Top 10 Job Search Portals in Germany in 2021

Germany is known all around the world for its low unemployment rates. Industries in Germany keeping producing a huge number of jobs year after year and there has been no slowing down over the years. Looking for a job in Germany is a tedious task though. You have to go through the long hiring process in order to get yourself a job in Germany. However, there are a few job portals that will help you get a job in Germany instantly, at a click off a button. Read this article to know about the top 10 job search portals in Germany.

There is a high number of jobs available in Germany to boost the professional sector of the country. Give this article a good read in order to know the top 10 job search portals in Germany.

Here is the list of the top 10 job search Portals in Germany: –


LinkedIn is a job searching site which is widely recognised even outside Germany. This particular job search site is a gold mine for all job seekers in Germany. All you have to do is upload your CV on to your LinkedIn profile and make connections with people belonging to your field.

There are many people in Germany who have got some great job opportunities via LinkedIn in Germany. It is a two way job searching platform. Either you could go searching for a suitable job or a recruiter could be looking for a suitable candidate.



Indeed has grown to a great extent in the past few years. It has earned itself the tag of being the most famous job searching portals in all of Germany. Whenever anybody is looking for a job in Germany, they usually surf through their indeed profile to know where there could be vacancies.

Indeed has a very strong crowdsourced database where employees can rate their new organisation as a point of proof. Indeed is a highly authenticated and discrete job searching platform which keeps all professional information private.


Arbeitsagentur is another portal that the Germans use to get a job instantly. This website is extremely good if you are looking for a job in Germany. They have made it to the top 3 job search portals of Germany because of its own database of vacant positions.

The Arbeitsagentur is a part of the Government job search department and therefore is highly accurate. Do try pushing in your CV on this portal and you shall surely get a job that matches your profile.


Step Stone

Step Stone has been one of the most famous job search portals of all times in Germany. They have been around since the time looking for a job online in Germany became a thing.

Most people who have used Step Stone to get a job in Germany have always ended up saying that the experience was pleasant. This portal gives its visitors a great customer experience along with solving the purpose of getting them a job.

Step Stone is one of the top jobs searching platforms in Germany according to the search engines in Germany.

The job searching portal receives extremely high traffic on the website every day. Thousands and thousands of job seekers flock to the in order to find themselves a job.

If you are looking for job opportunities that are area based and specific, can help you out with various unique opportunities. They also have a list of opportunities that are not available on other sites.



Kimeta is a job searching engine through which many people in Germany have gotten some great jobs that match their profile. All you have to do is upload your CV on your Kimeta profile and start applying to jobs that match your requirements.

Kimeta has a wide reach in Germany. It gives its users intimations about all job vacancies in Germany.

The highest traffic jobs search engine, Jobrapido is definitely worth a look because it’s not just a me-too version of the job marketplaces listed higher up in the rankings.

The difference between a jobs board or a jobs marketplace and a jobs search engine site is that jobs marketplaces are typically responsible for their own content. Hiring companies or agencies pay them to post jobs, or the different jobs marketplaces syndicate each other’s content.


Monster Deutschland

Back in the day, Monster Deutschland was one of the best job searching portals compared to any of the rest. However, in the recent times, there have been better players in the market which is why this portal has lost its spot. Monster Deutschland is working towards rebuilding their functioning process to regain its lost identity.


Xing Stellenmarkt

Xing Stellenmarkt is a direct competitor to LinkedIn. This portal was only available in Germany previously but now it has been picked up by other countries as well.

You can get a wide variety of English speaking jobs on the Xing Stellenmarkt website if you are looking to take up a job in Germany.

Another one worth a look, but again, unlikely to offer a hugely unique offering versus the major players. One cool feature with, however, is their option to filter by popular companies. Great if you’ve specifically got your eye on a particular company who you’d love to work for.



We have come up with a list of the top 10 job portals in Germany for you to find a job very easily in Germany. Get a job instantly!

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