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November 11, 2020


Here is all you need to know about when to visit Germany – Climate. Most of the travellers visiting Germany instantly fall in love with the architecture and the scenic beauty of Germany. Therefore, one of the major questions in the mind of potential travellers wanting to visit Germany is, what is the best time to visit Germany?

There really is no bad time to visit Germany. Like any other European country, Germany too can be visited and experienced all through the year. The “tourist time” though begins in May and lasts until September. The weather is pleasantly warm and the Alpine trails are snow-free. This is the time when the daily temperature is somewhere in the 20s. It is the most favourite period for tourists to come since crowds of foreigners’ flock into Germany for a holiday during this time.

During the month of May, the temperatures are nice and warm, cherry blossoms are blooming and the tourists are yet to arrive and the festivities in Berlin are about to begin. This is the best time to be in Germany to have an amazing trip.

There are many other factors that will can influence your decision of visiting Germany. Nearing the end of the year, Germany has its cold winters that are coming its way. The winter months are snowy and beautiful. They make up for Germany to be a great winter spot. As we have mentioned, the country is super crowded during the summer months but as soon as it gets chilly during the onset of fall, it is time for the great Oktoberfest!

Here is a complete guide of when is the best time to visit Germany: –

Germany is having four seasons in the entire year which characterize the climate of Germany.


Winter months in Germany are the time for festivities. Even though winter officially beings in December, the temperatures are falling drastically from the month of November itself. It is a great time to be in Germany during this time because Christmas preparations are at its peak with Christmas markets being set up all around Germany. The weather is pretty cold during these months with cold winds and rains being a common thing. Snow is also very common but there are a few locations in Germany which miss out on white Christmas. Carry some warm winter gear to help you survive the cold. If you are game for winter sports, make sure you carry the right clothing to give you enough warmth.


As Germany gets done with its biting winters; it wakes up to a calming and refreshing spring. The sun is peeping through the clouds creating some warmth while the cold winds still blow. There is frequent rainfall during this time too. Due to the sudden difference in pressures and the heat, there are chances of a thunderstorms accompanied by lightening. Don’t forget to step out with an umbrella during this time or you are sure to get drenched!


Germans love the summers! As the temperatures rise up to a good 65-75 degree Fahrenheit, the summers are pretty warm in Germany. There are days when the temperature hits a rounded 100 too. This is the time when Germans hit the beaches and the lakes to take a dip in the water. Germany does not have the concept of air conditioners because of which getting into the water is a crucial necessity. If you are in Germany during the summers, be ready to experience pure bliss. Keep your swimsuits ready too, just in case you need to take a chill pill!


The autumn months prominently bring in the cool winters from the warm summer days. Temperatures are somewhere between a warm 50 to a cool 40 degree Fahrenheit. The weather is also characterised by rain, cool winds and early snow during these months. This is a good time for visitors to experience every bit of Germany. It is warm on some days and cold on the others. It will give you the best of both worlds sort of an experience. Carrying a jacket is an absolute essential. Not a very heavy, winter-like jacket, but something that can keep you fairly warm will be needed.

Apart from the lovely climate the tourists experience in Germany, it also has some popular fests that are known globally because of how fun and enticing they are: –


The Oktoberfest is held in Munich each year. It is known as the biggest beer drinking festival in the entire world. The 16-day long festival is characterised by beer, traditional food and the fun Bavarian culture. Germany is worth a visit during the Oktoberfest. The festival begins in late September and lasts until early October, attracting nearly 6 million visitors each year. Beer consumption during the Oktoberfest is absolutely insane. Good music and good food are a mandate in every tent setup in the fest with people dressed in the old Bavarian costume. If you get a chance to visit the Oktoberfest, make sure to grab it!

Christmas Markets

Germany is known for its Christmas markets all over the world. Christmas in Germany is just majestic. There are small markets set up beautifully throughout the country which sell traditional German things. It snows during these months, making the entire set up look a lot better. The Christmas markets begin in late November and last until New Years Eve. There is a huge number of tourists who visit Germany during this time because the Christmas markets are just breath taking. Everything about Germany during this time super pretty.



Germany is a great pace to visit for a holiday. Knowing about the climate of Germany makes the vacation planning process a lot easier. We hope this guide was of help!


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