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December 2, 2020

Germany is a very well-connected country. It has a high regard for a good public transportation system. If you start living in one of the metropolitan cities of the country, you can surely survive without a car. The public transport system in Germany is pretty safe and efficient. Even if someone who is a layman is trying to visit Germany can figure how they want to commute using public transport. It is just that easy!

Previously, everyone living in Germany preferred moving around in their own car. Nowadays, only 35% of the entire German population prefers going by car. The rest of the country would choose to go by public transportation any day. Germany has millions of people using public transport each day.

Since most people in Germany use shared public transport, it works well in the favour of the environment. There is very little pollution in the German air because of this practice. Using shared public transport prevents the air from getting dirty with all the hazardous gases that are left out in the environment by cars. Germany has ambitious plans to curb pollution in the country to as much as possible and this particular action surely helps!

There are five different modes of transport that the German public transportation system comprises of. They are: –


The U-Bahn in Germany is something just like the metro, tube or the subway. However, a large part of the U-Bahn routes are above the ground and not underground. This transportation system is very convenient since it is well planned and well connected. You can spot a U-Bahn by typically looking for a ‘U’ symbol painted in white on a blue board.



The S-Bahn is one of the main modes of public transport that the Germans have. ‘S ‘in the S-Bahn is an abbreviation for Schellbahnn. It is the transportation line which connects the urban side of the country to the central side of the country. Lots of people use the S-Bhan each day since it has a wider connectivity. The S-Bahn is also considered as the fastet mode of transport in all of Germany.


Germany also has a set of regional trains which operate all day long in country. They are quick and instant with their services. However, they have a lot many stops on the way which makes it very convenient since you have a way to get to every place in Germany via public transport. The Regionalbahn (RB) has multiple stops while the Regional express has fewer stops which makes it faster.


Trams are street cars which ply all over the country in every city. Germany has a much elaborated tram system in the country. There are stopovers at every two to five minutes in the German tram. If you are looking for a public transport for short distances, definitely give the tram system a try!



Most people in Germany commute by buses on a daily basis. Buses in Germany operate all night long and connect far off destinations which not many transportation modes do. This is why most people in Germany prefer taking a bus ride to far off destinations. Taking a bus in Germany is also one of the most cost efficient options because the other modes of transport are a tad bit more expensive.

All about the Tickets you need to purchase to use public transport

Single Ticket

A single ticket for the German transport system is issued for 90 minutes only. You can change as many trains in the same zone, as you want to reach your destination within 90 minutes of getting your ticket issued. However, you cannot take round trips and return journeys on the same ticket or else you will be fined.

Day Ticket

With a day ticket you can travel multiple times to and from your destination. This ticket is valid for 24hours fully. The only condition is that you can travel in the same zone itself. If you change zones on the same day ticket, you will be fined. You can travel extremely late in the night with these tickets too. Make sure you do not use the same ticket after completing 24 hours.

Short Trip

Short trip ticket allows you to travel 3 stops ahead from your location. You cannot change trains with this ticket. You should purchase this ticket when you are travelling short distances.

Week Trip

You can take as many trips as you want in a week with a week trip ticket but only in the specified zone. You need to get this ticket from the authorized office.


How to purchase a ticket

There are automated ticket machines installed at most stations where you can purchase your tickets from. If you do not understand the German language, you can change the language to English on the automated machine.

If you want to purchase a ticket on the bus, you will have a bus conductor to manually help you with it. At busy stations in the metropolitan cities, there is staff helping you out with purchasing your tickets. You can buy your weekly and monthly passes from them too.

There are many public transport apps available in Germany currently which offers you E-tickets to complete your journey.



Understanding the public transport system of the country you are going to stay in the future is extremely important. If you are planning to head to Germany as a student, employee or even a tourist, here is all you need to know about Germany’s Public Transportation System.

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