Tips to Study the German Language

Tips to Study the German Language

Written by Germany Simplified

October 1, 2020

Germans take pride in believing that their language is one of the toughest languages in the world. But here’s the truth, German is not a very difficult language to learn. The language is highly regarded for its flexibility, practicality and expressiveness but does not match the criteria of being an extremely difficult language at all. Use these simple tips to Study the German Language.

Once you put your heart and mind to learning the beautiful language, you will not take too long to master it. Even two hours a day of German lessons will take you on an endless journey of comprehension.

Anyway, keeping the level of difficulty aside, we all know that German is a very powerful language since every other person in Europe is well versed with it. Since the level of job opportunities have risen in Germany over the years, many want to head there in order to get a job. To get a job in Germany, you surely are expected to know the language. If you too are someone who is going to Germany for work or education purposes, this article shall tell you exactly what you need to master the language.

  • Use Your First Language to Learn

    If you are a native English speaker, learn the German language with meaning of its words in English. This will help you to understand the language thoroughly. While reading the German language, you will know exactly what the words mean in English and will be able to decipher the sentence better. This tactic is also great for retaining the language. The minute you have translated the word to English, you will remember what the German word means.

  • Learn the nouns with Genders

    As you know, in the German language, every noun has a gender. It is either feminine, masculine or neutral. To know exactly what the gender of the noun is and to avoid confusion, we advise you to learn each noun with its gender. If you do not know the basic der, (masculine), die (feminine), and das (neutral), and which one is placed with which noun, you will sound ignorant and wrong to native German speaker.

  • Dictionary

    The answer to all your troubles while learning the German language has to be a German to English dictionary. This would act as a very helpful tool for you to grasp the language well. The dictionary will not only improve your German diction but will also redeem you of all the confusion you have regarding the language. A lot of multilinguals always advise language learners to refer to a dictionary to get the language right.

  • Consistency

    Learning a new language is not something you can do overnight. It takes time for you to master it bit by it. If you plan on learning the German language in a particular time frame of say about a month, let us tell you that is not going to happen! You need to be very consistent with language and get back to it each day to get somewhere with learning it. It is vast but it is attainable and it can only be conquered if you are consistent with it.

  • Make an Elaborate Lesson Plan

    Set your goals while learning the language. This will not only motivate you to keep going at it but also will be able to gauge your performance. Instead of fretting the large syllabus, break it into small study plans which will make the language easier to learn. After each lesson, you can have a mini test for yourself which will help you realise the mistakes you are making and will lead you towards perfection.


Now that you have read the article through, we hope we have been of help in giving you the courage to give learning German your best shot! All you have to do is keep these useful tips in mind and mastering the language is not very far away!

Also read about how to speak the language like a native. Follow the steps that can help you, read here. Also to know more about the German culture, read here.

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