Ways to Join A Sports Club in Germany


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November 28, 2020

Here is everything you should know about ways to join a sports club in Germany. You can try taking Germany out of sports but you cannot take sports out of Germany. It is a kind of a religion that Germans wholeheartedly follow. That is how important sports are in this country! They love sports so much that they have made sports clubs for each game amongst themselves.

Sports are played by most of the Germans in Germany. They play a number of different sports which establishes a distinguished sports culture in Germany. Not only have sports kept thousands of Germans entertained for all these years, they have also acted a s a social catalyst. People in Germany bond over their taste in sports. It considered as one of the best ways to meet new people in Germany even today. Be it expats, tourists or even inmates of Germany, they all have a common love for sports in the country.

Another reason why Germans love sports so much is that with sports they can maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Instead of following diets and working out in the gym, Germans prefer hanging out with their friends and playing a sport. There are a lot of spots clubs made in Germany for their love for a game. Football clubs, soccer clubs, badminton clubs, tennis clubs, etc, there are all sorts of sports clubs you will find here. If you are also super interested in a sport or a couple of sports, you can always be a part of the Sports clubs that are established in Germany.

Do you want to now of ways you can join sports clubs in Germany? Whether your favourite sports club is available or not? What is the process of joining one? Let’s answer all these questions.

The popular sports played in Germany

Football is very widely played in Germany. About 10% of Germans are connected to the game I some of the other way and that is a lot of people. It is the number one game that is loved by most of Germany.

After that on the list we have ice skating, basketball and golf. These three games are also very popular in Germany. Sports of all kinds are played in Germany and they all have massive sports clubs for the same. Whether you are someone who like to play a sport all by yourselves or love a group play, Germany has a sport for everyone. It is the place to pick a sport and embrace it if you ever wish to get into sports as a profession.

If you are a lone wolf and like to play a game only in your company, here are a few games you can play in Germany: –

  • Cycling
  • Boxing
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Golf

You can play these games for hours at a stretch in Germany because the German culture is so influenced by sports.

They also have a set of games they play as a group in Germany. If you do not know anyone there, indulging in these sports are sure to earn you a few German friends too. These spots are: –

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Cricket

All these games are played in teams and you will get a bunch of German Sports club indulging in these sports as well. If you are someone who is too much into sports, don’t you find Germany to be the best place to move to? Hang on, there’ more to come!

Sports cubs you can join in Germany

  1. Hamburger Golf Club – This golf club is located in Hamburg, the Fatherland of the country. With clean and beautiful golf courses all around, the wandering mind is known to come at peace here. If you are interested in Golf, you need o join this club!


  1. FC Bayern Munich – This club is all about football. It is situated in Munich, the heart of the country and has about 3 lakh sports enthusiasts as a part of the club. It is one of the best supported football cubs in all of Germany.


  1. Berlin Hockey Club – This club has one of the best hockey families as members. It is situated in Berlin and apart from being a club for hockey, it includes tennis too. You could say it is an all in one club!


Why you need a health insurance to be a part of a Sports club?

The German sports culture has a high risk of accidents due to the rash sports. Treatments of injuries without an insurance turns out to be very expensive in Germany. This is why it is always advisable to have an insurance for sports injuries when you become a part of a sports club in Germany.

As we know, health insurance is a mandate in Germany. However, not all insurances cover injuries in their scheme. You need to be very careful while choosing an insurance plan for yourself if you intend on being a part of a Sports club in Germany.


Germany is the place to follow your favourite sport because of the sports clubs they have establishes in the country. You can not only play the sport but also meet like-minded people who love the same sport as you.

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