The Traditional German Cuisine


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November 5, 2020

Know everything about the traditional german cuisine. Germany is known for its delectable cuisine all around the world. The fun thing about German food is that the definition of traditional food differs in every part of Germany. This makes their cuisine very vast and interesting. Although, people all over the world think that the German cuisine only consists of meat, potato and beer. Those may be very prevalent ingredients but that is certainly not the case!

Germany is rich in culture which is why they have a culturally influenced cuisine. A pint of beer is always chosen as their favourite drink to wash down the heavy food they eat during their midday meal. The Germans are known to eat well and eat heavy because their food is quite a hearty meal at times.

To understand German food, we need to understand its history. The typical German diet makes a lot of sense if you get into the crux of its history. Back in the day when trade routes and immigration transformed mealtimes all over the world, Germans were limited to what they could grow locally on their own land.

The cold German weather produced a diet rich in grains, meat and dairy. The long winter meant that the German had to prevent food with food preserving techniques such as salting, pickling, smoking and curing which became crucial to making food stocks last.

Germany’s long culinary history reflects its rural roots and geography. However, in the recent years, German food has evolved as a national cuisine through long years of social and political change. Each region has its own traditional food and speciality with distinct flavours. This is because, gradually, over time, the German diet broadened.

They started adopting flavours and styles of cooking from all around the world because of the constant trade and mingling with other countries taking place. Cities such as Colone grew into important trading ports and were introduced to exotic and foreign foods and spices. They were introduced to an array of new cuisines from around the world. The Romans too introduced the Germans to vineyards and fruit orchards.

During the First World War, there were many Italian ice-cream makers who arrived in Germany, bringing with them dishes such as pizza and pasta that have since become staples of the German diet. From the 1960s onwards, new arrivals from many other countries from all over the world began to come into Germany and put their own stamp on German cuisine.

Germany has been influenced by many cuisines from all around the world which is why they have a distinctive flavour of traditional food in different regions of Germany.

For instance, the regions around Hamburg is known for its fresh fish dishes. People come all the way to try this special delicacy. Whereas in the South, pork prevails. The south is known for all types of foods made of pork.

Although the two regions of Germany are poles about in the true sense, German cuisine as a whole has something in common too. What they all have in common is the German heartiness and richness that you won’t find elsewhere.

When you are in Germany, you should really try as many national and regional dishes as you can.

Here are some traditional German cuisine options that should be on your bucket list: –



Currywurst is a delicacy that is sold from stalls and fast-food eateries in many towns and cities of Germany. The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is also famous for Currywurst. It is the perfect combination of meat, fries and beer. Even though it does not hold any nutritional value, it is considered to be one of the tasty dishes Germany has.

It is a dish that Germans do not usually eat at home, but it is something that they eat on the go. Its nutrition is negligible, but this plate of chopped up sausages, chips and a spicy ketchup sauce is an incredibly popular as a German dish. It goes pretty well with a couple of chilled beers.


Rouladen is a German main dish that is loved by all Germans. It typically consists of pickles and bacon wrapped in thin slices of beef, or veal. It is usually served with gravy, dumplings, mashed potatoes, and cabbage. Doesn’t it sound like something super tasty?

Rouladen is the go-to dish when everyone is together. It is often enjoyed when families come together to share a meal during a holiday or celebration. Also, it is one dish that does not hail from one specific region. In fact, it is said to have connections to the French. Its origin comes from France, hence the name


The Schnitzel is made with meat. The Germans tenderize a piece of meat (such as chicken, beef, veal, or pork) and then cover it in egg, flour, and breadcrumbs before frying it in oil. This dish is very similar to a French escalope, the Schnitzel actually originated in Austria.

This dish is a good example of the typical German food served in bars, restaurants, and fast-food eateries. Schnitzel along with some crispy fries is a very popular and satisfying choice.


Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle)

The pork knuckle is often the size of an adult human head. Schweinshaxe is the ham hock or pork knuckle which is usually roasted till the skin falls easily off the bone, the meat is usually tender and juicy, and the skin is has a crispy crunch to it. This dish is very popular in Bavaria.

The process of making Schweinshaxe is also pretty tedious but it is worth it at the end. The meat is marinated for many days, in the case of big cuts the marination can go up to a week. The Schweinshaxe is then roasted at low temperatures, typically, depending on size, for two to three hours. They are then served with potatoes and cabbage variations to make a hearty, lip smacking meal.


Rinderroulade (Beef Roll)

This dish comes from the lands of Saxony. It is a beef roulade packs different flavours into one single dish. Thin beef slices which are of high quality are rolled around bacon, onions, pickles, and mustard, and then roasted with red wine to produce a dark and rich flavour.

Rouladen is usually served as dinner, with either potato dumplings or mashed potatoes and pickled red cabbage. Roasted winter vegetables are another common side dish.

The dish is rounded off by pouring some gravy which goes absolutely well with the juicy meat.



What is a trip to Germany without their tasty food? This article is all you need in order to know exactly what traditional dishes to try when you are in Germany.

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