Unemployment Benefits in Germany

Unemployment Benefits in Germany

Written by Germany Simplified

October 23, 2020


During the coronavirus times, every country around the world is facing widespread unemployment. With the countries going on lockdown, the working class of the world faced a massive job cut. Even while the world was normal, we have all had our share of being unemployed at some point in time, right? Germany, a developed country, gives its unemployed people a set of benefits for being unemployed to help them in their times of need. If you are in Germany and you find yourself unemployed at any time, this article is all you need to know how to get Unemployment Benefits. Read the article further to know more.

When am I entitled to get Unemployment benefits?

 If you are unemployed as a trainee, employee or a person subject to compulsory insurance under employment promotion law, you are bound to get a certain set of unemployment benefits if you have satisfactorily completed the qualifying period. This means that if you are a registered person who has worked for 12 months in the past two years and have lost your job, you are entitled to get unemployment benefits in Germany. You will have to wait for at least 3 months before your benefits begin though.


  • Your name should be registered at the labourer’s office.
  • You should have applied for Unemployment Benefits, or else you will not get access to it.
  • You are seeking for a job and will be readily available to work if you get an opportunity.
  • Currently, you should not be having any job or at least should not be working for more than 15 hours per week.
  • You need to patiently complete 3 months before being eligible to get unemployment benefits


How much money can you get?

Claiming unemployment benefits is pretty convenient. You get at least half of what you have served for. For example, if you are somebody who has worked for 4 years in a company, this means you have contributed to the German society for 4 years. You are eligible for 2 years of unemployment benefits.

In terms of the amount of money one receives in employee benefits in Germany is approximately 60% of their last drawn net salary. In case you are somebody who has a family depending upon you and you lost your job, you are eligible to get at least 67% of your last drawn net salary.

How to receive Unemployment Benefits in Germany

Unemployment insurance is an insurance which everybody working in the German workforce needs to take. It is a compulsory insurance with the Federal Labour Office. The Federal Labour Office has their main office situated in Nuremburg and it has its regional offices in all the major cities. Everybody who contributes to the German society in terms of work needs to get registered. This includes, trainees, employees, disabled people and everybody who Is subject to compulsory insurance is covered under Unemployment benefits.

In order to get the benefits, you need to inform the Federal Labour Office in person about the loss of your job and have to physically go there and apply for the benefits.

Once you are eligible to get the necessary benefits and eventually have any sort of change in your condition, you are supposed to inform the Federal Labour Office and withdraw your benefits. For example, if you get another job or start getting a pension amount from your employer, you are supposed to stop taking the benefits. If you do not do so, it is considered unethical and highly offensive in Germany.

The labour office can block your benefits for 12 weeks if you: –

  • Refuse to take up a job offer offered to you by the Labour Office.
  • Leave your job yourself or give your employer a solid reason to terminate you.
  • Do not attend a job opportunity event.
  • Stop looking out for jobs or refuse to turn up for interviews and tests.


Additional Benefits

Germany is a highly developed country and respects all sorts of jobs and job searchers. When somebody is unemployed, the Government helps the person to the fullest. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the German Government helps their people even further.

During the tie period of your unemployment, the German Government also pays for the unemployed person’s health insurance.  He German nursing care and pension insurance are also covered by the Federal Labour Office.  That is not it, the unemployed, registered individual is also entitled to get insurance against a few kinds of accidents as well.

How to get the application forms?

If you are in a situation wherein you are unemployed and need to get registered for Unemployment benefits in Germany, you get an employment’s insurance only by applying for it. These forms are printed and are made available to the public only at the Federal Labour Office where you have to physically go and fill the forms.


Germany is a well-developed country and does a lot for their workforce. When a person is unemployed in Germany, they will not be fully stranded because the Federal Labour Office gives their unemployed people a set of benefits. These benefits help the person to survive in terms of monetary help. Unemployed people have access to these benefits until they get a new job and start earning for themselves again.

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