The National Parks in Germany


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November 8, 2020

Germany is an amazingly diverse country with lots of things going for it. It also has a lot of beautiful national parks which are definitely worth a visit. While they are probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the country, the diverse landscapes and pristine protected environments will surely entice you back time and time again such is their natural beauty. You need to visit these national parks in order to experience the wilderness from afar. From the sprawling Black Forest to the North Sea coasts, Germany has a lot in store for you.

Germany is a country composed of sixteen federal state. These states are diverse not only in their cultures, dialects and cuisines but also in the natural landscape that characterizes each of them. The best way to explore the fascinating nature of the different regions is undoubtedly visiting the country’s many national parks. They have been preserving the natural surroundings and wildlife at their best. Here’s a list of the few of the most beautiful national parks in Germany.


Jasmund National Park

Jasmund National Park is situated in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It is in the far north-east of Germany. The most spectacular feature of Jasmund National Park is the Königsstuhl chalk cliffs. They are known to have been depicted and immortalized by the painter Caspar David Friedrich. A variety of walks, cycle routes, excursions and seminars are available to explore the region’s beautiful woodlands.

People can get onto their bicycles or even trek here. The park rangers also run regular tours based on characters from myth and legend where visitors can learn about the Germanic goddess Hertha and the famous pirate Klaus Störtebecker, who had buried his treasure on the island, according to the legend.


Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park

The Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park is situated on the Baltic Sea coast. This region consists of peninsulas, islands and lagoon shore all along. One of the most notable characteristics of the area is that the waters are very shallow. They also have a remarkably unique coastal fauna that exists here.

There are thousands of birds such as cranes and geese, and Baltic Herring come to spawn in the shallow bays. As well as forested areas such as Darss Forest. This place also consists of a lot of treeless bogs.


Eifel National Park

Located on the western border with Belgium, this national park was heavily deforested a few years back for massive charcoal production. Although, efforts are being taken to grow more native trees species in the park the park in an attempt to return it to its original ecosystem.

This national park has been damaged in the past by other ways too. Due to the anti-personnel mines sown during the Second World War parts of the park that remain dangerous are off-bounds to visitors. However, this park has a lot for its visitors. With over 240 kilo meters of trails and paths for hikers and cyclists to explore, this huge park offers visitors the chance to really submerge themselves in nature and get lost in its beauty. The park is also surrounded by lakes and rivers which add to the aesthetics of this scenic beauty.


Harz National Park

Harz National Park is the first national park covers two federal state in Germany. It is the first ever park to do so. The two states are Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. That is to say, this wild mountain landscape is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, some of which are endangered. There are many species which are only seen in this region of Germany while some of them are unknown to the entire world.

Animals like the dipper, the black stork, the European wildcat and the famous Eurasian lynx can be seen at these grounds. The land is also a hub for superstitions and stories of the past. Overall, this national park is popular for its ununiform land and ancient legends full of superstitions and witchcraft.

Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park

The Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park is vast and expands as much as the human eye can see. It is located near Hamburg in the north of the country, the park contains three islands which along with the expansive mudflats make up most of the area.

This national park is absolutely picturesque and wild. You can always take a boat trip and explore the beauty of wilderness in this place. The waters of the north are cold and chilly while the set up is scenic. The park is also a breeding area for bird species and is home to a large number of birds.

If you are lucky, you can also spot seat in the cold waters or at the sea bank. If you are someone who is fascinated by history, you should head to the island of Neuwerk for an interesting look into the past. You will find an old fortified tower that dates back to the days of the powerful and influential Hanseatic League that was in power to rule the surrounding areas.


Bavarian Forest National Park

The Bavarian Forest National Park is a hotspot of biodiversity. It comprises of endless forests, lakes and beautiful mountains. It is easy to see why Bavarian Forest was the first national park to be founded in Germany. The flora and fauna have not been hampered much in the past years. This park makes for a lovely visit because of its natural and untamed wildlife. The place also has plethora of paths and trails for visitors to delight in.

The ancient forest land in this park are absolutely magical. Wandering into them feels like an absolute dream. While most of the park is covered in forest, at times various rocky peaks break through the canopy and calm lakes emerge from between the still and silent woods, giving off a sense of serenity. The Bavarian Forest National Park is extremely beautiful and it is worth a visit.


German national parks are absolutely pretty. Each one of them has a different feel and connect with nature. Do not miss out on visiting one while you are at your trip in Germany!

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