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  • Are you feeling lost in Germany after landing?
  • Are you confused about the next steps in Germany?
  • Do not know how to go about city registration or extend your visas?
germany simplified integration

Choose your city

Find out where you are landing in Germany and locate the city or the regions that you propose to live in.

Locate a partner

Find an integration partner in your city who can help you get integrated into the system in Germany.

Pay online

Pay online and book the integration expert to support you through the initial steps. These are experts who have experienced the same steps.


Get integrated

Your expert will guide you through the initial five steps to integrate into Germany as per their experience.

Walking along first steps

We will help you integrate well into the German system, taking care of your first few steps. These are essential steps to help you blend in with German life.



Receive at Airport

It is always good to be welcomed in a new country. Your chosen integration partner would be there to receive you at the airport and drop you off at your desired address in the city you land.

City Registration

Registration is known as 'Anmeldung, 'where you must register at the local Residence Registration office in the city you plan to live. Your partner helps you with this process.

Visa Extensions

When you land in Germany, you come with a limited visa and therefore need to extend it. Your partner will help you with the appointments and also accompany you to your meeting.

Bank Account

You can be confused as to where to open your bank account. Your partner will discuss the banking options available and help you through the process of opening a bank account.

School Admissions

Schooling for every child is compulsory in Germany, and homeschooling is not an option. Your partner will help you with the local school admissions office.

Other services

 Your integration partner will help you with information and assistance in any other essential integration steps before you land in Germany through emails.




Great tasks
Simple pricing

As we believe in making life simple for you and do not pay exorbitant prices, we have kept our pricing very simple for the services mentioned above.


Let’s Uncomplicate Life

Germany-Simplified believes in making life uncomplicated for all people who come to us for assistance. All our services are directed towards simplifying the entire migration process by removing all hindrances in the path of your foreign dream. 

Before you leave...
Before you leave...

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