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  • You have questions and do not know whom to ask? 
  • Do you find it expensive to hire consultants for just one question?
  • Not sure about the answers you get from social media or the internet?
  • Are you looking for specific answers that are applicable in your case?
  • Get answers from highly experienced experts in the field of law, finance, and immigration.


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Choose your category

Choose between lawyers, financial experts, and other specialists professionals. We have a large variety of experts covering all fields.

Choose your expert

You can choose the expert from these categories based on their work and the ratings they have received from others.

Pay online

Just pay online and ask your questions directly to the expert. That’s it, sit back and relax and let our professionals take care of your problem.

Get your answers

The experts will answer your question, and you shall get an intimation once you get your answer through our certified professionals.


Why should you pay for getting answers?

You may always have questions during your journey to migrate to Germany or even after settling down. You would not know whom to ask as the answers on social media and the internet may be right, but they may not fit your need.

Hiring consultants just to get answers for 1-2 questions can be expensive. We understand this pain, which is why we have partnered with the professionals’ best to give you the right solution that you want. 

Category Experts

We understand the value of useful advice, and that is why we have professionals to help you get your answers. Answers are given by certified professionals only.


A country has its laws, and knowing all of them is not possible. You surely do not want to land on the wrong side of the law. Our lawyers advise and represent you in all the potential areas of law. We have experts covering all major types of laws. 

Financial Consultants

Financial Consultants help expats/ immigrants with planning their financial needs. Our expert partner can help you understand and explain the taxes and insurances and help you make broad decisions about your money. 

Immigration Consultants

Getting appointments are not easy, therefore, you need to get your documentation done right along with filling up forms for immigration. Knowing the entire process is crucial. Our experts help you with the whole visa process and immigration legally.




Simple answers
Simple pricing

As we have talked about making life simple for you and not paying exorbitant prices, we have kept our pricing very simple.


Let’s Uncomplicate Life

 Germany-Simplified believes in making life uncomplicated for all people who come to us for assistance. All our services are directed towards simplifying the entire migration process by removing all hindrances in the path of your foreign dream. 

Before you leave...
Before you leave...

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